Has anybody ever tried to do some stereo micing with one XLS and one XLII? The pickup pattern can be switched in five steps to encompass omni, wide cardioid (not available on previous C414 models), cardioid, narrow cardioid, and figure of eight. Posted by 5 years ago. Pressing again for three seconds, or switching off the phantom power, unlocks the setting. @audiotech: I would also prefer older C414's, but I can't get them so cheap :-(. I've done a little research lately on them as I have been looking at a pair myself. One of each is not a bad idea for variety, but a matched stereo pair of one or the other would seem to be a more sensible choice. Is there much of a sound difference when it comes to vocals for both of the condensers? The XLII does have a C12ish capsule, and a boot of a presence boost. Our Gear Advisers are available to guide you through your entire shopping experience. What you get: Plus 4 intermediate settings, totaling 9. I know that a purist stereo recording should use identical mics, but I actually achieved excellent results with great stereo separation and minimal spill from the other instruments playing in the room, and there was no obvious tonal disparity. There alone is your choice. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. PreSonus StudioLive 32SC Series III Mixing Console. The C414 XLS is really versatile, given all of those different polar patterns. can you link me the samples to compare the XLS and the XLII ? Would do well as your primary all-rounder. At a recent AKG press event, we were also told that the pattern LEDs are recessed, so that if you can see the LED clearly from the position of the instrument or voice being recorded, the mic is being aimed correctly. But the C12 sound also comes from the transformer and other circuitry. Orders placed before 5 p.m. Curious about the difference between the AKG C414 XLS vs. XLII? The XLS is very flat, which would sound dark, next to a very hyped microphone but in fact is not dark, but very flat. Now, both models, the XLS and XLII, are transformerless. As the mics are so similar, I'll simply refer to them as the C414 until the time comes to describe their tonal differences. The reverse side of the new mic carries pad and filter switches.Photo: Mike CameronRe-engineered, transformerless electronic circuitry has extended the dynamic range of these microphones to around 134dBA by maximising headroom and minimising self noise, the latter down to an impressive 6dBA. I had linked a separate page near the beginning of the article, right before the summary. But there is a difference. I get a really good deal for the AKG C414 XLS or XLII microphone and I am able to buy 2 of them. I'm sure you'll find them useful. So i have been using the akg c414 xls for quite some time for vocal recordings. I gathered that the only difference is that the XLII has a slight lift on the top end. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? The C414 has two versions. 9 polar patterns, which is basically unheard of. Over the few weeks I've had these mics, I haven't found anything they do badly, and I've found lots of things they do well. This “C” series has been around since the 1963, starting with the C12! Both the C414 XLS and C414 XLII offer 9 pickup patterns, which enable you to choose the perfect setting for every application. The AKG C414 XLII and XLS keep the classic shape that its predecessors have become famous for. Someone has offered to sell me one of the older silver "EB" models for $700 usd, but I have no idea how it compares to the newer ones. Re: Ground loop issue, snipped cable screen connections... Re: SOS article: AMD vs Intel CPUs Tested. AKG C414-EB vs C414 XLS or XLII I have been thinking of picking up one of the new AKG C414's after being impressed with it during a friends session. To be perfectly honest, I would probably look for some AKG 414 b ULS microphones made years ago. Hard to believe. The XLS is more neutral and transparent-sounding when compared to the XLII. Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!! On a practical note, the LEDs, which are fairly discreet, help in setting up under poor lighting conditions, and also avoid the need for clunky slide switches, but I can't help feeling they could be a disadvantage for TV work, where you need the mic to be as inconspicuous as possible. Here are the 4 most recent versions: As you can see, the older models had the “B” in there. The familiar bass-cut switch has also had a face-lift with 40Hz, 80Hz, or 160Hz settings, as well as off.

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