Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. The following screenshot confirms that Lifehacker is indeed open to content syndication. But, if you want a headstart, first establish yourself as a great writer. Guest posting, on the other hand, is not scalable (unless you guest post for a site that has an awesome list of web content syndication partners!). holds over guest posting is that content syndication is scalable. Even Google says it's OK to syndicate content, as long as you do it carefully and make it obvious for search engines and readers that what they see is a syndicated piece. Its syndication journey is interesting because it, For example, you’ll get really popular on Medium if you make it to the. He is the co-founder of NP Digital and Subscribers. They explain, “Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.”, According to Search Engine Journal, “While fear over “duplicate content” penalties is exaggerated in the case of syndication, it’s also not the best SEO strategy [because of the potential for one website to outrank another].”. Then, make sure you optimize your website for syndication. Remember, Google’s algorithms keep getting smarter. They want proof that you are already creating some great content that resonated with the readers. This "steal our content … please" page from is a good example of how to go about it. While content syndication can get you great exposure, it has a few potential downsides. Again, each publication has its own guidelines about references, so it's good to discuss this with the editor before starting a partnership. . Consider waiting for a week or so after publishing your post before pitching editors with republishing requests. It can also translate syndicated articles to/from over 100 different languages. If your ideal outlet won’t budge when it comes to syndicating content, consider Andy Crestodina’s tips for creating new variations of existing original content to submit instead. There are four main ways in which you can syndicate your content for free: To make your blog more visible, try first creating a page where you explain how people can syndicate your content. "Presenting key statistics, tips and takeaways from your content in a visual format, like an infographic or slidedeck, can make your content more attention-grabbing. However, few websites on the internet receive higher scores like 98, 99, or 100. Just make sure that you’re clear in your pitch that you’re specifically looking for a content syndication partnership. A lot of sites are open to content syndication. Just gear your niche-specific topics to one of the above sites and submit that post separately! Now that we have the basics covered, here's how to do content syndication successfully. , you must check if the target sites are open to guest posts before submitting any content. Publishing there might ultimately harm your brand and SEO performance. The key to success? If you feel that your content doesn’t fit directly with any of those, give your content a twist and you can still manage to get republished on most sites. Content Syndication Best Practices How to Syndicate Content from Other Outlets Link Building – Grow Your Website’s Authority Content Cleanup — Remove Low-Quality Content for […] , Moz’s Rand Fishkin gave these insights: You're moments away from growing your traffic, We want to create a plan that works within your budget, We want to create that works for you business size. And, with content syndication, you’re required to take your entire blog post and republish it on third-party sites, so duplicate content issues can arise. Scott Mathson, Senior Web Strategy and SEO Manager at Auth0, says that "if you include internal links, content that you syndicate across platforms often passes authority and equity through to these links.

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