Please help us improve. In this article, you’ll learn what is product customization? Let’s face it – Customization and Personalization is in every facet of the online and retail world. The reason? Improve Sales: The younger generation (13 to 31-year-olds) have seen the revolution of the personalization trend over the years and expect customization in every element of their lives. Restructuring the Order Process: In the old process of customization involves many stages between customers and supplier. Luckily, a lot has changed. Product customization offers numerous benefits and leads to higher conversion rates. 4. Before some years ago, product personalization was limited to a specific group of items and brands. Rising conversion rates are good news. On the basis of the engagement that your business needs from the consumers you can offer different levels of customization. Online shoppers are aware of this. They align items with core character traits and values of the customer and facilitate individual expression. Please rate this article. Consumer-choice bundling is a form of product customization that combines individuality and the need for popular products to be available in abundance. Better Customer Loyalty: When you offer your customers exactly what they want and when they want, they are more likely to stay with your brand. Just take a look. In this extremely commercial day and age, there is an overload of services and products out there. Understanding and creating designs according to customers’ requirements and sending it to the users to approval until the customer is satisfied. Serena & Lilly combines these two pillars of product personalization in a smart way. Some brands have taken product customization one step further and even grant buyers the freedom to design a unique, wholly personalized item that will be built to order. Magento package has been updated to version 2.0.4. By allowing brands to create on-demand, product customization can also help them cut down their costs. By providing previews and detailed product personalization, a. can help businesses manage customer expectations. This also enhances your conversion rates. If you are directly contacting your customers, this will assist you in understanding your customers and helpful for your organization too. 2. A good example of this is the personalized homepage that premium airline KLM offers to customers who create an online account via social media. Customized products cater to this need. This is achieved through updating the web content so as to better suit the occasion, weather or holiday. Offering personalized products is a big stepping stone towards achieving high levels of trust and customer loyalty. © 2004 - 2020 openPR. Breaking News in Design, Marketing and Business. Irrespective of the size of your brand, the customization options work in favor of your business. He loves to write and read about latest technology trends. The icing on the cake: loyal shoppers also receive rewarded points for purchases. Free to download for any user, Postcode Anywhere’s address look-up integrations provide UK and international address auto-fill for all the standard entry screens with Magento Community Edition. Everybody loves a personal touch. You just have to pay attention to what your consumer is designing and this will give you an idea what users are looking and expecting from your brand. Make sure you offer them a simple and easy design template to work with. How Online Fashion Designing Software Helps Delivering to Young Consumers? Your customers are bound to spend more time on the website while customizing the products. With product customization you can assess what the customers need and thus only store those. An informative website is a great place for marketing the services or products offered by a particular business. , Erwin Z 3. , Comment Closed, March 20, 2016 With regards to the major search engines like Yahoo and Google, customization offers a huge advantage to any business. The more involved consumers are in the creation of the product, the more they get attached to it. When customers can configure products and services according to their tastes, they are satisfied with what they get, and their excitement level goes to eleven. If you have any doubt regarding this module, you can reach out to us at Furniture Design Software: A Powerful Tool to Revitalize Furniture Business, Custom Design Shoes: A Powerful Tool Helping Brands Gam, How Online Fashion Designing Software Helps Delivering, Jewelry Design Software Helps Brands Attain Growth in t. A strong online presence facilitates you to build a personal connection with your customers and eventually with their extended connections. Take your e-commerce activities to the next level with a touch of personal finesse! After all, who would have thought decades earlier that we would be able to shop from home or customize products just the way we want. A cool product customization option can make you the talk of the town and create buzz about your organization. In addition to receiving free shipping on all orders, customers are also the first to receive information about new products and reap the benefits of an easy one-step checkout. Breaking news in design, marketing and business. An informative website is a great place for marketing the services or products … Increases loyalty and traffic The best thing brands can do is follow the tide, allure customers, and steer their online shop towards success with product customization. Companies that implement product customization, design, alter and market their items to the customer’s needs or desires. Let’s look at how it actually works. Charge More. The waiting time is reduced with this practice and the consumers get a free-hand to create the product how he/she envisions. Generally, providing customization enhances the total number of people who are going to visit your site and also select it like their start page. And how does the rise of personalized products affect the contemporary e-commerce industry? Top benefits of offering product personalization. Let’s look at how it actually works. While customization used to be the trend quite a long time back eventually mass production revolutionized the world of retail. Achieve Enhanced User Engagement and Conversions. Additionally, when customers create a product they want, it is unlikely that they’d want to return it. Een nieuwe verkoper in. , Erwin Z, Comment Closed, March 1, 2016 1. The customer can usually choose from a range of features, which can be added to the basic design. Thanks to the rise of Big Data, manufacturers and developers are finding ways to implement product customization and market their items according to their customer’s needs. supports Magento 2.0.4 hosting on their latest Windows Server and this service is available to all their new and existing customers. (7 Undeniable Facts), Top 5 Reasons to Use Responsive Website Design. Years ago, no one could have imagined a digital revolution where shopping could be done from with just a click. Co-operative Travel has seen a 95% increase in visitors and 217% growth in revenue once it started implementing personalization strategies on its website. PrestaShop Product Customization addon. Customization is a great way to differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors. Product customization is already on its way to becoming a game-changer of the retail and shopping industry. Over the time, a lot has changed. But in the long run you want more. Create-It-Yourself also means that the customer is in the driver’s seat, leading the brand to the journey of success. Productimize is the end-to-end product customization solution for enterprise eCommerce brands and businesses. The content can also be tailored such that it works well with your promotions and other marketing strategies. Customers have always been the king and for any business to thrive they have to ensure that they cater to the needs of the customers in the best way possible.

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