i know you don't get this during boot camp or the beginning of SOI, what i mean is maybe a few weeks into your training up the the end. I got married back in January of 07 and my husband joined the marines 4 months later, he is now in MCT in Jacksonville, NC. It is not uncommon for families to receive calls once every few weeks. This Marine will spend time in their hometown assisting the Recruiters, helping speak with young men and women about joining the Marine Corps and what to expect. SOI marks a transition in the professional training of entry-level students from basically trained Marines to Marine warriors. When he got there he was told no phones and that I would get his address soon. All other Marines will train at MCT. 0 0. From what I understand yes they can use their cell phones to Skype and talk to their spouses. No, you don’t have to wear skivvy shirts in cammies. Leave tomorrow and pretty excited can't really find a lot online about it. For additional information about SOI, please visit the official unit … Information on this page was last updated 12/13/2019 3:41:45 PM GMT. for example, can you go off-base, do you have access to the internet, can you use your phone etc. And they must have their "battle buddy" with them at all times. Real military men can. ... A lot of guys got a bit too "cool" with the Combat Instructors and ended up being put in their … The Marines spend the majority of their training in the field with no access to cell phones. However, beginning at 7:45am information sessions are held and at 8:30am the Marines are allowed to show visitors around the exhibits in the gym. ... individual base commanders have established their own policies. Anyone have Info on Marine Corps SOI ITB East Posted by FiddleHead on 9/1/13 at 2:37 pm. Military cell phone regulations can keep calls waiting. Ever. Hi, I just became a member of Leatherneck.com, because I have a questions and concerns, I'm hoping to have answered. This is being allowed to ease the flow of communication as the new Marines transfer to SOI. You can still send Letters to your Marine while they are at SOI. While on their 10-day leave, Marines can be selected for Permissive Recruiter Assistance Support Program. You will meet your Marine at the "Geiger Tiger" building (G560) Graduation is held at the Camp Geiger Gym at 9:30 am. MCRD Parris Island will continue to update their Facebook Page with notifications for when it is time for additional companies to have cell phones mailed. Marine Corps. He was told he could bring his cell phone. Although Marines will have more freedom during SOI, they will still be out in the field and away from their phones for long periods of time. Just don’t let your company gunny see you. The Marines will not have unlimited access to their phones as they are still in a training environment. For Marines with an infantry MOS (03xx) training will continue at ITB. I heard I get weekends off every now and then.

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