Your subscription has been confirmed. There are also many ways to actually play with the Raspberry and the mic can definitely function excellently even if you connect this to a different device. I was amazed at how easy the Raspberry mic was to set-up. © 2020 Verizon Media. Additionally, the company also included a soft carrying pouch made of suede if you need to bring the Raspberry with you to another location; they also provided a ¼-inch thread-mount adapter to connect your video tripod or camera. While the £169 price tag elevates this beyond just a casual purchase, it still makes for one of the best options for beginners looking to improve their audio recording. There's also the much smaller form factor; the Raspberry takes up considerably less space than the Spark Digital or Yeti. The desktop setup is nearly identical to using the Raspberry for YouTube or Hangouts: Plug in the mic, select it as the input source in the app's preferences menu and you're ready to record. Built-in IAD technology provided cleaner audio than what I'm used to for my recording environment, living up to Blue's promise of cutting out some of that extra noise. 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Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. The impedance of the headphone amp is 32 ohm. Adjusting the mic gain on-the-fly is simple, and being able to monitor your audio in real-time using headphones means you get instant feedback. At the front portion of the box, you’ll see an image of the microphone while above it, you will see the Blue logo and the microphone’s name just below it. I have been pulled out of line at airport security for hauling larger mics across state lines, but I … Head on over to the official product page for more info and to purchase… go on, you know you want to! Two dials on either side control the mic gain and the headphone output. The company has a … You're going to want to get yourself a decent microphone. The Raspberry solved these issues, and produced a much softer and clearer sound. Our. The Blue Raspberry is clearly rated to be a higher quality near pro level mobile microphone than the Samson. With other mics I’ve used they would pick up environmental noise that I’d have to edit out in post-production, but all audio I captured with the Raspberry sounded clean at source. So yes, we have to give the Raspberry two thumbs-up for its size, portability, and of course, the quality. The mic's pattern is cardioid, so it is addressed from the front, or slightly angled off to the side. My particular product must be a lemon as it does not live up to the hype. On my PC and Surface Laptop it was as simple as plugging in the mic into an available USB port, and selecting the Raspberry as my playback/recording device. I swear by my Blue Yeti. As mentioned, the Raspberry microphone also comes with a cable to make the device work with your PC or Mac, and another cable is also available to make the Raspberry work for iPhones and iPads. When used with the iPhone the Raspberry started working automatically, as soon as I plugged it in. It's a little too big to fit in a pocket but won't take up nearly as much space in your bag. On my iPhone 6, all I needed to do was plug the Raspberry into the device’s Lightning port. It's slightly different, but the setup for an iOS handset or tablet is just as efficient. That said, if you think you could use some DSP to help prevent distortion while recording, or to take care of EQ and compression so that you don't have to, the MV51 is a flexible mic that takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process for those with less experience. The microphone comes with a USB-to-Lightning cable for plugging directly into an iPhone and another microUSB cable for attaching to a PC or Mac. David Ruddock. And obviously the old-timey grill look and red leather finish give it some class.

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