Brown and white sugar are the two most common varieties of sugar. Carrots, parsnips, and onions are roasted with brown sugar and thyme for unforgettable sweetness and technicolor awesomeness. Hardened brown sugar can be softened by adding a slice of bread, a few marshmallows, or an apple wedge to the container and sealing it tightly. Light brown sugar is used more often in baking, while dark brown sugar, with a bolder molasses flavor, is delicious used as a rub for steaks. When you are eager to make a recipe that calls for brown sugar but don't have any in the cupboard, you can save yourself a trip to the grocery store. The molasses in light and dark brown sugars magically renders all varieties of cookies more tender, moist, and impeccably chewy. Read our, You can opt-out at any time. Since the two common types of commercial brown sugars — light and dark — get their desirable softness from the moisture of the molasses, they also harden easily when exposed to air. All rights reserved. Stir the sugar and molasses together until an even color and texture are achieved. Here are two recipes that ought to convince you of the powers of a good brown sugar glaze. Since most vinaigrettes simply contain oil and vinegar, they're inherently easy to make at home. In fact, most brown sugar is a mixture of white sugar and molasses, which is a type of sugar-derived syrup. Inferior brown sugar is made by partial refining, or by adding a little molasses, caramel or colour to white sugar. For example, cookies made with brown sugar will be more moist and dense, whereas cookies made with white sugar will rise to a greater extent, allowing more air into the dough and resulting in an airier texture. Brown sugar can be prepared at home by combining one tablespoon of molasses for every cup of granulated white sugar. Add the eggs and vanilla and beat for an additional 2 minutes. It's found in the baking aisle along with other sugars and generally packaged in 2-pound plastic bags for just a few dollars. The moisture in the sugars is incorporated into the cookie dough, rendering cookies incredibly soft. Next, the crystallized sugar is centrifuged to produce sugar crystals. Brown sugar enhances this inherent sweetness, creating deep flavors you won't be able to resist. Coarse granular brown sugar has a place in the kitchen beyond sweetening your iced tea. Brown sugar sweetness combines with warm cinnamon to create a delicious glaze for your mid-week popcorn. Dark brown sugar from white sugar: Measure 1 cup of granulated sugar and 2 tablespoons of molasses into a mixing bowl.Stir with a fork until completely mixed. Molasses sugar. You can easily make this glaze for other seasonal veggies as you see fit. Learn how to season this Southern kitchen staple in five easy steps. Sugar is produced in tropical climates where sugarcane or sugar beet plants grow. There are people who like crispy cookies and people who need their cookies to be chewy. Test out this recipe from The Duo Dishes when you want to transform some extra cucumbers into delectably zesty pickles. In some baked recipes, including many for cookies, brown sugar is paired with white sugar. The food will retain the sweetness, but it won't have the extra flavor and the color will be lighter with white sugar. Also called powdered sugar and 10x sugar, this is granulated sugar that has been crushed into a fine powder. Add brown sugar to the mix and you're instantly able to imbue dressings with complexity. A lot of bakers, however, will use light and dark brown sugar interchangeably. Through adjustments in the processing, crystallizing, and drying of the sugar, and varying the level of molasses left in or added back, different sugar varieties are possible. It's used in cooking as well, including sweet sauces and glazes for savory dishes. By mingling with the salt and acid, brown sugar lends balance to your favorite pickled treats. If you need a lot of brown sugar, it is available in bulk quantities up to 50 pounds. Brown sugar also contains slightly fewer calories than white sugar, yet the difference is minimal. Keep in mind that it’s recommended to limit your intake of sugar, as eating too much may harm your health. While they can sometimes be used interchangeably, doing so may affect the color, flavor, or texture of your final product. If you're looking to turn your BLT into a vegan treat or if you just want to nibble on a few slices with your morning eggs, brown sugar has the amazing ability to lend rich, bacon-y sweetness to non-meat ingredients. It also looks beautiful dusted across baked desserts. One teaspoon of brown sugar has 11.4 calories, compared to white sugar's 16.3 calories. It does have a little more calcium, iron, and potassium than white sugar. When stored properly, the fine crystals in granulated sugar will not cake together, making it ideal for measuring and baking breads, cookies, pies, and cakes.

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