Amaranth plants will tolerate some shade but thrive best in a full sun environment. If planting a variety that is known to grow in a more bushy shape, plant 14 inches apart. Popped Amaranth seeds can be eaten as a snack or placed into a bowl with milk and consumed like cereal. In a plethora of spots on the map, Amaranth is viewed as a traditional garden crop – especially in South America. Photograph courtesy Roque Reyes An ancient, … amzn_assoc_linkid = "6eafb76a95fe843a7196faea15c22508"; By clicking "Sign up" you indicate that you have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Variety Information: Medium green oval leaves with burgundy red stems and centers. Iron – Amaranth plants possess seven times more iron than lettuce and all other grain type plants. Amaranth leaves and stems should be washed after being harvested. In Maharashtra, during month of Shravan, a stir-fried vegetable with just grated coconut is served during festivals. Amaranth plants rarely need watering when grown outdoors under normal conditions. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "top"; Do you sell Amaranthus seeds or have plants for sale? Indigenous people still foraged for the plant they were not allowed to grow to both consume it as part of a meal and to enjoy a traditional snack – popped Amaranth seeds. REGISTER at the top right hand corner and start discussing. It was a Baja Verapaz farmer named Elana that worked diligently to cultivate stored seeds to save this red flowering Amaranth plant that had been a part of recipes in the region dating back to the Mayans. It's EASY and FREE! Once you browse either locally or online to find Amaranth live plants or seeds, the hard work for getting a crop started on your homestead is basically done. The small seeds can be broadcast far and wide by even a mild wind once they are ripe. While Amaranth as a genus is exceptionally hardy, they are still susceptible to some common destructive insects. Catkin-like cymes of densely packed flowers grow in summer or autumn. While stems do not have to be chopped before dehydrating, but it may help greatly to do so. Close the opening of the bag around the plant stem beneath the flower head using twine or a piece of rope. Contact us now! Hang drying the flower heads of Amaranth plants to preserve them is not recommended. It is from the seeds that a tasty and aged mash or ale has been made for centuries. All Rights Reserved. Easy to harvest, the seed is about 13% protein-higher than most other grains. “Amaranth” derives from Greek word amárantos, “unfading,” with the Greek word for “flower,” – ánthos. The seeds from the Amaranth plant can be eaten raw, fried, sauteed, cooked, boiled, ground into flour, or processed into an oil. Amaranth seeds or live plants cultivated in a moist and well draining soil that is both rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, typically will grow taller, and produce a more robust yield. To conserve space or to use the Amaranth more like a spice or as ann easy-to-bake ingredient, consider running the leaves, roots, and stems through a food processor or blender to powder them. Place a bag over the flower head on the Amaranth plant when the seeds are ripe. Every part of the amaranth plant is edible: roots, seeds, stem, leaves, and flowers. The flowers on Amaranth plants can be either shaped like small globes or be thin and long tassels. A loamy soil is best suited for most Amaranth varieties. I highly recommend using garlic, green onion, salt, pepper, plantain, and rosemary. Once the seeds are ripe, our feathered friends will literally flock to the plants to gobble up your nutrient rich superfood. You can collect it by putting the seed head in a bag and shaking the seed head. Some amaranth species are cultivated as leaf vegetables, pseudocereals, and ornamental plants. After the Spanish conquest ended, it became illegal to grow Amaranth in Mexico. Amaranth is often called a grain because it looks similar to those types of crops, but this plant that is often mistaken for a weed in the United States, boasts a far greater percentage of nutrients than most common grains, such as wheat, oats, and barley. Amaranth is a versatile garden plant. Amaranth stems, leaves, and roots can be stored in an airtight container like a Mason jar as noted above in the seeds section or a vacuum sealed bag. The stem is used in curry made with vaal hyacinth bean. Do you grow Amaranthus in your garden? Remember, the more movement the flower head is exposed to, the greater the risk of losing seeds. Stems should be dried on the same setting. Also a synthetic dye was named “amaranth” for its similarity in color to the natural amaranth pigments known as betalains. The stems from young plants can be eaten or used in recipes right after harvesting and washing, but the stems from older plants will need to be peeled first to remove the hardened outer covering. This beautiful and easy to grow plant that is often classified as both a grain and an herb, has long been dubbed a “superfood.” Amaranth is not just one plant, but part of the Amaranthaceae genus that includes 60 varieties. One square yard of amaranth can produce 2 pounds of seed! As more and more health and beauty aids are being produced both commercially and in kitchens around the country with natural ingredients, Amaranth oil is becoming more popular as an agricultural crop in the United States. A separate but topic related research study also found that In Amaranth consumption was capable of decreasing bad cholesterol by up to 70% and overall cholesterol levels by 30%. Once the root central tissue damage occurs, the plant will likely being to rot – particularly if the weevils decide to make the stem their home until they reach maturity. Amaranthus caudatus known by common names as love-lies-bleeding, pendant amaranth, tassel flower, velvet flower, foxtail amaranth, and quilete. Amaranth grain does not have to be soaked before use. A Baja Verapaz farmer named Juana used the seeds her family had stored for the next growing season to create a new crop of orange Amaranth. The plant needs the lower leaves to draw nutrients and energy. Amaranth oil natural home remedies recipes have been used to prevent or treat a vast array of health issues around the world for centuries. As the butter melts or the oil heats, season the leaves, chopped roots, or stems with spices. For best results, use Amaranth seeds that have been stored for only a year for planting. Red Amaranth plants stand between four to six feet tall on average. Cooking & Recipes-Gardening-HerbsNo Comments, Share the post "Eating Wild – Edible Amaranthus Species". These antioxidant compounds could help protect the body from the damage caused by exposure to free radicals. It is a parasitic fungus that can grow in unclean soil, planters, or re-used seed starting trays. This Amaranth plant has flowers that are deep red in color and usually stands between three to five feet tall. This is a shorter version of Amaranth, and commonly grows to heights of three to five feet tall. This hardy annual is incredibly easy to grow. Shake the top of the flower head so the seeds are released into the bag. Feel free to ask anything about herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, bushes, mushrooms, and more. You’ll typically want to leave them alone unless you are harvesting the entire plant at once. Amaranth is usually added to other flours or materials and is gluten free. Redroot Amaranth goes by a number of different names, probably because it has such a wide distribution. You can collect your own seeds and process them into flour or buy it at health food stores. Plants were healthy, grew to about 4ft tall, no pest damage other than a chewed leaf or two, I did not use any fertilizer, just annual compost.

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