In our various roles, our beliefs, values and attitudes are constantly interacting with those of our peers, friends, family or teachers. You must be prepared to combat that human tendency. Or perhaps she smokes? Relevance. For instance, if you are adamantly opposed to the death penalty or abortion, you are probably responding to one of your fixed, core beliefs, “It is wrong to kill. One of the first places to start is with the collection of demographic information. The underlying principles or standards of desirable or ideal behavior that we use to justify our beliefs and attitudes, Ideas we express about subjects that may explain our attitudes towards them. These things develop over the course of our lifetime and at any point can change based on an experience that we may have. The paper "Cultural Identity: Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes" is a delightful example of an essay on social science. You may not be aware of it… You may not be conscious of it… but your VALUES shape your decisions… and your decisions shape your LIFE. Keep in mind, however, that humans are extraordinarily complex, so it follows that our belief systems are equally complex. Your values can best be represented as the foundation, or perhaps the basement, of the home. However, a speech by a classmate reveals some factors that you’d never considered: the health benefits of a vegetarian diet and the inhumane treatment of livestock being raised for slaughter. Attitudes can change easily and frequently. This is the overall support of the structure and as such acts as a scaffold for all the other features that will be added to the home-walls, rooms, roof, etc. Much as we utilize our windows and doors to look out upon the world, attitudes are the tendencies we have to view the people and places around us in either a positive light or a negative light. Your classmate has touched on a variable belief. Consistently, they told me that the beauty of life is experienced fully only by those who work hard. Now that you have new evidence, you reconsider. Table 3.1 “Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values” defines these terms and provides an example of each. Furthermore, as an extension of this value, you are appreciative of those who serve in the military to protect your rights. Define a "selfless" act, and argue whichever side you believe. Beliefs often serve as a frame of reference through which we interpret our world. Consider Audience Diversity -Diversity is a key dimension of audience membership and, therefore, of audience analysis. Like beliefs, our values may not be based on empirical research or rational thinking, but they are even more resistant to change than are beliefs. Fixed beliefs are fundamental core beliefs, typically ingrained since childhood. Values, norms, beliefs, and attitudes of a subgroup develop through interaction. Y. Ogasawara, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2001. Attitudes are important because they affect both the way we perceive the world and how we behave. Introduction As human beings, we all have our own values, beliefs, and attitudes. Attitudes Definition Attitudes refer to our overall evaluations of people, groups, and objects in our social world. Personal values, belief and attitudes. However, if your brother was driving a motorcycle without a helmet and suffered an accident that fractured his skull and left him with permanent brain damage, you might reconsider this value. Transcript – The 10 Most Important Human Values – Inspirational Speech. This can make your attempt to convince your audience more difficult. So a speech on attitude should be lively, emotional, and influential for the listeners. An attitude is your immediate disposition toward a concept or an object. While we could discuss the concept of self endlessly and philosophers have wrestled and will continue to wrestle with it, for our purposes, let’s focus on self, which is defined as one’s own sense of individuality, motivations, and personal characteristics. On the other hand, some of our beliefs are less rigid; we can be convinced to change what we believe. Everything you THINK… everything you FEEL… every action you take… is because of your beliefs and VALUES. These types of beliefs are variable beliefs . Our family, friends, community and the experiences we have had all contribute to our sense of who we are and how we view the world. It doesn’t fit into our belief system. I need help with figuring out a good topic for my college speech so please help!? Individuals in a society have specific beliefs, but they also share collective values. We seem to instinctively 'like' the individuals who share our core values and beliefs. These beliefs are not easily shaken or altered. In his book Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief , Lewis Wolpert found that most of us like to blame our behavior (especially negative behavior) on outside forces-our situation or circumstances. Just as walls cannot be expected to remain upright if the foundation caves in, beliefs that are not supported by a strong value system are generally transient beliefs-they don’t last. It is difficult, if not impossible, to change fixed beliefs. In other words, some beliefs are fixed, and some are variable. Wolpert states that “when examining evidence relevant to a given belief, people are inclined to see what they expect to see and conclude what they expect to conclude ” (7-8). Let’s look at an example at how these terms work together to form a person’s belief system. You no doubt have beliefs on political, economic, and religious issues. DOI: 10.2307/1384840 Corpus ID: 142245534. This value of individual choice is central to your way of thinking and you are unlikely to change this value. Reporting an attitude involves making a decision concerning liking versus disliking or favoring versus disfavoring an attitude object. You may prefer vanilla while someone else prefers peppermint, but if someone tries to persuade you of how delicious peppermint is, you may be willing to try it and find that you like it better than vanilla.

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