THE CLUMSY LOVERS OFFICAL TAPING POLICY We encourage all forms of audio and video taping at our concerts. Clumsy Lover, The v5 BWW Cluny MacPherson's Salute BWW Clydeside BWW Clydeside PIO Clydeside v2 BWW Clyne Mike Cassidy PIO Cm Reel PIO Coachman's … This week's winner is The Clumsy Lover, which was suggested as a Scottish Reel. Soundboard patches will be given at the discretion of the sound tech, and at no time will taping be allowed to interfere with the enjoyment of other concertgoers, or the regulations of the venue. Irish Fiddle and Mandolin - The Clumsy Lover & The Contradiction Reel Chords: E A F Bb Bm D B 4:23 De Dannan - Live at the Embankment (1976) Request Chords 2:37 Clumsy lover … It appears there's also a jig by the same name! 第2回目の記事ではカットとグレイスノートの奏法についてまとめました。今回は最も特徴的な装飾、ロール(Roll)です。 ロールは、コンサーティーナでアイルランド音楽を演奏するにあたり特に難しいポイントだと思います。 Your #1 Source for the best Free Mandolin Tabs! John Carty with Paddy Melia & … [C# F D A C G Bm E] Chords for The Clumsy Lover Reel with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. Home Tabs abcConverter Contact Links Easily learn to play the tune with these Free Mandolin Tabs! Here's a You Tube Video: Here's a link to the tune on, where it Your #1 Source for the best Free Mandolin Tabs! I'm not familiar with it.

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