70 • PART II. of something else, which means there is no direct connection between a symbol and what it represents. Symbolic communication in humans can be defined as the rule-governed use of a system of arbitrary symbols whose definition and usage are agreed upon by the community of users. 1 decade ago. chair, used as an earlier example of symbols, there is no natural connection between an object on which you sit and the five letters . No other animal communication system involves learning the component symbolic elements afresh in each individual’s lifetime, and certainly not in such vast numbers” (Hurford, 2004). When it comes to the word . Answer Save. Relevance. constitutive rules. Symbols are arbitrary because there is no necessary reason for a particular symbol to stand for a particular referent. Shared understandings of what communication means and what behaviors are appropriate in various situations. 4 Answers. Symbols are ambiguous which means their meanings aren’t clear cut or fixed. Jesus on the Dashboard. Favorite Answer. Not only are symbols arbitrary, they are ambiguous — that is, they have several possible meanings. Symbols are arbitrary representations . (Pei, 1966, p. 141) Language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbols used for human communication (Wardhaugh, 1972, p. 3) Symbols are considered the signifier that represents meaning (the signified). communication rules. These symbols are arbitrary, ambiguous, and abstract. The rules that dictate our use and understanding of symbols include phonology, semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics. The symbols we use are arbitrary and have no direct relationship to the objects or ideas they represent. o System of communication using arbitrary sounds or symbols to express feelings, thoughts, ideas, or experiences o Language (when defined as having complex grammar and productivity) is unique to humans o Some animal species clearly communicate (dogs, dolphins, etc) o Universality All countries have a language We are driven to communicate (Deaf children invent novel signs) Everyone with … Symbols are completely arbitrary until meaning is ascribed to a combination of letters by people. “Human languages contain tens of thousands of arbitrary learned symbols (mainly words). Language is a system of communication by sound, operating through organs of speech and hearing, among members of a given community, and using vocal symbols possessing arbitrary conventional meanings. We generally consider communication successful when we reach agreement on the meanings of the symbols we use (Duck). COMMUNICATION SKILLS. What are some examples of arbitrary communication systems? Example: Like for traffic signals how green means "go" and red means "stop." Lv 5. As you recall there are distinct differences between written and spoken forms of verbal communication in terms of levels of formality, synchronicity, recording, and privacy.

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