Change your game mode at any time! The tiled mazes contain 256 screens and they are bordered by richly colored flora populated with attacking enemies and, on its outskirts, surrounded by mountains. It really deserves the fourth place in top ten lists of best games. Each of these members can vote in the entirety of the answers that are given by the contestants. Keep Aimee out of danger, explore port cities and find out the truth about what really happened to Aimee’s parents! I don't know of many perfect video games, but Gunstar Heroes is surely one of them. It really doesn’t show the “true” fantasy but still its lovable and awesome list of dwarves have made this game to come on seventh position of top best games. Requirements: compatible with iPhone 5 and higher, iPad mini 1 and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPod Touch 5th and higher 9.0+ firmware. A strategy RPG developed by Sting and published by Square. Knack is back with 2-player co-op (even though there was co-op in the first game). Now a day’s children love to play computer games or we can say that they are addicted to play computer games and among them too they enjoy treasure hunt games much and not even children adults too play these games. Call me Nami-sama. Fate of Atlantis is often regarded as a classic of its genre. But there are also some video games that borrowed the motif and adapted it to a story that defines the gameplay. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is a pinball machine based on the Indiana Jones franchise. This game contains some Egyptian hunts which is actually a very curious mysteries in itself so it’s actually very amusing to play those games about which we really don’t know anything and got to know slowly slowly about very mystery of the game. 25 years on from its initial release, it's every bit as intoxicating now as it was back then. Set in the fictional Indiana Jones universe, the plot of this game takes the famous treasure hunter into a global search for the legendary sunken city of Atlantis. Battle hordes of monsters, solve brain-bending riddles, and trek across the perilous island to uncover its secrets. Welcome, treasure hunter! In an environment based on procedurally generated caves, a spelunker is collecting treasures, saving damsels in distress, fighting enemies and dodging traps. It's far from the perfect game, but sometimes it's the imperfect ones that are more fascinating anyway. Tikal game contains a very beautiful combination of otherwise tried-true mechanics in the temple. It also looks very beautiful because of its effective bright colors. The most popular hidden treasure hunt video game is definitely the first title of the Tomb Raider franchise and it depicts Lara Croft in the quest to find the three mysterious Scion artefacts across the globe. Lara travels the world to find four meteorite stones. Change your game mode at any time! E-mail :, Now a day’s children love to play computer games or we can say that they are addicted to play computer games and among them too they enjoy treasure hunt games much and not even children adults too play these games. Nathan Drake, supposed descendant of the explorer Sir Francis Drake, is seen in his journey to find the lost treasure of El Dorado, with the help of journalist Elena Fisher and mentor Victor Sullivan. Legend is the first entry in the 2006 reboot of the series and is the first Tomb Raider game developed by Crystal Dynamics after they took over the role from Core Design. Lara travels across the world in search of a legendary artifact. This game Tobago is inspired by a very famous novel approaching to treasure hunt. RecommendedStar Wars: Squadrons review - a scrappy, compelling starfighter that excels in VR, Xbox Series X games list: All confirmed launch games on release plus Xbox Series X exclusives explained. Please remember that deleting cookies may affect your experience of our website. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other New Midva hidden object games free with mystery and suspense await you! It’s a fine game with totally different origin and different mechanics and different tricks. Among all treasuring hunting games one thing is common of finding rare gems, jewels, gold, and artifacts but this is one game where you got something different, something in which in spite of looking for jewels and gems we are going to find the rare plants and animals. Digital titles will go on sale tomorrow at 3pm by up to 75 per cent. In it you control the titular character through missions around the world. Sorry for interrupting, but there is something we need to tell you... Get New Games and Promos with the G5 Newsletter, Jewels of the Wild West: Match gems & restore the town, Sheriff of Mahjong: Match tiles & restore a town, Solitaire Tour: Classic Tripeaks Card Games, Supermarket Mania - Match 3: Shopping Adventure Frenzy, The Hidden Treasures Mystery: Search and find objects game, The Paranormal Society: Hidden Object Adventure, Mystery of the Opera: The Phantom's Secret, Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery, Lively scenes to search from top to bottom for hidden objects, Stunning graphics, charismatic characters and picturesque locations, Gripping storyline that always keeps you guessing, Picturesque locations, charismatic characters and stunning graphics, Numerous charming collections to piece together, Absorbing quests to keep you entertained for months, Your own unique ship to decorate and captain. A 2D side-scrolling platform game, Shovel Knight allows the players to control an eponymous character whose main goal is to collect treasures and fight against the Order of No Quarter. This intriguing mystery game gives you the choice of finding objects or matching gems in a row to advance in a storyline full of twists and turns set amidst the atmospheric backdrop of the Caribbean. Enter the lost temple, run to the jungle waterfall to find the pirate treasure chest or climb the magic mountain to finish the jewel quest! Based on the Disney animated series with the same name, DuckTales is an action platformer that follows the story of Scrooge McDuck as he travels around the world and outer space in the quest for collecting as many treasures as possible to outwit his rival Flintheart Glomgold and become the world’s richest duck. And this curiosity was not at all wrong this game can be awarded with this b,coz of its great bits, its creates a lot of misleading  themes bt its recommendable to say that this game is very much easy to explain to anyone whether he/she is kid or a adult. * Please select at least one listed option. A PS1 RPG in the vein of Zelda, Alundra has the player control a psychic youth as he combats an ancient evil that threatens to overwhelm the peaceful village of Inoa. Published by G5 Entertainment AB. Return to the legendary realm of Filgaia where an evil force from ancient prophecies threatens to destroy all life on the planet. Your time will be limited to remove all the tiles with the brown background. So here’s a list of top ten best treasure hunting games. Played from an isometric view, the game’s environments take the player both through outdoor areas and through dungeons. Reveal the secrets of the ancient town. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited.

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