Show me one 6 month old baby that doesn't like mashed potatoes with milk and butter (and even sour cream or cream cheese) and I'll be a monkey' uncle. SHOPPING. at FirstCry Parenting. This is the last day they may be sold, not consumed. I'm not planning to really start solid before 6 months. Login | Register Wednesday, November 11 2020. At six months, you can start single, simple foods - mashed banana, sweet potato, and things like that. Yes u can and it is better to steam the potatoes rather then boiling them as boiling them releases all the nutrients. Answer Save. Can you give a 4 months old mashed potato as his first taste of solid food? She also bought him cereal when he was less than a month old and told my husband he could have it. Relevance. as long as they don't have butter, salt, ect. Mashed potatoes should be O.K. But am thinking about introducing it bit by bit. Planning and Preparing; Trying to Conceive; Fertility; Infertility; Pregnancy. My 5 yr old niece is overweight and it's largely in part to her grandmother feeding her mashed potatoes or butter noodles when she babysat her 5 days a week. 17 Answers. Babies have immature digestive systems that are not designed to handle complex solid foods. A small hint babies who have had a variety of foods in the first 2 yrs are less fussy eaters, offer vegeies before fruit otherwise baby may refuse vegies. I'm pretty sure my face turned as red as a tomato. Find answers & help on 'can we give boiled mashed potatoes to 6 month old baby??' Find answers & help on 'Can I give mashed potatoes to my 6 month old baby' at FirstCry Parenting They probably won't be taking on mashed potatoes and gravy until at least 9-10 months. Comments(optional) Report K.H. Favourite answer. My 8 month old eats everything that can be pureed in a food processor (allergens such as honey excluded)! Update: i was thinking of sweet potatoes and butter potatoes. But remember, potatoes, unlike a lot of other fresh vegetables, may have a sell by date if they are sold in a plastic bag. 1 decade ago. Haven't done anything yet. Betwixt and Between. They do best on breast milk or formula for the first 6 months. 6-8 Months: Mashed Potatoes last for--4-6 Days: 6-8 Months: Instant Dry Potato Packages last for: 1 Year: 4-5 Days --Of course, all foods last for a shorter period of time if they are not stored properly. *For those who claim babies don't NEED solids, if you do your research and ask any pediatrition they will tell you that babies need more calories and iron around 6 months that they do not give from exclusively breastfeeding or formula. Getting Pregnant. PARENTING. My baby is 3 and a half months old and has only had breastmilk and formula and I just heard my mother-in-law say to him she was gonna give him a bite of mashed potatoes tomorrow for thanksgiving. Planning & Pregnancy. Report This.

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