The British Museum in London alone is home to some eight million artifacts. British Prime MinisterPM David Cameron recently faced demands from Chinese state-run media and internet users to return of 23,000 priceless artifacts looted … Bought, stolen, destroyed Other African treasures were also taken without question. Most ended up in the British Library, the British Museum and the V&A, where they remain today. ... the statue got lost sometime afterwards but mysteriously surfaced at the British Museum in 1886. Explore the collection See all. “These include exquisite examples of the Begram Ivories, which were featured in the exhibition Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World at the British Museum in 2011, and an important sculpture of Buddha.Both were stolen from the National Museum of Afghanistan during the civil war (1992 … Watch more with these video collections: africa army art Benin City colonialism community culture England ethics history London metal metalsmithing museum nigeria royalty sculpture technology The British Museum united kingdom West Africa. Additional objects were saved by private individuals, according to the British Museum. Egypt Read more. Visit the online shop. A display of Benin Bronzes at the British Museum in London. Share Tweet. 10% off for Members Become a Member and enjoy a 10% discount at all of the Museum's shops. Not Just Kohinoor, These Are The Other Artifacts That The British ‘Stole’ From India. The British Museum’s ‘Looting’ Problem The venerable museum has "given back" some stolen Iraqi antiquities, but that does not mean it's ready to atone for its colonial-era sins. Currently set to open in 2021, it will include state of the art facilities for housing and preserving art and artifacts, and would pose only benefits to the preservation of these works. The collection contains tens of … Today, the British Museum is still full of many artifacts that explore the world’s shared history and here are ten that you absolutely have to see when you visit. Desire, love and identity Read the … What will The British Museum do with the stolen artifacts in their halls? The British Museum shop has a range of unique gifts, replicas, books and more. The artifacts were looted by British troops in the 19th century and are now scattered worldwide. Stuff The British Stole explores the stories behind those objects (and … Nigeria has asked repeatedly for the specimens currently housed in the British Museum to be returned ahead of the opening of their new national museum in Lagos. The Stolen Goods tour coincides with the celebrated exhibition at the British Museum I am Ashurbanipal, which runs until 24 February.

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