Fan-made, but still this is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen: On a lighter note, here are 25 awesome (real) Calvin and Hobbes strips. Where is his master? Pulling his arm back... What? “It sure has, Calvin.” said Hobbes. He squirted his water gun, only to make Susie angry. On December 31st, 1995 the very last Calvin and Hobbes story was syndicated and these two friends went into legendary status as one of the best cartoon strips ever published. What was going on? What is that stuffed animal's name? Spiff's saucer has just enough room for Spiff and little else; yet the craft is equipped with an astounding array of weapons, detectors and propulsion devices, many of which tend to malfunction. (although most of the time, he does so quite reluctantly).By th… The real-life equivalent of these fantasy weapons often turned out to be Calvin's dart gun, water pistol, rubber bands, spitballs, or snowballs, explaining their ineffectiveness. That was sad when … “Full of Possibilities,” is the line Calvin uses, and it makes you smile at this farewell, rather than be merely depressed at the ending of the series. Stupendous Man attacking "Babysitter Girl" (Rosalyn). By: darkblinds. He seemed to have a lean, in shape body. For those of you that don’t remember, here is the last REAL strip from Calvin and Hobbes: So…while I was pondering all those deep thoughts, I ran across this next image…an alternate ending for Calvin and Hobbes done by somebody cutting/pasting from the real strips and adding their own dialog. Stupendous Man has several nemeses: Mom Lady (Calvin's Mom), Babysitter Girl (Rosalyn), Annoying Girl (Susie Derkins), and the Crab Teacher (Miss Wormwood). Calvin And Hobbes – Drawn By Nick Davis. What is that stuffed animal's name? Crédit photo: Bill Watterson. Calvin and Hobbes alternative ending. ( Log Out /  It was also one of the most successful comic strips of all time. His hyperactive imagination leads him to imagine himself as other characters with different abilities and goals to escape difficult situations such as school quizzes. Watterson would later lament, "Wish that I could write like this more often" (Tenth Anniversary Book). This is all, of course, very painful for Calvin, so much so that he represses it all in shame. Early in the strip's career, the alien planets Watterson invented were, in his words, "rather generic. Spiff carries a futuristic sidearm, originally named the Atomic Napalm Neutralizer. By: darkblinds. The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book provides background on Spiff's character. ps- just read the linked article. The incident was not explained in commentary by Watterson, interviews or any other public disclosure by Andrews McMeel. Despite his frequent use of various "stupendous powers", Stupendous Man has admittedly only won "moral victories". This is just a re-make of this particular strip, which must be nearly a decade old now, I remember seeing it on some forums when I was maybe 14 or so. Bookmark the permalink. ← Knifes are cool. A little game of predator and prey, that was it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. With no will of his own the tiger, was put on a high cliff, aka a shelf. STOP MAKING IT A MEME. He only came up here to see his master, whom he hasn't seen in years and play a prank on him. "[citation needed] As his work matured, Watterson brought the Spiff saga in line with his principle that "Things are funnier when they're specific, rather than generalized,"[citation needed] basing his alien landscapes on the rock formations of southern Utah, as well as the landscapes within the comic Krazy Kat. C'mon Calvin, you have to remember. The other's a bottle and it keeps me loaded."). He was ready to tear it to pieces and rags. C'mon Calvin, you have to remember. In the final years of Calvin and Hobbes, Watterson began to show an interest in information technology, often pitting the progressive and computer-savvy Calvin against his technophobic and reactionary father. Watterson described Spaceman Spiff as a parody of Flash Gordon. The absence of the strip could be considered censorship, as with the altered comics of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, designed to avoid controversy.

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