// Leaf Group Lifestyle, Kitchen Doctor: Soap 101: Making Your Own Shampoo and Soap, Super Soak Making: Making Your Own Soap Recipe. Caustic soda or lye is commonly referred to as sodium hydroxide at the store. Because if they knew how to do this as well as understanding what each oil brings they would be way ahead of the game and wouldn’t want to post asking other soapers for recipes! Your explanation has really helped me. Then I told her to google ’superfat’ and a few minutes later she was able to tell me what superfat is. And next time your favourite lye calculator does the calculation for you you’ll be able to say “I see what you did there!” My very first soap for which I did the lye calculation just the way I’ve done in this post. ‘Water discount’ is a misnomer since we can’t reduce water from the necessary 1:1 water:lye ratio. Add 25 oz. Simply click here to return to Leave a Comment. Olive oil 950gm 1498.6gm Castor oil 50gm 78.9gm Caustic Soda 124gm 195.6gm Water 250gm 394.4gm. That is the most simple and elegant explanation of the process I have ever read. At this point you might be rolling your eyes thinking “What a mean auntie!”. But wait, there’s more. I really enjoy to study and l learn more info from your tutorial thanks. An excellent and very clear explanation! The amount of soap that the recipe will yield, depends on the size of the soap molds used. I think it’s really useful to know how to do something for your useful before you start trusting everything to a calculator. Caustic Soda for Soap Making. It's easy to do. Your email address will not be published. In order for lye and oil to combine lye crystals need to be dissolved in water. The expression refers to a discount from the water default in SoapCalc.net which at 38% of oil weight is rather excessive for coldprocess soap. They tell you how many milligrams of potassium hydroxide you will need to fully saponify one gram of a particular oil. Thank you for sharing how to calculate the amount of water. I have happily used soapcalc.net, for ease of use, however, I see now that they are using a very high percentage of water to lye. Fragrance oils are not part of the lye calculation. I absolutely loved it and learned so much. You’re welcome! Simply click here to return to. Hi Clara. Many thanks…I had been making soap for 10 years as a business and had lost my lye calculations. handmade soap image by Alison Bowden from, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. “Could you share a recipe, please?”, asked she. This should be a must read for all just starting out. Let’s see what it is that your lye calculator does when it calculates lye for your recipes. Pour 32 oz. As always, a lovelyinformative post. The lye calculation is for fatty acids. Choose different oils, add your favorite scents, and try new techniques. A lye calculator should at least give a fatty acid breakdown, along with INS and iodine numbers for each formulation. Clara Lindberg is passionate about making soap. Unsaponified oil in soap helps condition skin by adding oils instead of the natural skin oils that get washed off by the soap. She has more than six years of writing experience and specializes in topics in garden and pets. Join in and write your own page! Thanks for sharing! Any water amount in excess of a 1:1 water:lye ratio is in fact a surplus. I hope it’s helpful both to older and newer soapers. zero point something. Though a small difference, it’s just a reminder of how important it is to double check, not just your calculations, but the other given information as well. I asked her to do a 5% superfat aka lye discount on her 650g olive oil batch and a couple of minutes later she messaged me her calculation. What a wonderful Aunt you are! You can do the calculations in your head, on an abacus, on a slide rule; anything that gives you correct answers. In our recipe we want to allow for a 5% superfat. Soap making requires practice and a certain level of skill. A very famous brand Red Devil Lye used to be readily available because it is used to unblock drains and was always used by soap makers. This makes it obvious why it’s so important never to swap or omit oils without doing the corresponding adjustment to the lye calculation. Originally from Helsingfors in Finland and now a happy resident of Somerset West, South Africa, she is soapmaker-in-chief and creative dynamo at Auntie Clara's Handcrafted Cosmetics. On saponification charts for soapmaking the values are given as coefficients (numbers) that can be used with any weight unit you choose. In the soap you made what is the water to lye ratio you used? However, unfortunately, the makers of Red Devil have discontinued making it.You cannot buy drain cleaner these days and use it in your soap making because the caustic soda has been mixed with other ingredients that will cause your soap to fail.You could try your local hardware store for caustic soda, or, if all else fails you can try various online outlets to buy caustic soda via mail.Here is a list of online companies for caustic soda that you might want to try: Camden-Grey Bramble Berry The Lye Guy Boyer Corporation Essential Depot AAA Chemical Texas Natural Supply Bitter Creek Candle Co. Lehman's Soapmaking Supplies Snowdrift Farm The Soap Dish Biodiesel BarnRegardsKathrynCountryfarm Lifestyles, eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'countryfarm_lifestyles_com-box-4','ezslot_6',261,'0','0'])); Hi Katherine. So, let’s say our first recipe looks like this: We have a nice new mould and we know that it fits a batch of 730 grams of oils. Again, I recommend that you don’t try to make this recipe at home; it’s only formulated to illustrate lye calculation – not to make great soap. We could create a neat excel sheet, but since we don’t need a computer for this I’m doing it in good old paper-and-pencil style: To get the weight of each individual oil we’ll multiply each percentage by 730. You can google recipes for pine tar soap but if you want to make pine tar soap I would suggest using much less pine tar. Making your own soap allows you to add your preferred ingredients such as different fragrance oils and herbs for a one-of-a-kind concoction. Thank you. Here we have figured out the weight of each individual oil in our recipe: Now we need a saponification chart.

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