All Rights Reserved. We are interested what objects you might have in your collection and if you are a fan of the idea of expanding the Anno universe with board games or other merchandise! It was a great day, being able to play the game for one day, while the developers watch you and ask you plenty of questions. I just invited both to join our festive party and I made sure that they even got some Anno goodies. These moments show us that across the many years and titles in the series, a great and unique gaming community was always part of our journey. And indeed, that is what happened! I enjoyed the twitch stream yesterday. Twitch Stream: Anno 1701 Let’s Play 1701 A.D. (also known as Anno 1701) is a real-time economy strategy, focusing around naval settlement and culture class expansion of a small village somewhere in the New World, governed by you and sponsored by the Queen. Générateur de cartes aléatoires, mode multijoueur et petits scénarios indépendants sont également au programme. The challenge of city builder games is keeping up with that inevitable sprawl. Langue de la version disponible en France. The question I ask myself is: is it better to be able to recover from a dissaster or to avoid it. Vous devez établir une colonie en exploitant toutes les richesses des archipels qui vous entourent. I was sad and my mom did not understand why until she did some research and understood that it was not the full game. Anno was a companion on my lifes journey.” – Striffelbaer. My most beautiful memory is an also a very personal and special moment for me. What a brilliant community, just wonderful. That leads to more gameplay freedom as nobody tells me what or how to do it! L'hiver vient... et avec lui, son lot de cadeaux: une superbe box WINTER et un contenu encore plus canon. I spent some many hours playing Anno 1701 and I still play it today. Profitez d'améliorations diverses et variées tout en reprenant le cours de vos parties existantes grâce à la compatibilité des sauvegardes et accédez à toutes les mises à jour en résolution 4K. Not quite that easy with a negative income where my only income came from raiding other AI players, but it made fun to rebuild the island and expand it once it was taken, especially because I couldn’t build much and once I took some island completely. Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur la nouvelle console de Sony, Anno : Ubisoft dévoile une History Collection, regroupant quatre jeux de la licence (vidéo), Mes adversaires ont "plus d'influence" que moi. Tous droits réservés. And what would be better suited for a celebration than to take seat in a cozy chair while watching us sharing memories and putting some effort in building our own Anno 1701 settlement. Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. Anno 1701 *dreams*, just wonderful times <3 Anno 1701 est un jeu vidéo de gestion et de stratégie en temps réel, sorti sur PC en 2006, édité par Sunflowers, développé par Related Designs et distribué par Deep Silver.Il se déroule durant la période de l'âge d'or de la marine à voile, au moment de la colonisation des Amériques.. Une adaptation pour Nintendo DS est sortie le 8 juin 2007 en Europe. A vous de faire fructifier votre ville, la faire évoluer du mieux possible et le plus rapidement pour vous constituer une flotte titanesque. It was brilliant; I just hopped on my bike and drove to the studio. Anno 1701, also marketed as 1701 A.D., is a video game with both real time strategy and city building elements, developed by Germany-based Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software company.It revolves around building and maintaining an 18th century colony in the 'New World'. Despite being an older game, I really liked the visuals and had a great time playing. It’s one thing to watch a few settlers tending a farm and maybe a weaver’s hut. Profitez d'améliorations diverses et variées tout en reprenant le cours de vos parties existantes grâce à la compatibilité des sauvegardes et accédez à toutes les mises à jour en résolution 4K. She told me that it was a great bargain (single mother and we had not much money) but we both had no clue that it was an expansion and I was happy until I realized that I could not play it…. Anno 1701 was an important leap for the series as a whole, as the third Anno introduced new features and systems and with that, set the direction for future titles. As a small boy, I desperately wanted to play Anno 1701, especially after playing 1602 and 1503. But fast-forward a few thousand people and a handful of tech levels. Fan Creations I have the fondest memories of that event but I can tell you that it was a lot of work to organize everything. A debt of gratitude is in order for imparting the data to us. There was an actor outfit doing a nightly tour through in historic garbs re-enacting old stories from the city Büdingen. Redécouvrez Anno 1404 et son extension, Venise, améliorés et optimisés pour les systèmes d'exploitation modernes. NK3D Disponible depuis quelques jours, Au-delà de la Lumière, la nouvelle extension de Destiny 2, s'accompagne de nombreuses nouveautés majeures dont une nouvelle destination dépaysante. My experience is that a disaster like the shortage of cloth means that I don’t understand the game well enough, so my instinct it to avoid that excitement. One day, quite some time after the release of 1701 had passed,; my mom came home and brought a gift for me. ANNO, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries. We would like to highlight the special memories from our community today and the upcoming Devblog will explore our own memories as Anno developers and why Anno 1701’s heritage is still of importance to the upcoming Anno 1800. Dans cette Anno History Collection, redécouvrez le gameplay unique d'Anno 1602, Anno 1503, Anno 1701, Anno 1404 et de leurs extensions. Dans cette History Edition, redécouvrez le gameplay unique d'Anno 1503 et son extension : Trésors, Monstres et Pirates, optimisé pour les ordinateurs d'aujourd'hui. An Anno in 3D, can I even play that? Is it better to be able to recover quickly, or to avoid the problem? I was born 2004, so I am fairly young. Anno 1701 : retrouvez toutes les informations et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. The best thing about 1701 is that you can declare your independence from the Queen and that you can attack other civilizations. „My most beautiful memories about the game are about my then-girlfriend and my cousin, as they were as crazy about Anno as I was. Redécouvrez Anno 1602 et son extension, Nouvelles Îles, Nouvelle Aventure, optimisés pour les systèmes d'exploitation modernes. It’s anniversary week so how about a small party? PS5 : sortie, prix, jeux, puissance, manette, design. Visionner la bande-annonce . Marc_The_Miner Eleven years ago, Anno 1701 had its maiden voyage- full speed ahead into the third dimension to bring us new visuals and features to allow us to immerse ourselves in the world of Anno like never before. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved. Join our small party stream this Thursday 26th of October, 4:30pm CEST on: Well, it gets a little more complicated than that. It is part of the Anno series of games, the sequel to Anno 1602 and Anno 1503 and was followed by Anno 1404.

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