Small trees, hybrids forms bronze and pink flowers and 'Watereri'. in March and April. Single or double. young foliage and fragrant double white blossom Prunus is a very large genus of plants including pink flowers, and 'Pissardii' with pink budded white P. triloba (ornamental almond) Soil: Moderately fertile, moist but glandulosa and P. pale pink flowers. tree with upright branches. triloba to two or three buds It has leathery, glossy Only E: Large-flowering long-pointed leaves. to 16ft (5m), spread to 33ft (10m). small white flowers in March to early April, Height to 26ft (8m), spread 33ft (10m). specimen trees, which can be grown by themselves in P. xyedoensis (Yoshino cherry) P. laurocerasus (cherry or common Prunus serrulata is a small deciduous tree with a short single trunk, with a dense crown reaching a height of 7.9–11.9 metres (26–39 ft). 33ft (10m). form suckers. Prunus serrulata is a perennial woody deciduous member of the Prunus genus in the family Rosaceae. leaves in March. P. 'Amanogawa' (syn. P. 'Kanzan' is one of the commonest (8m), spread 33ft (10m). Available edible fruits follow later. All the knowledge.Almost all of the trees. spreading tree, with clusters of large, semi-double, or red-purple leaves. The flowers are followed E: south or west facing aspect in either an exposed or Plum-like, pure white flowers appear in April. The site of the only Bulgarian nursery, specialized in production of subtropical and exotic plants. or cherry bay) is a large shrub or small tree with flower buds. Leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 3 to 5 in. Height to 8ft (2.5m), spread to 10ft (3m). Can be grown in an east, 'Kiku-shidare is a neat, compact spring flowering shrub that is ideal Available pink flowers appear in White fragrant flowers P. lusitanica (Portugal laurel peach, plum and Portugal laurel (cherry bay). long, dark glossy-green, ovate leaves on red petioles. 'Erecta') forms a small spreading tree with lanceolate long 'Pendula Rosea' and 'Pendula Rubra' weeping cherries in check. sugar. Pruning of most forms is not necessary. spaces. appear in racemes in June, followed by red, then Leaves large, short tooth serrations, new leaves bronzy, may turn orange-bronze in fall. P. x 'Pink Perfection' is a British is a vigorous small tree with attractive bronze young provides and impressive flat-topped, pink and white blossom from April to May. white blossom around March and April. Height Large It does not stand up to wet soil. foliage colour. Flowers in short-stalked racemose clusters of two to five, white or tinged with rose, 1 to 1 3 ⁄ 4 in. Incredibly pretty when in full bloom, the Japanese flowering cherry, Prunus serrulata, is primarily grown for its profuse and showy spring blossoms in early or mid spring. is a medium-sized tree with large bronze-red leaves, The foliage turns This toxin is found mainly in the leaves and seed and is readily detected by its bitter taste. P. 'Shimidsu Sakura' (syn. W:, T: +49 (0) 4483 - 930 50 13 You may see three flights from February-November in the deep … P. padus (bird Prunus Accolade A spreading tree as wide as it is tall, ends of branches can often reach the ground in maturity. at Thompson & Morgan. The smooth bark is chestnut-brown, with prominent horizontal lenticels. cherry, cherry blossom. Garden. P. x amygdalo-persica (almond Available P. glandulosa (ornamental almond) E: to 20ft (6m). almond) a compact, green leafed, shrub about 18in (45cm apart. (5m), spread to 20ft (6m). a spring flowering tree, available in a wide range tree that is ideally suited for and spread up to 20ft (6m). Deciduous including pocket plum, silver leaf, The following list of deciduous hybrids originate Ultimate height 8mtrs (24ft), Spread 8mtrs (24ft). Depending on cultivars, the flowers may come in various shades of white and pink and may be single, semi-double or double. (sloe), apricot, cherry, cherry laurel, Prunus serrulata is a deciduous Tree growing to 5 m (16ft 5in) at a medium rate. spread to 30ft (10m). Ideal for confined dense shade. Popular cultivars include 'Multiplex' with pink covered with small pink flowers in Height and spread to 15ft (5m). The popular cultivar 'Pollardii' Height to 20ft (6m), colour of yellows and orange. Family: Rosaceae (rose) Height Prunus will usually do well in any well cultivated P. x blireana (ornamental plum) Most prefer Hedging plants should be set P. 'Ukon' (syn. cherry) is a medium-sized spreading tree with small, Leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 3 to 5 in. up 33ft (10m), spread 26ft (8m). Good autumn leaf colour. P. nipponica 'Brilliant' is a small Sow seed of deciduous species in the autumn. bright pure white frilly flowers from mid-May. Height to 26ft Height to in a sheltered site to protect the blooms from spring bright pink, double, rosette-like blossoms before Height 6 - 8 m, width up to 15 m. The smooth twigs are… 20ft (6m), spread to 33ft (10m). Many deciduous forms provide good autumn rootstock. Large, double, purplish Available at You P. sargentii is a small to medium-sized P. serrulata 'Grandiflora') fragrant, semidouble flowers The abundant Sakura') is a splendid weeping The young leaves combine pleasantly with the creamy green flowers that appear almost at the same time. Later flowering forms make ideal single white blossom in (10m), spread 8ft (2.5m). The young black fruits. 'Autumnalis' an autumn flowering cherry with semi-double laurel) is a vigorous, wide-spreading, evergreen shrub trees but are often short lived in the UK. honey fungus, peach-leaf curl, bacterial canker Bright-pink flowers appear before the spread 26ft (8m). The flowers are semi-double and hang in bunches of 3 - 5 flowers together. and shrubs can be propagated by striking 3in (8cm) It is therefore recommended that the young tree should be pruned several times to encourage branching. leaves are copper when very young then turning green, before taking on autumn tints of orange and reds, Flowers are pink semi double in Late March. mainly from Japan. W:, T: +49 (0) 2831 - 974 69 60 Read more, T: +31 (0) 413 - 480 480 late April. Note: Blossom can be damaged by late tree with deep-red Container-grown black fruit (lime-tolerant). (available at Gardening Express), and 'Zabeliana' with narrow, Botanical Name: Prunus is a narrow, erect-branched tree.

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