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El Peto Products Ltd. -  is a swiss style bakery. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality gluten-free products that can help people with Celiac disease experience the gluten-free diet less as a diet and more as an enjoyable, healthy way of living. In addition to gluten-free food, we also offer gluten-free recipes, and an extensive brand name list of allowed foods for individuals with Celiac disease.
65 Saltsman Drive, 
Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7
Gerbex Products - Natural products for your health needs.
Tel.: ( 450 ) 796-5868, 796-4443  Fax.: ( 450 ) 796-1705 Email:
7345, Boulevard LaFramboise
Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec) J2R 1E3 Canada
Land Art - Manufacturing high quality, nutritious and exceptional tasting liquid products to improve people's lives.
2334 Marie-Victorin, Varennes
(Quebec) J3X 1R4 Canada
Tel. : (450) 929-1933
Fax : (450) 929-4198
Leo Desilets expert herbalist Inc. - Nearly 300 health solutions Whether it is capsules or liquid you are looking for, Leo Desilets expert herbalist Inc. offers a wide range of high quality products.Distributors of products such as: emu oil, goat's milk soaps, products to help fight cellulite and to help deal with vaginitis and candida albican.For more details, visit our virtual store or communicate with us by courriel.
16, rue du Parc,
Scotstown (Quebec) J0B 3B0
Phone: (819) 657-4733
Toll free: 1 800 603-4733
Fax: (819) 657-4593
Orphee - since 1993, this Quebec City company has been well positioned in the organic foods market with the widest range of organic first cold-pressed oils and condiments in Canada. Orphee presses oils, makes vinegars and prepares mustards and vinaigrettes with respect to traditional methods of production and the environment. Our products stand in good place in natural food shops, fresh markets and grocery stores because we make them with top-choice ingredients and never compromise on quality and freshness.
905, Avenue Galilee
Telephone: (418) 681-1530
Toll-Free: 1-800-667-1530
Fax: (418) 681-2203
Puresource - is Canada's leading natural products broker/distributor. We supply Canadian retailers with over 5600 quality products from more than 260 manufacturers from around the world. Our products are available through an extensive network of dedicated health food retailers located coast to coast.
7018 Wellington Rd 124, 
Guelph, ON N1H 6J4
Pharmalab - In partnership with our customers, Pharmalab (1982) inc. develops, manufactures and packages health products in different dosages.  We offer a large line of products and services, made by a team of professionals and qualified personnel.
8750 Boul. de la Rive-Sud
Case postale 100
Levis (Quebec) Canada G6V 6N6
Phone : (418) 833-7603
Phone : 1-800-463-5169
Fax : (418) 833-7595
E-Mail :
The Big Carrot Natural Food Market -  Specializing in Organically Grown, GMO- free and Environmentally Safe Products. Canadian Worker- Owned Co-operative since 1983.
348 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4K 1N8
Wholistic Dispensary 416.466.8432
Fax: 416.466.2366 email us:
Tibet Authentic Goji - berries are certified grown in the wild on the pristine Tibetan Plateau, without pesticides or fertilizers, in earth that is free from pollution, fed by pure snowmelt.