The Tusq material is a man-made ivory that delivers big, open lows and a sparkling top-end. When saddles are too low it is best to replace them. Fully compensated across the entire saddle for accurate intonation. Raising The Saddle. Adding shims beneath a drop in saddle can have a negative impact on tone. Having a saddle that is over radiused may place the D and G strings un-necessarily high. If you don't have a lot of experience in shaping and setting of the saddle, there are plenty of aftermarkets out there, usually much better than the original material (and eco-friendly) that are compensated and have the proper radii for most common acoustic manufacturers. This quick and simple upgrade will have an amazing affect on your instruments tone, harmonic content, and playability. In general, most manufacturers match the saddle's radius to that used on the fingerboard. $11.99 Lowden (Split-saddle) $28.00: $30.00 : Martin (Standard drop-in saddle) $28.00: $30.00 : Martin Long Saddle (3-3/4" or 4-1/16") $30.00: $35.00 3-3/4" only : Martin Long Saddle (compensated) $35.00: $40.00 3-3/4" only : Maton: $28.00: $30.00 : Morgan: $28.00: $30.00 : 0 : … Measures 2-7/8" X 1/8" X 7/16". Fits Taylor, Larrivee, Gibson, Tacoma, Washburn, and many others. These tend to take the form of a 2"3" white or cream strip, set within a wood bridge. Graph Tech Tusq saddle for acoustic guitars with 1/8" saddle slot. A saddle that is pre-shaped will nearly "drop-in" to your current setup and more than likely cure your low E buzz you are having. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Nuts & Saddles at Guitar Center. Blisstime 6 String Acoustic Guitar Bone Bridge Saddle and Nut and 6pcs Rosewood Guitar Bridge Pins Most orders are eligible for free shipping. Musiclily 6 String Classical Guitar String Cattle Bone Bridge Saddle Blank, 80x3x9/8mm (Pack of 2) Compensated saddles improve the playability by correctly setting each strings intonation to help produce the best tone and performance possible. A guitar saddle is designed to transfer the vibrations through the bridge into the top wood of the guitar. Graph Tech produces a wide range of fully compensated, partially compensated and saddle blanks and slabs. Acoustic guitar saddles are commonly made from a single piece of bone, ivory, wood, or plastic.

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