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JET-CUT INC. - Is Waterloo Region's first waterjet cutting job shop. We have extensive experience with many materials --in fact, if you can name it, we have probably cut it.  Jet-Cut services its clientele with a single machine designed by Flow Automation, formerly Dynovation. It has a 48" x 96" table, a 6" Z-axis, a waterflow capability of Mach III, with a range of 15,000 - 40,000 psi. This unit machines without creating heat-affected zones, thereby eliminating the distortion that always accompanies other machining methods. This cold-water jet incorporates a stream of fine abrasive particles (typically 80-mesh garnet, occasionally 50- or 120-mesh garnet) that allows us to cut hard materials over a thickness range that can run from 0.01" to 4", with a kerf width of .03" - .05".
603 Colby Drive Unit #4, Waterloo, ON  N2V 1A1, Canada
T: (519) 747-3660   F: (519) 747-4294   E:
KCM Waterjet - We specialize in abrasive waterjet machining using the latest in computer controlled CAD/CAM and multi-headed machines.
90 Balzer Street
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada N2C 1X6
Lucky Waterjet Cutting -  We specialize in abrasive waterjet services using state-of-the-art CAD integrated water jet equipment. Following your exact specifications, we can cut a wide variety of materials, including glass, marble, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and tile.
3-8317 124 Street, Surrey, BC V3W 9G2