This tactic put Hanna’s candidate at odds with Silver Republicans in western states, but it shored up the winning coalition that got McKinley nominated on the very first ballot. The savvy, well-funded campaign that followed set a new standard in presidential politics. Information provided by the Senate Historical Office. U.S. Senate: Mark Hanna and the 1896 Election Mark Hanna and the 1896 Election November 3, 1896 Marcus Alonzo Hanna was born in New Lisbon, Ohio, in 1837. The United States Senate elections of 1898 and 1899 were landslide elections which had the Republican Party gain six seats in the United States Senate. Those who had voted for Duncan threw their support to Earle and it provided him with the margin he needed for victory over Evans. “[T]here’s only one life,” Hanna warned, “between that madman and the Presidency.” Within a year, McKinley was dead—assassinated—and “the madman” was in charge. The Democratic majority, however, was minimal and didn't last past the next Congress. Senator in 1881, on the first ballot. The United States Senate elections of 1892 and 1893 were elections which, corresponding with former Democratic President Grover Cleveland's return to power, had the Republican Party lose nine seats in the United States Senate and lose its majority to the Democratic Party. In these elections, the winners were seated during 1896 or in 1897 before March 4; ordered by election date. He owned the Cleveland Herald and the Cleveland Opera House and ran the city’s streetcar system. By the 1880s Mark Hanna’s company included coal, iron, and steel. Senator Kamala Harris was first elected in 2016. PDF Help   |   At the State election in November 1895, 36 Republicans and 14 Democrats were elected for a three-year term (1896–1898) in the state senate. Conservative Joseph H. Earle and Newberry native John T. Duncan announced their candidacy's in opposition to Governor Evans. While Democratic nominee William Jennings Bryan roamed the country delivering “cross of gold” speeches, William McKinley sat on his front porch, welcoming trainloads of voters who traveled to Ohio at Hanna’s expense to meet the Republican candidate. The Directory provides information about former and current senators. Congressman Ed Zschau . The national popular vote was rather close, as McKinley defeated Bryan by 602,500 votes, receiving 51% to Bryan's 46.7%: a shift of 53,000 votes in California, Kentucky, Ohio and Oregon would have won Bryan the election despite McKinley winning the majority of the popular vote, but due to the joint Democratic-Populist ticket, this also would have left Hobart and Sewell short of the 224 electoral votes … One-third of the seats come up for election … U.S. Senate Election Results 2020 Republicans hold a 53-47 majority in the chamber heading into the election. Other Parties: Populist (5); Silver (5); Silver Republican (2). When the party met for their convention in Chicago, the party was ready for a change. “To get McKinley nominated, Hanna used every means possible to sway delegates. Clearly, Mark Hanna was a genius at business. At the State election in November 1896, 114 Republicans and 36 Democrats were elected for the session of 1897 to the Assembly. To get McKinley nominated, Hanna used every means possible to sway delegates. In the primary on August 26 Evans emerged as the frontrunner, but did not garner over 50% of the vote and was forced to face Earle in a runoff election. For the original method of electing the president and the vice president (elections of 1789, 1792, 1796, and 1800), see Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution. Four anti-Hill Democrats voted for Labor leader Henry George, who later the same year ran for Mayor of New York as a "Jefferson Democrat" but died a few days before the election. The Democratic primary election was held on August 26, 1896, and September 9. Privacy Policy   |   Hanna joined the Republican party in the 1860s and within a decade was active in national politics, using his growing wealth to bolster the presidential campaigns of several Ohio Republicans, including Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876 and James Garfield in 1880. The 2022 United States Senate election in California will be held on November 8, 2022, to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent the State of California. Marcus Alonzo Hanna was born in New Lisbon, Ohio, in 1837. To get McKinley nominated, Hanna used every means possible to sway delegates. William Jennings Bryan gave an … Senator Alan Cranston narrowly won re-election to a fourth term over Republican U.S. William McKinley’s 1896 presidential campaign. Incumbent lost re-election as a Silver Republican. All of the elections involved the Class 3 seats. There are 35 seats up for this year's Senate elections including special elections in Arizona and Georgia. Response of the Senate On February 18, 1896, a divided committee submitted its report. The election in Pennsylvania was held January 19, 1897. Questions about Senate History? He had the backing of Senator Ben Tillman and much of the farming interests in the state. In 1900 Hanna chaired McKinley’s successful reelection campaign, but he was no fan of the vice presidential nominee, Theodore Roosevelt. 149 State legislators attended, and State Senator Cornelius R. Parsons (43rd D.), Ex-Mayor of Rochester, presided. The Pennsylvania General Assembly, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, convened on January 19, 1897, to elect a new senator to fill the term beginning on March 4, 1897. Hanna publicly supported Roosevelt, while he quietly sought another candidate for 1904, but he never got the chance to run another campaign. 1896 Election Results McKinley vs Bryan. 46 State legislators attended, but 5 walked out before the roll was called, after making speeches against Hill. Unknown if incumbent retired or lost re-election. The Republican-controlled Senate referred du Pont's petition to the Committee on Privileges and Elections, together with several affidavits that arrived from Delaware during January 1896. Boies Penrose was elected by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. 1898 and 1899 United States Senate elections ← 1896… Content Responsibility   |  

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