In reality, Rosa never existed. I am surprised that she never did worse.“. Catherine, saddened by losing her puppet, wrote a letter to her to the next male issue, her favorite son. Francis however died of malaria in 1584. He used the weight of his own body to force the Duke down. Catherine struck the opportunity fast to ensure her son, next in line ,would claim the throne. His paternity is ascribed either to Lorenzo de’ Medici (1492–1519), duke of Urbino, or, with more likelihood, to Giulio de’ Medici, nephew of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Father: Piero the Unfortunate: Mother: Alfonsina Orsini: Born in Florence, she was the granddaughter of Lorenzo de' Medici, niece of Pope Leo X and sister to Lorenzo II de' Medici. Nor once did he let go of his cousin’s thumb. The Florentine had tight, curly hair, a broad nose, and a dark complexion. Lorenzino would bring Caterina in discreetly, by the back door, to protect her reputation. It is not always a heroic life. The Medici family struck fear into the hearts of their enemies for centuries, so it’s no wonder Alessandro de’ Medici’s life was full of backstabbing, secrets, and bloody vengeance. One of Lorenzino’s relatives had just passed, and all of the old man’s money was up for grabs. In the wee hours of that winter morning, Alessandro succumbed to … Nobody can avoid it. From THE BLACK PRINCE OF FLORENCE. French philosopher Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de la Brède et de Montesquieu, was a highly influential political thinker during the Age of Enlightenment. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V hated the thought of his son-in-law Alessandro decaying in an unknown grave, and he tried to make things right. Lorenzino pushed Alessandro onto the bed. The two cousins had a steady rivalry, and in 1530, that rivalry exploded. When Alessandro arrived at Lorenzino’s house, everything seemed in order. Tellingly nicknamed “Bad Lorenzo,” Alessandro’s clansman was bitter and jealous of The Moor’s success, and was all too happy to pick up where Ippolito left off. After the latter's assassination, the crowd stood by the Medici and tore the assassins limb from limb. And there was a more chilling detail. It has long been said that Alessandro was the son of a Moorish slave, or a “half- Negro” woman. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ", The History Behind "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly". It was the eve of Epiphany, 1537, a night of the most dazzling moon­light. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Although we’ll never know for sure, there’s evidence that the rumors about Alessandro being a Black man were cold, hard truth. Quick Facts Name Lorenzo de' Medici Birth Date January 1, 1449 Death Date April 9, 1492 Place of Birth Florence, Italy Place of Death Careggi, Italy AKA In the 16th century “Moor” was a nickname given to all sorts of people. Why’s that scandalous? If you went back in time to early 16th-century Florence and asked whether any given indi­vidual was black or white you would probably get a puzzled look. Note to self: Don’t tick off a bona fide psycho. She was married, but tonight her husband was many miles to the south in Naples on business. He was a monster, driven by his “innate cruelty and savagery.” What do those words allude to? The first duke of Florence was dead. Adjectives like moro, nero, and negro, variations on “black,” were used to refer to dark- or darker-skinned people but did not define a specific ethnicity. The door did not open. Back in his day, people could not keep the name “Alessandro de’ Medici” from their mouths, and his allies and enemies alike whispered about his parentage. He was a magnate, diplomat, politician, and patron of scholars, artists, and poets. While Alessandro was running around fathering illegitimate children, his marriage bed was getting mighty cold. At Factinate, we’re dedicated to getting things right. The Medici family struck fear into the hearts of their enemies for centuries, so it’s no wonder Alessandro de’ Medici’s life was full of backstabbing, secrets, and bloody vengeance. To this day, we still can’t know for sure why Lorenzino offed his own cousin. Lorenzino tried the latch. To prove to friends that he was real, I was reduced to apologetic leafing through old exhibition catalogues in the gallery bookshop. Too bad Lorenzino threw that trust right back in his face. In 1536, Alessandro de Medici made a fatal error. As he died childless the throne was up for debate. The massacre then spread across the entire country of France. (God, such a shame I wasnt alive then!) I tried to get my ex-wife served with divorce papers. From petty paybacks to insane acts of karma, these bitter people somehow found the most ingenious ways…. Moors—Muslims from North Africa and Spain—were part of the ethnic-religious picture in 16th-century Europe, as were Jews, but other racial categories were only just emerging. Also an existentialist philosopher, she had a long-term relationship with Jean-Paul Sartre. He decided not to watch but to take himself off to sleep. Many claimed that Alessandro had orchestrated his cousin’s end by way of poison, which, given his absolutist and despotic rule, didn’t seem too far-fetched. She used her sons as puppets in attempts to run the country. Our credibility is the turbo-charged engine of our success. It would be no bad thing to hang his portrait a little more prominently on Florence’s gallery walls. This time, he was terrifyingly successful. Except it gets creepier. Want to tell us to write facts on a topic? In the wee hours of that winter morning, Alessandro succumbed to his wounds. Lorenzo de’ Medici (also known as the Elder), was the younger brother of Cosimo. To her defense, I have always liked a quote that King Henry IV said about her: “I ask you, what could a woman do, left by the death of her husband with five little children on her arms, and two families of France who were thinking of grasping the crown—our own [the Bourbons] and the Guises? The insight struck me with such depth and force that the experience of boredom was virtually banished from my life. Still, while the story may have been known in the USA, it was far from visible to me as a traveller to Florence, which I had visited three times before I heard it. Alessandro de’ Medici is not a fine example of princely virtue. In the series, he is a womanizer who loses his heart to Rosa and ultimately never marries. Yet the modern idea of “race,” which emerged with the Atlantic slave trade, is very different from anything that existed in the 1530s. Clad in a cloak of fine Neapolitan silk, lined with sable, the Duke headed out with four friends. As European slave-trading in West Africa expanded, black Africans were brought to Italy in increasing numbers: they were stereotyped as uncivilized and inferior. He too had decided to take a nap. The next time a family member plotted against him, however, Alessandro wouldn’t be so lucky….

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