Yes, you can combine juices…. Here’s what I used: 1 3/4 cup fresh cranberries 1/2 cup white sugar Boiling Water Learn how to can cranberry sauce for fuss-free holidays. If you want to use the Weck jars, shown in the picture below, they are available at Prepare your cranberry relish chunky or blend for a smooth sauce and add spicy accents as desired. My favorite preparation is to cook cranberries simply with fresh orange juice… First, starting with fresh or frozen cranberries, boil them until they all pop. Copyright © 2020 Canning Recipes. Cooking - In a stockpot simmer the cranberries with 4 quarts of the water until most of the berries pop. Remove from heat. If making jellied cranberry … You might try stevia, but I would add it when you were ready to drink the juice not before you can it. I just found this recipe and I love it. Place cranberries and water in a blender and blend on high for 2 minutes. Being a lifelong teacher she is right at home teaching canning, dehydrating, pressure cooking, bread making and more. Tonight Sherrie shared her work on canning some amazing looking Cranberry juice. You can find adjustments for altitude here. Keep in the freezer and add a half cup to any recipe requiring pectin. I’m really not sure how many cranberries I used. Cranberry juice needs 1/4 inch head space. The next day remove rings and clean jars and label with recipe name and date. Wait 5 minutes, remove and place on dishtowel overnight undisturbed. Strain Berries. Cranberry, Homemade Canned Cranberry Juice, Juice, Sustainable living and preserving the future. Preparation Note: . Thanks Sherrie for always being such a great contributor! It uses less water & gets up to temp faster! Weck Jar Canning. Get idea! I boil my green peels in just enough filtered water to cover, for about 15 minutes, the strain. My boys got so some of the juice before I could give it to my mom…..:) Can you guess this is a common occurrence in my house? Any suggestions? I assume that because of the acid content I wouldn’t need the sugar but have you tried it? If you have some cranberries lingering in your freezer from last season, here is an almost effortless way to use them or add them to your off-grid food storage. Filling jars - Fill the juice using your canning funnel into hot, sterilized pint, quart size, or half gallon canning jars. Just tighten them as far as they will go without forcing them. To make and can the cranberry juice here is what I did step by step: I strained my juice. Thanks for this information. I had roughly one gallon of juice from boiling my cranberries. How to can cranberry juice. However, bacteria has already invaded the jar and the juice should not be consumed, with the ring left on there is no way you will know about the resealing. Thanks, Hi Cynthia, Alison used a 50/50 mix of cranberries and raspberries for each of the jars. I really am trying to keep clear of sugar but drink a good healthy juice that won’t flair up inflammation., How To Grow, Harvest, and Preserve Onions, How To Build A Hydroponic System Out Of Recycled Soda Bottles, How To Prune Apple Trees For A Great Harvest. I hate recipes that require strange ingredients or pectin, as I find such things difficult to come by on a homestead. From Sherrie: Each time I strained into a pan I set aside, then did the final strain thru cheesecloth. This post may contain special affiliate links which allow us to earn a small commission if you make a purchase, however your price is NOT increased. The best part about making your own cranberry juice is that you can control what type of sweetener and how much you want to add. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Instructions. Alison shared with me her great combination juice and I just had to share. I buy non-sweetened cranberry juice by the quart and mix it with water or other juices, or drink it straight, but it is very expensive. Be sure to add lemon juice to your pomegranate juice so you won’t have any loss of flavor or color. Hi Misty, Hi Kimberly, Cranberry juice should be processed (boiled) for 15 minutes, adjusting for altitude. It can be used as a base for many different types of drinks or by itself over ice. I have done a post on how to use them if you want to try! 4 cups cranberries ; 1 cup water ; 2 cups sugar ; Yield: About 4 half-pint jars (recipe may be doubled) Please read Using Boiling Water Canners before beginning. Refrigerate juice and use within three days, or preserve by freezing or canning. :), How long do you boil the berries? The process is the same no matter how many you have. This tool has a magnet on the end that makes it easier to grab the rings and the lids. But I’m addicted to cranberry juice – the more tart, the better. So after you’ve washed your lids just place them in a bowl and set them aside until your ready to use them). Add last quart of juice just strained and add the sugar in small quantities heating on low till you get the right flavor. Stir in lemon or orange juice … Cranberry juice is relatively easy to make; it also cans and freezes very well. I am going to have to check into the steam juicer that you mentioned above. Can you make this without the added sugar? You don’t have to if you like bits of cranberries in your juice. You don’t have to add the sugar. Jennifer is a homeschooling mom of 3 teenage boys, who along with her husband, Bill, all work together on the family business – Seed To Pantry School. I am definitely going to make some. Then you take the spent berries, run them through a food strainer and add to apple sauce for either cranberry applesauce or throw it on the dehydrator for a very yummy fruit leather. We only recommend products and services we have thoroughly reviewed and used. Since I actually got my juice while experimenting with another project, I boiled the cranberries then stored the juice in the refrigerator for a few days. Here I have eight pint  jars in my water bath canner. This low-sugar or sugar-free cranberry sauce is light and zingy and tastes of pure cranberry. I have a juicer (Jack LaLane) but the process of juicing cranberries in so similar to your process to be able to extract any juice that I like your idea much better. You boil them until they pop. Hi Darcy, If the rings stay on and the lid fails (becomes unsealed) and the ring is still on, the lid may reseal itself. Hot Pack – Wash cranberries. Go here for directions on how to boil them. Just like the grape juice it’s super easy and will leave you with some great quarts of juice ready for summer or just a cool glass to quench your thirst. Have you tried other types of sweetners? Sterilizing jars and lids is not necessary for processing times of 10 minutes or longer, I place them in the oven at 200 degrees to keep them warm. You can find adjustments for altitude here. The juice I am going to show you how to make is quite versatile. Strain through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth. Place the jars in the canner on the rack. Use canned cranberries to make sauce or juice.

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