I use it to make my tomato gravy! Please add me. Please add me. All real San Marzano tomatoes need a certificate which is individually numbered and register with the Italian consortium, I pay more than average for this brand for sauses. 4 0 obj <> endobj xref Sign up for our free newsletter. Knowing they were selling me that wasn’t a real Italian tomato is sorely disappointing. I use these tomatoes all the time. I have been buying these for years ~ probably close to 3-4 cans per week ~ now I’m thinking of all the money I have lost over the years…………. 0000085452 00000 n I would have never purchased them if I had known this. Have been using them for my chili and my tomato sauce please add me, Have them in my pantry now plase add me thanks you. Please add me I have and do buy CENTO TOMATOES ? Add me – bought many, add me, I buy these all the time thinking I was getting the real San Marzano tomatoes. © 2020 considertheconsumer.com, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). Thank You.! At Cento, we take pride in the truthfulness and accuracy of our product labels. �,r�{�@U��9 �4z�P�(�l�'K��*��l�):�D�-�~:ۢ���Ӂ��ٴ�4�ԑl;�wͦ�z�H��x�Ji�ʌza��Lk�#^�L�T�9^w偤^$2?U�V�:�ו-���حpԃ�h,�,���g=�lp *YR�T�jf��d��Ru�9�f�ʹ.ҿ ٚ 9�Z���d�c���:1ej�Y� Please include me. [gravityform id="805" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=US"],
If this is true, I want to be added. I have to doctor up my speg sauce a lot if I have to use it. Please add me. I cannot count how many times I purchased this product. T have been disappointed with these tomatoes. Have purchase this more expensive product on basis of advertising on Lidia’s Kitchen on TV. Add me. Sibrian is represented by Spencer Sheehan of Sheehan & Associates PC and by Joshua Levin-Epstein of Levin-Epstein & Associates PC. Been buying the Cento forever because they are a product of Italy. A class action lawsuit alleges that San Marzano tomatoes sold by Cento Fine Foods are misrepresented and are really less desirable tomatoes.

  • pinpoint the exact field in which the tomatoes in each can of Cento Certified San Marzano Tomatoes are grown. Cento is a brand consumers can trust. I have also been buying these for years. Specifically, “Cento is the only United States brand that has its production facility in the Sarnese Nocerino area of Italy, literally in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.”, “Our fields and farmers are audited by Agri-cert, an independent third party in Italy, who assures that the tomatoes are grown in the rich fertile soil of Sarnese-Nocerino at the base of Mt. Add me Please, Add Me… All this time … I thought I was Buying Tomatoes from Italy… and would not mind paying extra $$$ …, Please add me I bought this brand used all the time. 0000084899 00000 n ?I am going to keep quiet ? 0000060774 00000 n I specifically purchase and pay more for Cento and am upset to hear that their product may be inferior to what I have expected of them.. Add me. I wonder if Lidia B knows this!! Add me please. I do notice at times an excessive amount of seeds. Please add me, I buy these all the time. Top Class Actions is a Proud Member of the American Bar Association, Various Trademarks held by their respective owners. Unfortunately, this type of litigation can be brought forward with mere allegation. Please add me ss we have used this product a lot then noticed some flavor changes. !��+CRG���1�Y�l"D Report Fraud which includes additional information about the DNA testing of Cento Fine Foods San Marzano tomatoes. RCN, Grande Communications, and Wave Broadband Class Action Lawsuit Investigation, Williams Sonoma False Discounts Class Action Lawsuit Investigation, Target iTunes Gift Cards Scam Class Action Lawsuit, Foreign Transaction Fees From Online Shopping | Class Action Lawsuit Investigation, Van Heusen Outlet False Discounts Class Action Lawsuit Investigation, Credit and Debit Card Receipt Privacy Lawsuit Investigation, Mortgage Payment Processing Fee Class Action Lawsuit Investigation, California Labor Law Violations: Overtime, Wages, Breaks Lawsuit Investigation, Huuuge Casino, Billionaire Casino, Stars Slots Class Action Settlement, Grange Insurance Total Loss Class Action Settlement, LG Refrigerator Cooling Defect Class Action Settlement, Big Fish Casino, Jackpot Magic Slots, Epic Diamond Slots Class Action Settlement, Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Product Label Class Action Settlement, Schools, Churches, Families Bring Class Action Lawsuit Over Kentucky COVID-19 Restrictions, Blackbaud Software Company Subject of Class Action Lawsuit Over Cyber Attack, New Class Action Lawsuit Challenges Benefiber Natural Fiber Supplement Labeling, Vatican Investigation Focuses on San Jose’s Bishop Cantu, Four of Cardinal McCarrick’s Alleged Victims Sue Holy See. I buy this product all the time. Shame I say SHAME!! Please add me. Cento Falsely-Labeled “San Marzano” Tomatoes Complaint. They expect the Murricans to Digest any old manure you throw at em. Our San Marzano tomatoes are produced in a facility exclusively dedicated to Cento brand San Marzano tomatoes,” the Cento Fine Foods representative stated. So disappointed that it is not what I thought it was. Never noticed a huge difference but kept buying due to low acid and stomache issues. 2:19-cv-00974, E. D. NY. I buy and use these tomatoes because they are referenced a lot on the cooking shows. Cento firmly refutes all of the inaccurate and wrongful claims in the complaint and is astounded by the lack of factual information therein.”, “The allegations in the complaint are completely unfounded. [D.O.P.] But Campania region of southern Italy, where Cento says their fruit comes from is quite a bit larger.

  • Please add me. Please add me. Many consumers were financially injured by Cento Fine Foods’ deception because they would not have purchased the tomato product, or would not have paid as much for it had they known that the tomatoes in the can were anything other than San Marzano tomatoes, the plaintiff claims. Please add my name to the list. Those Bath Sturds just a lyin out there buttocks’es. THEY CLAIM THEY ARE THE BEST, BUT THEY USE INFERIOR TOMATOES. We bought a case of Cento San Marzano tomatoes because they were supposedly authentic San Marzano tomatoes. 0000011986 00000 n You must contact the Our seeds and seedlings are DNA tested to be true San Marzano tomatoes.