Altering how whiskies are typically finished, Glen Scotia is finished for a balance of flavors, using first-fill bourbon and sweeter sherry casks to round out the hint of oaky spice. Another one of my personal favorites, Lagavulin 16 Yr. is one of those heavily sought-after scotches that will remain timeless. It has a really maritime quality too with seaweed, Iodine along with great peat smoke. Thought to be one of the purest scotches to come from the Highlands, Macallan is the perfect drink to appeal to all kinds of whiskey drinkers. It’s a familiar scotch that’s sure to please any fan of the Highland region. Not for the faint-hearted and certainly not an entry level scotch! While geographically small, the Speyside region of Scotland houses over half of the country’s malt distilleries. That kick being an alcohol volume of just over 57%! This is a traditional and popular single malt that is well worth the RRP of $72. 15 Best Single Malt Scotches Under $100. Not your traditional single malt scotch whiskey, Laphroaig may be an acquired taste, especially for those used to a smoother, sweeter sip. The distillery itself is over two centuries old but the methods of distillation have not changed. Single Malt Scotch Aged 12 Years. Ah, a malt scotch whiskey at its prime, old enough to drive, vote, and provide you with a great melding of flavor notes. I have used GBP as the currency because we are in the UK but you can (very roughly) translate it too under $100 if in the US, though prices to vary slightly on each side of the Atlantic. © 2020 Improb | All Rights Reserved | An Elite Cafe Media Publisher, best inexpensive single malt scotch whiskey, Wand by PureWine – Clean Wine, Clean Mind, $100 6-Pack? Expect to drop less than $50 on this Orkney Islands malt, a flavorful blend of sweet notes that wash down your throat in a smooth and refreshing sip. When opened, expect to be hit with an aromatic pleasure of spice, toffee, and citrus. It’s the land of rugged mountain peaks and heather-covered moorland that no doubt served as the inspiration for the country’s countless artists and authors of the years. In this selfless act, the spirit of the distillery lives on through the drinker and frankly, we’re all the more enlightened by the act. They boast strong salty-iodine flavor profiles and drink much like a captured, distilled and aged winter storm. A really solid Islay with notes of honey and vanilla in the background to keep things interesting. 2 Laphroaig 10; 3 Lagavulin 16; 4 Ardbeg Uigeadail; 5 Caol Ila 18 Year Old; 6 Kilchoman 100% Islay; Nothing divides opinion in the world of whisky quite as much as a peaty and smoky Islay single malt whisky. Luckily for us, this rich and subtly spicy Highland scotch is now available for all. Hidden from the world for 10 years, Laphraoig is an Islay Scotch that plays off the salted spray of the region with a hint of sweet and smoky tones. ©2020 Hiconsumption LLC. Though Tamdhu closed its doors in 2010 despite being open since the 19th century, it returned with a force in 2013 with this 10-year whiskey. The different areas are considered to have some broad characteristics in common due to various factors such as the locations weather, type of water, etc. With each sip, you can taste the Scottish influences, from the cereal grains to the lemon and flora notes that strike your senses the moment you open the bottle. There are few scotches that best round out a meal than Old Pulteney’s 17-Year single malt. And in a world of unpredictables, we’re perfectly okay with that. The whiskey is a blend of Aberlour … There are immense medical flavorings here as well with a drawn-out, caramel, and peat smoke finish. As if the name didn’t warn you already, this golden scotch is heavy with peat and is one of the lighter whiskeys from Islay. Ripe dark forest fruit, chocolate, and more sherry continue to dominate the palate and the Three Wood finishes ultra smooth with lingering toffee notes and chewy wood. The nose is creamy, alluding to melted vanilla ice cream in combination with fruity and honeyed additions as well. A good one to enjoy in both the summer and winter months. Other flavours synonymous with Islays are iodine, seaweed, salt and medicinal type notes. Rich fruit and smooth and buttery hints of toffee and vanilla bring this light amber scotch to life. Traces of apples and pears grace the nose with subtle hints of butterscotch. You wouldn’t guess from the appearance but the palate is quite fruity with some surprising notes of Madeira and stewed fruits. Glenkinchie focuses heavily on more earthy tones like nuts and barley to boost this light golden whiskey’s aromatic characteristics. Windswept, stormy and barren, the region produces malt whiskey with strong peaty and maritime aromas and flavors. I’ve never met a scotch fan I didn’t like. Category: Vices. The 20 single malt scotch whiskies the best of the best, offering an affordable price with a smooth, rich taste. Ignoring the fact that this bottle is stubby enough to fit into a suitcase and small enough to drink straight from the bottle without feeling awkward, Aberfeldy 12 is a flavorful mix of sweet and smokiness that will help soothe the woes of the day. Beneath it all lies a sweetness that helps keep the aged wood smoke aroma and flavors from being too overpowering. They do a cask strength version of this which is even better but slightly out of the price range we set and the Laphroaig Quarter Cask is also very good.

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