What makes these products different than the rest is that they offer 29% Lithium Hypochlorite… It is fast-dissolving and totally soluble, so it reduces the chances of bleaching surfaces and is safe for use in all pool types. Kills bacteria, algae and oxidizes organic contaminants that cause cloudy water and chlorine odor. BioGuard Lithium Hypochlorite keeps your water crystal blue and sparkling. Lithium Orotate Benefits. As Lithium Hypochlorite is BioGuard Lithium Hypochlorite Lithium Hypochlorite is a granular chlorinating product that can be used for regular sanitation and shocking. Quick dissolving, non-clouding chlorinating sanitizer product. Burn Out 35 Lithium Pool Shock. BioGuard Lithium Hypochlorite … bioguard master lithium hypochlorite rapidly and completely soluble rids pool of organic waste restores inviting sparkle -v active ingredient: lithium hypochlorite inert ingredients: 29% 71% … BIOGUARD LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE POOL SANITISER; Active ingredient: CHLORINE PRESENT AS LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE Available from: BIOLAB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD INN (International Name): Cl as Li hypochlorite(350g/ kg) Pharmaceutical form: GRANULAR FORMULATION; Composition: CHLORINE PRESENT AS LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE … Patients could … Do not use desvenlafaxine within 14 days of quiting an MAOI meant to treat psychological conditions. BioGuard Lithium Hypochlorite (5 lb). Call your doctor for medical insight concerning side impacts. Burn Out 35 Lithium Pool Shock from BioGuard was created for all different sizes and types of swimming pool.

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