The propane coupling sat a couple of millimeters too close to the body, and we had to flex the assembly away from the grill to get the canister to fit. They’re also both covered by a three-year limited warranty. Pellet grills also have electro-mechanical parts, which require extra care and attention—we’re not talking kid gloves here, but you can’t blast your pellet grill clean with a hose or power washer. (After testing, we think the answer is yes.). They sell an $80 pellet sensor that, if added to your smoker, then enables the app to alert you. We had already concluded that the Traeger Pro 575 was our favorite of the three grills from the brisket and pork tests, and the chicken test didn’t tell us anything new, but since we already had the chicken, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to get an even better feel for the grill. You need to return them to designated locations, such as big-box hardware stores, for disposal and recycling. In our tests, the well-placed vents in both the lid and the firebox provided precise temperature control that no other grill we tried—including two other portable Webers—could match. No one wants to wake up to a cold grill and partially cooked meat. Both have their advantages and disadvantages: Gas (propane) grills are better for people who want to grill more than once a week and can sacrifice heat and the classic taste of charcoal for convenience. The specs vary wildly: The cooking surface area on portable grills, for example, can range from 113 to 280 square inches. We were impressed with the high-heat grilling performance of the Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill. (It’s technically a smoker, but we’ve been over that.). Charcoal grills are better for people who desire a smoky flavor and high-heat searing, or who want something affordable for occasional grilling. Though cast iron adds an extra 5 to 10 pounds to the total weight of a grill, we think the flavorful dark crust on burgers and steaks makes it worthwhile. All Traeger grills come with a three-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and replacement parts. After a marathon week of smoking a total of 100 pounds (untrimmed) of meat, we gathered some Wirecutter staffers at our Los Angeles office to taste and judge. Compared with brisket, smoking pork shoulder is a little easier: You don’t need to trim the fat, and this cut isn’t as sensitive to temperature fluctuations. There they stayed an additional four to five hours, until they reached an internal temperature of 190 °F to 200 °F. Also, remember that pellet grills are powered by electricity, so they need to be plugged in; make sure to set yours up in a spot where you have access to an outlet. And Weber backs this model with a warranty that covers most parts on the grill for five years. We immediately ruled out collapsible models because they’re made from thin steel and probably not durable enough for regular use. While the high heat setting perfectly seared burgers without burning, the Q 1200 also outperformed the competition at steady medium-low heat for items such as bone-in chicken and large sausage links. More space between the coal bed and the grilling grate lessens your chances of ending up with charred food. With the Choice, you get one thermal-probe jack and one built-in shelf, whereas the Prime has two of each. The Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone is a well-loved pellet grill with a loyal fan base. This procedure also helps prevent food from sticking. We couldn’t connect the Pro 575 to our Wi-Fi router to try operating it via the app (more on that below). Many, but not all, have the first-generation Pro Series control panel with a temperature dial and a simple LED display. In a Traeger-only bonus round, we smoked three whole chickens. Wipe the grates with a wet rag to remove the soot, and then brush them with vegetable oil. For more backyard-grilling options, check out our guide to full-size gas grills. After weeks of research and two days of testing on burgers, barbecue, and whole chickens, the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22″ is our pick as the best charcoal grill for most people. The small fold-out side tables are convenient for keeping grill tools within reach.

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