Save 5% on a CloudVocal mic – see below for details. It was ok, but most importantly it was very affordable! AKG C414 XLII Microphone: Included with my CloudVocal iSolo Choice system was their USB audio interface. Also both went into the computer through my Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface. Audio Interface – Universal Audio Apollo Twin:, SAX SCHOOL ON FACEBOOK: This looks pretty much like your average thumb drive, but is actually a complete wireless receiver and Audio Interface. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. 5:26 comparing the versions of the mic Plus the Cloud Vocal has another ace up it’s sleeve…. Because I am so familiar with the AMT Wi-5, I wanted to do a head to head test with the Cloud Vocal. You certainly make me feel that my goals are attainable. In fact you could almost not notice it is even connected to your saxophone bell because the microphone and transmitter weighs a mere 26grams. My first system was a Samson Airline setup. But, the iSolo still works great. As you can imagine, the £1000 AMT Wi-5 does sound warmer and rounder. ✪✪ Pre Order the CloudVocal Prime here: JINJER Talks Early Stages of ‘Progressive’, ‘Melancholic and Even Darker’ Album. If you’re looking for your next wireless microphone that you will love using, then look no further. 2020/05. 14:27 why not check out Sax School? The software immediately found the audio interface and after a super quick pairing process with the iSolo microphone, I could start recording my sax. Copyright 2020 CLOUDVOCAL, All rights reserved. To keep things fair, I kept the signals clean with no effects or treatment of anykind. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. AmazonBasics Dynamic Vocal Microphone – Cardioid 4.4 out of 5 stars 727. And my verdict. 8:20 Let’s have a listen with a backing track It’s also important to think of who might be using the CloudVocal iSolo system. 4:38 A nice personalised touch Guide. I really enjoyed using the iSolo setup and will continue to keep it in my regular kit. Laptop + tiny USB thumb drive looking audio interface = recording studio! ✪✪ GET 10% OFF YOUR NEXT THEO WANNE MOUTHPIECE: ✪✪ MY FAVOURITE PRODUCTS 3:10 What’s in the small box? In the accessory box there’s the aerial and cables. Hercules Alto/Tenor Sax Stand: Cebulla Neck Strap: I never had any formal saxophone lessons before joining Sax School. +886 2 23887420 | My big goal was to play at a jam session - and now I've done it! A technique that I've found has helped the thousands of... We only want you to pay if you actually LOVE using Sax School! I want to learn my first notes and my first full tunes on sax! CloudVocal’s take on a wireless saxophone microphone is tiny. I did use the Samson Airline on hundreds of shows but I’m sorry to say for most of those it was covered in “gaffer” tape. 5:38 connecting the mic to the instrument I sure hope all of that was helpful! All over the world, "Baker Street" has to be one of the most iconic pop sax lines. Cloud’s award-winning ribbon microphones and Cloudlifter Mic Activators are used by artists, recording studios, broadcast facilities, touring companies, schools and universities all over the world. At CLOUDVOCAL, we believe: the simpler, the better! It’s easy, just order your new mic using this link: Cloudvocal iSolo Choice Wireless Saxophone Microphone, Then enter this coupon code: MCGILLSAXSCHOOL2020. Whether you want to connect directly to the amplifier, effect pedals or straight into mixing console, our new ISOLO CHOICE stage receiver is up to all tasks. Plus as a bonus, the iSolo comes in a sturdy compact pouch that would be perfect for throwing in your gig bag. I had to replace the clip, the stalk, and reinforce everything with….loads of Gaffer! How easy is that! Product Review from McGill Sax School. Forget annoying instructions! Every sound and voice should be accurately represented. Lègére Signature 2.5 Tenor Reed: To test this I plugged it straight into my MacbookAir and opened Garage Band. Their Wi-5 system (now replaced with the Quantum 7) is a beautiful piece of kit. I'm getting back into saxophone. So join below to try out our lessons completely risk free. If you are a solo gigging sax player using backing tracks then I think this is a great option. Perhaps... Any gigging musician knows that the essential kit you have in your bag on every show is SUPER... Do you struggle to read rhythms on saxophone?

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