I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to make every drink you come across – but you’ll definitely be off to a good start.Read on for the list, the best brands to buy (even on a budget! You’ll find that and more if you consider making any unique alcohol bottle in this collection part of your gift giving. This delicious Tennessee whiskey from Chattanooga Whiskey has an interesting mash bill made up of yellow corn and three kinds of specialty malt—malted rye, caramel malted barley, and honey malted barley. Four Roses consistently knocks it out of the park with its core range, a lineup of dependable bourbon that could be more expensive than it is but usually isn’t (please don’t raise your prices, Four Roses). Most people are familiar with Laphroaig as that peaty scotch that curls as many lips as it brings smiles to. This is another accessible but richly flavored cognac, this time from the Cognac Frapin house. Fun Fact: You can also buy miniature Hibiki 17 bottles for $8 each. Don’t get too spooked! Actor Dan Aykroyd partnered with artist John Alexander to launch Crystal Head Vodka in 2009. People are more attracted to cool bottles of alcohol compared to plain bottles. If you’re seeking a cool liquor bottles for sale that resemble a work of fine art, look no further than Milagro Barrel Reserve Silver. Fans of sherry cask single malts like The Macallan and Aberlour should definitely be on the lookout for The GlenDronach, particularly this new, cask strength version of the whisky. The high malt component allowed for a “wholly natural fermentation process,” according to master distiller Chris Morris. The inspiration originates from the “Day of the Dead” celebration in Mexico where relatives display the skulls of their loved ones. The whisky is pricey, but it’s very tasty. The ABV is higher too, at 104 proof, and the whiskey is non-chill filtered. The unusual liquor bottle is in the shape of a skull head! One of the best came out this summer, a 16-year-old single malt finished in casks seasoned with Oloroso sherry and Moscatel wine. Westland is a Seattle distillery that is doing interesting things in the world of American single malts, like the fourth edition of this whiskey that is all about showcasing the influence of Quercus garryana oak on the spirit. Wyoming Whiskey has been making good, solid whiskey for years now, something that got the attention of Scottish company Edrington (owner of The Macallan), which added the brand to its portfolio in 2018. You might recognize the flashy bottle from his 2006 music video for “Show Me What You Got.” Each bottle is coated with metal and all the labels are made with French pewter and applied by hand. Admittedly, this is not the most readily available bourbon out there, as it’s a limited regional release. (2017, July 24). Courtesy of KAH Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico, this special concoction brings a whole new meaning to the word “spirit.” Their tequila is made from blue agave that is aged in oak barrels to maximize the flavor. The new Small Batch Select is sort of a further refining of the Small Batch expression, a blend of bourbon aged for at least six years using six of the distillery’s 10 different recipes. No color, flavoring, or sugar is added. Though their award-winning liquor can vouch for itself, there’s no denying the creativity of their cool tequila bottles. However, a backhand strike would cause any object to slice in the direction of the bottle’s design. There are ripe berry notes, just a hint of peat, and delicious vanilla and caramel flavors bubbling up every now and then. Retrieved on March 9, 2020, from http://www.a1liquor.com/milagro-romance-tequila-1l/, Meet Gianna - no stranger to all things promo products. (2020). The design, however, is brand-new and very fetching. It’s impossible to cover them all, but here are the best of the best, based on flavor alone, including whiskey, tequila, gin, rum, and cognac. El Tesoro’s new Extra Añejo has spent four to five years in bourbon barrels, unlike the brand’s other extra añejo, Paradiso, which was aged in ex-cognac casks for five years. In the midst of much rum malarkey, The Real McCoy plays it straight. Egan’s Centenary is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys that were finished in XO cognac casks. But if a spirit tasted good, it made the list—hype, price, and reputation be damned. Retrieved on March 9, 2020, from https://www.nashvillesouvenirs.com/Jack-Daniels-Chess-Set-p/1805086.htm, Jupiter, Jessica. (2020). This unique Louis XIII Cognac is at the top of the list for best liquor bottle designs. Anestasia Vodka was launched in July 2013 by Yuliya Mamontova, who used a secret formula passed down by her grandmother. Your friends will think you spent a heck of a lot more than you actually did.

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