You should be focusing on enhancing your skills, not just debating the nature of motorcycle tires. Chicken strips are just something you’ll encounter in motorcycling, and they sure aren’t how I’d judge a rider I just met. When you have a new bike or set of tires there are always small strips of rubber protruding from the sides of both tires. This is a commonly used reason, although the significance of its role may be overstated. Actually, they are nothing to be concerned about and quite simply hold cosmetic value. Please. Earn Now – expect a few mates to poke fun at your chicken strips over time. If they made fun of you before…. Body positioning, for example, can tell you much more about a rider than a tire’s edges. While the keyboard warriors may have their own opinion, we’re all about safety and skills development here at Frontaer. The type of motorcycle you ride also plays a factor, with cruisers and dual sport riders taking a crown here. Together we document the state of the motorcycle industry, our travels together, and other random things. These are, in reality, just vanity metrics and shouldn’t be used to determine your lean angle in each turn. A Chicken Strip on a motorcycle tire is the part of the tyre that isn’t worn. That said, there are a number of variables which can also determine the outcome. Pass on the critics and noise surrounding chicken tires. For the rest of you, chicken strips are what some riders call the unworn sections on the outer edges of a motorcycle’s rear tire. Gift with Confidence! RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.S. dealer. Chicken strip shaming is real yet it’s just a way for motorcycle riders to give crap to each other. So-called chicken strips are the outside edges of motorcycle tires that are worn less than the center strip, if at all. Chicken strips carry a pretty negative connotation, since the name comes from the rider being perceived as too “chicken” to lean the bike over in turns. You'll also hear about special offers and events! Consider a loose interpretation of the Five Second Rule. For the rest of you, chicken strips are what some riders call the unworn sections on the outer edges of a motorcycle’s rear tire. It is an extreme length to reach however and this could very easily result in permanent damage to your tires if you are not careful. RevZilla photo. Chicken strips carry a pretty negative connotation, since the name comes from the rider being perceived as too “chicken” to lean the bike over in turns. It comes with the territory and as a beginner, something you will be become acustomed to. These are most noticeable along the outer edges of new tires. It’s mostly beginners that will develop this stripe along their sidewalls. or create an account Now, just because a motorcycle tyre has developed chicken strips, it doesn’t equate to the motorcycle never being leaned over. Used as a measurement of a rider's skill in most cases. Lots of fast, experienced riders on high-performance bikes don't use all their tires on the street because they'd have to ride an unsafe pace to do it, but when they go to the track they come back with tires fully "feathered" to the edges. These small and natural rubber extrusions are known among bikers as “Chicken Strips”. Please reference our International Shipping Policy for details. The presence of these chicken strips is completely usual and expected. Mikuni Carb Identification: How to tell which one you have, 10 Best Motorcycle Jackets and Reviews (Awesome Protection/armor), 119 Motorcycle Quotes and Sayings(Biker Wisdom), 10 Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews(with comparison chart), 10 Best LED Lights for Motorcycles: 2020 Reviews and Ratings. I’ve never seen Gold Wingers or dirt bikers chalking "LEAN MORE" on the edges of the slow guy’s tire. Metzeler photo. Total Motorcycle Forum: 20 Years, 350k posts, 315 Million Readers Have you heard the term ‘Chicken Strip’ on motorbike tires and ever wondered what it actually means? How it works: Sign in Staying upright is just so much more fun than laying down a bit too much and kissing the pavement. In theory, this is true, since by not leaning into the corners, the outer edges of the tires never touch the road surface. RevZilla photo. $5 for every $100 you spend on eligible items and brands. The implication is that the rider isn’t riding hard enough to wear the outside edges of the tires down by pushing his/her bike to its cornering limits. These can all have a positive impact in helping to reduce your chicken strips on your new tires. You can try risking life and limb by leaning deeply into every corner. Whilst most of the rest of a new set of tires are easily worn on the roads by routine riding, it is common for these chicken strips to remain in place along the outer edges of new tires as depicted in the picture above. To a certain extent this may indeed be true in that the degree of biking skill required to lean deeply into corners and also the risk of having an accident whilst doing so are high. Enjoy! Orders $39.99 or more ship free within the contiguous U.S. Guaranteed Holiday Delivery until 12/21 at 2:59 PM ET, click below for details. Front tires are largely exempt from chicken strip judgment, even among the most hardcore tread inspectors at the local bike night. It is clear to see that chicken strips on tires are just a fact of life for most motorcycle riders. Metzeler’s old Sportec M5 Interact tires had built-in lean gauges. You'll never see chicken strips on a rear race tire, like this MotoAmerica Superbike qualifying tire, which has a useful lifespan of less than 10 miles. Like the owner of this Cagiva, I'd rather go explore than try to get a knee down on the street. We have updated our Privacy Policy. Especially those with a fresh new set of tires or whom happen to be riding on a non-asphalt surface quite often.

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