The Byzantines believed in the fictitious reinforcements and withdrew, thus allowing the Muslim force to safely retreat to Medina. As per one narrative, the Prophet once said, “Allah the Almighty has conferred two wings on Ja’far with which he keeps flying in heaven.” The battle of Mu’tah was fought in Jumada Al-Ula, 8 AH. Miracles of raising the dead, talking to them, healing the sick etc. And it is narrated in Jamiul Usul that Abdullah says: “I was present in the Battle of Mutah. 'Amr al-Ghassani, the murderer of Harith b. Therefore the Romans thought that the Muslims were provided with reinforcements, so they lost power and the Muslims launched a fierce attack against them. He moved ahead and drew back the right and the left wings according to the demand of the battle. As the sad news broke out, the household of Ja’far was subdued with grief. Imam al-Sadiq (a) has cited the same story, adding that: then the Prophet (s) went from Ja'far's house to the Mosque, sat on the Minbar and told people about Ja'far's virtues. This battle was fought in September 629 CE near Mouta (a village East of the river Jordan).. but the Prophet (s) told them: "these are not fugitives. They elected Qutba b. Qatada al-'Udhri as the commander of the right wing and 'Ibaya b. Malik al-Ansari as the commander of the left wing. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. The Muslims went further and camped in Ma'an which was a territory of Syria. " 'Abdulla-h bin 'Umar further said, "I was present amongst them in that battle and we searched for Ja'far bin Abi Talib and found his body amongst the bodies of the martyred ones, and found over ninety wounds over his body, caused by stabs or shots (of arrows). The Battle of Mu'ta was an operation by Muslims in order to identity the fighting styles of the Roman armies and their allies, and the information that Muslims gained from this battle was very helpful in their future wars. That was the battle of Mu'tah, which was full of valuable lessons. The messenger found the Prophet in the Masjid, and he ordered Abdur Rahman to be silent, that he might himself announce what had occurred, which he did. The Byzantines do not appear to have used many Greek, Armenian, or other non-Arab soldiers at Mu'ta, even though the overall commander was the. When Khalid bin Walid reached near Al-Madinah along with his troops, the Prophet came out of Al-Madinah to greet them and gave Khalid the glad tidings of the title of ‘the Sword of Allah’. I asked about it and was told that at the time of imminent death they tried to turn a little away from the battlefield but Ja’far did not do that. Military commentators on the battle have often praised the skirmishing tactics of Khalid ibn al-Walid.[7][10]. The Prophet then with tears declared that Ja’far was martyred; “before which,” said he, “both his hands were cut off, and in exchange for them Allah has given him two emerald wings with which he now flies where he pleases among the angels of Paradise.” Some say the wings were ruby; however that may be, he is now called Ja’far Tayyar, or Ja’far the flyer. Unrecognized Email or Password, please try again. Ancestry of the Holy Prophet (S) and Circumstances of His Forefathers. [citation needed] The combined force of Roman soldiers and Arab allies is usually reported to be approximately 200,000. The casualties of slain of the Muslim side were recorded as the four of them from Muhajireen while eight the rest from Ansar. 'Abdullah ibn Rawahah reminded them about their desire for martyrdom and questioned the move to wait when what they desire was awaiting them, so they continued marching towards the waiting army. They proceeded until they were close to Al-Balqaa', a region in Ash-Shaam, where they were met by the Roman and Arab troops at a village called Mashaarif. The enemy was attacking from all around until he and his soldiers could make them retreat a little. [a][11], Muslim accounts of the battle differ over the result. The battle of Mu’tah was fought in Jumada Al-Ula, 8 AH. We have created a browser extension. After an eight-day journey, the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, arrived at Quba' on Rabia al-Awwal 8, the 14th year of Prophethood (corresponding to September 23, 622 CE) at noon. Battle of Yarmouk 636 (Early Muslim Invasion) DOCUMENTARY, মুতার যুদ্ধের ইতিহাস | History Of Battle of Mu'tah | Bnagla History Documentary, Seerah pt 73 - Pt.2 Battle of Mu'tah - Yasir Qadhi - 2013-12-11. They were all lifted to Paradise. According to al-Waqidi, when 'Abd Allah b. Rawaha was martyred, the Muslims were defeated and they escaped. My foster-father said to me - he was one of Banu Murrah ibn Awf, and he was present in that battle, the battle of Mu'tah: By Allah, as if I am seeing Ja'far who jumped from his reddish horse and hamstrung it; he then fought with the people until he was killed. The Prophet (s) said: "O' the son of Rawaha! If Ja‘far is wounded, let ‘Abdullaah ibn Rawaahah, succeed him. When people of Medina learned that the defeated army of Mu'ta has arrived near Medina, they went to visit them in Jurf, reproaching them by saying: "have you escaped the fight on the path of God?". Sunnis say that the Prophet constituted Zaid bin Haritha as army chief, and in the event of his being slain, ordered the command to devolve on Ja’far, and if he also should fall a martyr, Abdullah bin Rawaha should succeed, and in case of his falling, the Muslims were to elect a commander themselves. Relations between the Muslims and the Romans were strained, for the Romans together with their Arab allies used to aggravate and provoke the Muslims by any means. Following this, Abdullah bin Rawahah took the flag of Islam in his hand and fell down martyred. Aban b. The Muslims went out of Medina and they camped in Wadi l-Qura. He displayed his genius as a military commander and kept the entire military in full control with extraordinary skill. Some have claimed that this battle, far from being a defeat, was a strategic success; the Muslims had challenged the Byzantines and had made their presence felt amongst the Arab Bedouin tribes in the region. Nevertheless, the Muslims stood firm, despite a small amount of troops and military gear, to show the greatest example of sacrifice, even gaining victory against the enemy in the greatest force experienced by the Roman Empire’s army. 'Uthman al-Ahmari narrated from Imam al-Sadiq (a) said: the Prophet (s) appointed Ja'far b. Abi Talib as the commander, and in case he is killed, he would be succeeded by Zayd b. Haritha, and then 'Abd Allah b. Rawaha. Al-Shaykh al-Saduq cites a hadith according to which, after the martyrdom of Ja'far b. Abi Talib and Zayd b. Haritha, the Prophet (s) cried a lot when went home, saying that: they were my companions and friends, and they were martyred together. The Prophet (s) heard the news and mobilized people. 'Amr, Jabir b. The battle occurred in Jumada I, 8/September 629. "Go forth in the Name of Allah, in the cause of Allah and fight those who disbelieve in Allah. He stroked my head in affection with tears in his eyes. 'Umayr al-Azdi al-Lahabi, gathered his army and equipment, and then he sent the pioneers of his army to fight the Muslims under the commandership of his brother, Sadus, who was killed in the fight. Qutub Rawandi has narrated that when the Messenger of Allah (S) sent the army to Mutah, he appointed three chiefs saying that after each is killed the other should take the command.

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