Ben, my business partner on Bali, truly is a master of supply chain and he oversees the management and expansion of our farmer base and processes. We use an enzymatic spray dry process to retain the vitality and nutrients of coconut water. Big Tree Farms has a pretty impressive office building in Ubud, Bali. We are an international brand, so you can find us in natural food stores across the country and we are rapidly expanding into the more mainstream grocery stores as well, such as the new Haggen on Siskiyou (previously Safeway). We take into account standards of living, such as potable water, condition of dwellings, access to and regular schooling for children, and general health of the community. We handpicked local artisans to work with architects and structural engineers to craft a structure that is modern and forward thinking, but rooted deeply in a reverence for place and culture – a true extension of Big Tree Farms’ business practices. We met with Co-CEO and Co-Founder Frederick Schilling to learn more about this local company with a global impact. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Ordinary sugar has a GI of 65. We want to model how a global business can do better and be better for people and the planet. Plus, with the trace minerals we add, your cells are getting a full spectrum hydration, not just a replenishment of the big 5; potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and manganese. What we offer is a more sustainable and more versatile electrolyte hydration choice. One of which I am extremely excited about, but will not talk about. Your passion then was organic, gourmet chocolate. Eventually, more coconut flower blossoms will grow so no trees are ever cut down to harvest the coconut nectar and a tree can produce flower blossom nectar for decades. For most people, switching to coconut sugar should be a simple and obvious choice, especially if they want their children to eat healthier. Spreading the word about creating paradise and liberating ourselves. By helping to maintain lower blood sugar and insulin levels, a low glycemic index diet may be useful in preventing a variety of the health problems. Cold processing preserves these highly beneficial minerals. Smithfield’s, for example, offers our individual coconut sugar packets on their tables. As Indonesia’s largest organic food company, Big Tree Farms, Inc. has Ashland, Oregon roots. Coconut sugar is easily substituted for regular cane sugar, ratio of 1:1. Essential Living Foods Cacao Nibs, Organic, Ultimate Superfoods Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Ostara Chocolate Coconut Butter Stone Ground Cocotella, Blue Mountain Organics Raw Organic Cacao Butter, Personal shoppers pick all the highest quality items for you. It houses our offices, event center, retail space, commercial kitchen, chocolate factory, production facilities and our warehouse. See terms. Because the beans are cold processed, the complexity in flavor is truly unique. As an environmentalist and advocate for fair trade ethos, I wanted to use Dagoba as a catalyst to change how the chocolate industry conducted business and also help move the needle in all business. Dagoba was a family business and my mother, father and sister were all a part of its creation and success. Can you tell us about any exciting new products in the works for Big Tree Farms? How did this experience lead to the founding of Big Tree Farms? Check the youtube channel, friend him on FB, and plant a tree! We work directly with around 14,000 farmers. I think this has to do with the fact that Coco Hydro is mostly made from pure coconut water nutrients and not simply a concoction of synthetic minerals, which your body really doesn’t absorb. Yes and no. Quality and integrity is core to our values as a company. Coconut sugar is totally unrefined and also contains higher levels of micronutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, and iron, when compared to agave, honey, and brown and white sugars. New to Raw? Big Tree Farms is really leading the way when it comes to what is called a “vertically integrated supply chain.” Can you tell us more about this? There are daily tours if you are ever on Bali. What makes it better? Tell us more about this. We have our sweeteners regularly tested for quality assurance. Or worse think about the amount of space and weight and resources it would take to ship all those cans of coconut water. Think about all the space and resources it would take to ship those coconuts here. Raw Ice Cream, Soups, and The SMOOTHEST smoothies ever!

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