Services.”, Step 4 – Set These Services To Specific Start Date Then Address Their Termination. During the term of this Agreement, and for 12 months following its termination, the Consultant shall not engage in any activity that would compete in any way whatsoever with the activities of the Client in which the Consultant was or is involved, or where the Consultant gained confidential or sensitive information of the Customer, directly or indirectly through the delivery of the Services. A retainer is an upfront deposit that is required by the consultant in order to start the work. This statement will require you name each expense that will be eligible for reimbursement by the Client on the blank line provided. Most independent consultants significantly underestimate how much needs to be covered in a consulting agreement. If this is what both agree to, then mark the third checkbox definition in “VIII Expenses.”, 10 – Take A Precautionary Measure To Handle Any Possible Disputes, The ninth article, “IX. Retainer.” After doing so, report the retainer fee on the blank line in this statement then document whether this is “Refundable” or “Non-Refundable” by selecting the appropriate checkbox from the choices provided in this statement. A business consultant agreement is a contract between a client and a professional in a particular field of study that offers their advice and guidance in exchange for payment. Both parties may expect this agreement’s lifetime to exist until one or both have decided it is time to terminate it. Entire Agreement.” It will be assumed that both the Consultant and the Client have read the completed version of this contract and intend to obligate themselves to its content. The Consultant acknowledges that disclosure to a third (3rd) party or misuse of this proprietary or confidential information would irreparably harm the Client. JotForm PDF Editor lets you customize this Consulting Agreement Template by adding your logo, changing fonts, and updating colors. Compensation” one of four statements must be selected and supplemented with the material you provide. Consultant shall release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Client and its officers, agents, and employees from all suits, actions, or claims of any character, name, or description including reasonable attorney fees, brought on account of any injuries or damage, or loss (real or alleged) received or sustained by any person, persons, or property, arising out of services provided under this Agreement or Consultant’s failure to perform or comply with any requirements of this Agreement including, but not limited to any claims for personal injury, property damage, or infringement of copyright, patent, or other proprietary rights. often, the company may require the use of its own form which may have terms that differ from those presented here. © 2020 Electronic Forms LLC. A Consulting Agreement is a document between a consultant and a client. If the Client wishes to employ a “Retainer” as a precaution that the Consultant will be available when necessary for a specific project, at a specific time, or when a catalyst for an anticipated event occurs then you must mark the first checkbox statement in the article titled “VI. Governing Law.”, Step 13 – Define All Terms That Both Parties Wish To Obligate The Other With. The signature “Date” of the Client is the next required item and must be supplied immediately after signing. On the first line after the “Consultant” label, furnish the Consultant’s full name then use the three available spaces that follow to document his or her business address as a street address, city, and state. Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or Open Document Text (.odt), Step 1 – Use This Page To Acquire Your Consulting Agreement. Create a high quality document online now! After supplying the first calendar date of the Consultant, you must review a list of choices to solidify how or when the termination of this agreement should take place. Be sure to sign with e-signatures to make the document legally binding! Make sure that any specific conditions applying to the retainer payment are well documented and attached. If the consultant or client should breach this clause, by informing third (3rd) parties of trade secrets or any other forbidden information, it could irreparably harm the other party. The consultant is usually brought in to help with the development and management of the business. Therefore, an additional option labeled “Other” has been included. Produce his or her complete mailing address on the second line. A termination clause is very important as it allows either party to cancel the terms of the agreement, provided they notify the other party within a specified time period. The first article of this contract, attached to the “I. After all, it can be disastrous when a disagreement causes scenarios such as neither party being able to compromise with the other, one party believes a violation of this agreement has occurred while the other does, an ambiguous but important interpretation of one’s obligations is in contention, or a host of other potential pitfalls. If there are terms or conditions that will be included in this agreement but have not been solidified then, you must make sure to include the details with this contract before it is signed by the Consultant or Client. Report the name of this State on the blank line in “XXI. The agreement you use depends on what type of consulting service you need. Do not delete this section, even if there are no additions. Details. This requires a discussion on a definitive payment process and/or the final sum the Client will use to compensate the Consultant with documented on the blank line presented. The Consultant Fee is the fee offered to the consultant or the consultancy agency on agreeing on the deal with the client or the party. The first choice for this definition will allow you to declare an exact calendar date of termination. Begin with the “Client’s Address” line and input this entity’s legal mailing address. The consultant will often charge the client on a ‘pay for hire’ type of basis which is billed after incremental services are provided. You may obtain the same “Adobe PDF,” “Microsoft Word (.docx),” or “Open Document Type (.ODT)” file with these links. Expenses”) then read through the three scenarios described. The third article of this agreement will expect a calendar date that will mark the first day when the Consultant can begin providing the services we defined in the previous article. Article “VI. Name the Client by inputting this entity’s full name (including suffixes) after the bold word “Client.” Continue the report on this entity by entering the Client’s full street address, city, and state to the blank lines that follow. In “IV. The Client wishes to enter into a consulting relationship with GBS with the leons and conditions set forth in this Agreement… Other methods of determining the payment the Client owes the Consultant for the work performed may be more appropriate for the current agreement. St., Suite 103, Richmond, VA 23219, and , (“Consultant”) located at Consulting … This option will have a few additional checkboxes (“Weekly,” “Monthly,” and “Quarterly”). You may obtain the same “Adobe PDF,” “Microsoft Word (.docx),” or “Open Document Type (.ODT)” file with these links. Consulting Contract & Letter of Agreement Template Word Document . The agreement pictured in the document preview can be obtained in one of the file formats (displayed in the caption area) by selecting the “PDF,” “Word,” or “ODT” button. Contingency,” requires you to address the topic of additional payments submitted to the Consultant provided a certain goal has been completed. A periodic pay schedule can be defined by marking the box corresponding to the first statement choice. You must select the one that defines how often the Consultant will receive payment then produce the first calendar date he or she will be paid by the Client in the area after the term “…Beginning On.”.

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