It has been hanging around for a few hours now. Am pretty confident I will enjoy this bird again next year. A stake with an attached large ceramic daisy top makes a great jelly holder. Hoping they haven’t gone, but if so will look forward to next springs arrival. It is one branch over from her last years nest. None in Port Credit - Mississauga yet. I have gone through a ton of oranges and clementines since then. Another, quicker alternative, is to cut an orange in half and place each half on the small branch of a tree (cut side up), where the colour of the fruit will attract these beautiful birds. I ran and put a feeder out immediately. Hopefully they stay. They really like the grape jelly! May 5th I had my first visit from the Orioles and they have been back daily a few times a day. Puslinch area. As soon as the baby could fly around the first of August, all 5 birds left together. They came back to where they were familiar. They LOVE GRAPE JELLY. Where do you live that you have seen Orioles already? The birds ate on average 1 half orange per day. I have one in my yard today in Norwich, Ontario. Afternoon rolled around and to my delight I saw the pair happily enjoying the jelly. Eating out of our hummingbird feeder. It is right beside their feeder in a semi dead sucker tree. Do they head north then?? Did not get to my camera fast enough to get a photo. Well, it's August 7th, and most of the orioles left about a week ago. The kids and I have seen a Male oriole, good size bird. We have had a pair of oriole's in our yard for 4 days now. He is beautifully colored and very vocal! Please check out and contribute to our hummingbird migration map. Please use the form below to report data on your final sighting of the year. I put out my oranges and grape jelly early in April and within 3 or 4 days we had a group of them feeding off and on all day. A beautiful Oriole visited my hummingbird feeder yesterday (Oshawa). What do people recommend for oriole feeders? I hope they don't forget to migrate soon. Orioles discovered this and take to this feeder even more. Have had 10 Orioles at one time. It is amazing that these lovely birds remember where to come from year to year. We live in Minesing, Ontario, home of the great Minesing Wetlands. I had my oriole feeders & hummingbird feeders out in late April. Migration peaks in August and September for Baltimore orioles. We just had our first Oriole come to our feeder. Located in Saugeen shores. The babies started coming and I ended up putting a chicken waterer on my railing to keep up with feeding them (as many as 10 young at a time). Spotted one in Ancaster last weekend, it didn't stay very long. There were about four total last night, what an awesome sighting. I bought a feeder that you can fill with sugar/water mix, orange pieces and there's a place to put grape Jelly. Was attracted to the Hummingbird feeder. Now if only the Hummingbirds would show up all would be perfect. Absolutely beautiful! The Orioles arrived in my yard on May 1 this year (4th summer, Brantford)...Had up to 6 at my feeders regularly throughout the days. Oh well, something to look forward to next summer!!!! I put up my Oriole feeder in late April. We feed the Orioles in our backyard every year and today May 5/18 one arrived looking for the feeder which we had not yet put up. Note: You can adjust the height and width values to better match your website layout. How? In the meantime I will continue having it out on our deck! We had an Oriole visit our yard yesterday at two different times during the afternoon and after supper in L'Orignal, Ontario. It has been a great show! Recently, the birds have been bothered by wasps that also like the jelly. Have they left early for southern migration? My first ever sighting was 3 years ago, at my hummingbird feeder. I put 1/2 of a orange to attract them and beside that I have a small dish of grape jelly, once they find the jelly they will rarely touch the orange so I discontinue it and use just jelly. (I also tried shot glasses full of grape jelly and they did eat it, but definitely seemed to prefer the halved oranges). But we still had 2 females at the feeder yesterday. We are kinda worried. Bonnie the osprey are back at the corner of Rainbow Ridge and Dovehaven rd. We had a whole family for the summer last year in the Ottawa area. We are in Richmond Hill, Ontario. This year, I put out half an orange and on May 11 saw my first Oriole. First appeared on May 9th. A Baltimore Oriole couple are back from last year; Orioles arrived in my yard on April 27th 2017, a week earlier than last year. We are fortunate to have an Oriole couple visiting our Oriole feeder since Mid May. It is now the end of August and they appear to have left - look forward to next year. Orioles have moved on last weekend. Beautiful birds. I am located in Mississauga a block from Lake Ontario and back on to a ravine. I also put my hummingbird feeder up although that might be premature, we will see. The nest however made it unscathed through the winter, and is waiting for their return. I put the oranges on the forks of an old pitchfork. I wish I knew why?? She was eating from the grape jelly on the feeder. Last year we tried grape jelly (which they loved) BUT the wasp population overwhelmed our backyard and we had to stop. Used to be that I saw Blue Jays and Cardinals during the winter months only, now I see them daily in my yard. I saw my first Oriole today. Mostly I have had babies coming in twos and threes. I have seen it only once in my yard. They are coming fewer by the day now so they will be moving on soon. It's been a good year - lots of males and females this year, but the feeder isn't going empty nearly as fast as it was a few short weeks ago. This year I plan to have the feeder out on Sunday April 21 and bought a Shepherd's hook just for it and my hummingbird feeder. Same thing happened last year for a week or so and then they returned. No I have few of them coming few times a day. I know just where you it the brick house? Hi Barb; Yes my hubby saw them in Valentia today, by Marks, but I didn't see them on Washburn yet. I'm hoping to have them longer - they are my favourite! May 11, was the first day that I saw an Oriole. It was just a sight to see and lots of closeup camera pics. Wonder when I will see the last of them.... Hi, We’ve had several Oriole families for about 3 years. I will put out some food first thing. What a beauty bird to see this time of year but hope it leaves before temps get really cold. Beautiful little guy in our hummingbird feeder this evening here in Pickering Ontario. One yellow flower was missing so the hole was bigger. Watched her for 2 hours taking some orange and flying into the brush to feed her young. Next day I bought oriole feeder. I had an oriole in my yard in the west end of Hamilton yesterday. I have both grape jelly and sugar water. Our Orioles have also left. We still have about 8 to 12 birds feeding (September 3, 2014). They are so beautiful!!!! Hi, I am from Camlachie, Ontario and look forward to the Orioles each year...but they don't touch my oranges only grape jelly. My husband saw one yesterday trying to feed from our hummingbird feeder. I've never heard it before and I had to YouTube the song. A hanging outdoor candle chandelier with the candle glasses filled with jelly is another favourite. Thank you for the heads up. ok for next year..what do you put the grape jelly in..and just ordinary grape jelly that we use on toast etc.? They also like my hummingbird feeders, ignoring the larger saucer shaped nectar feeder. Of course we now have put up the feeder. Hope to see my friends this week. They are so beautiful. I thought the Orioles were gone 3 weeks ago, in my yard anyway. By mid-June there were only a few stragglers, but still here. I still have lots of orioles coming to my feeders. We seem to have 2 families Orioles in our back yard. We have been enticing the Orioles for a couple of years now with oranges. Thanks. I first reported my first sighting on this page on Sunday May 5. It has been a banner year for Orioles here in Burlington Ontario, but now I haven’t seen one in 3 days! I use jelly and orange halves. I researched the bird and put out orange halves, and had a regular visiting each day, and then 3 weeks later they were gone.

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