What information could be gained from analysis of that hair (Figure 3-1)? What arguments could the defense attorney present to try to discredit the evidence? Did any of the suspects’ carpet samples match the carpet sample found on the victim? Applying face mask prepared from mixing equal quantities of finely ground oatmeal, yogurt and honey prevents acne and also nourishes the skin and face. The iron from the hemoglobin, acting as a catalyst, speeds up the reaction between the peroxide and the Luminol. Bulletproof glass varies in thickness from three-quarter inch to three inches. ● Bullets fired from a firearm show patterns of lands and grooves that match the rifling pattern in the barrel of the firearm. You need to put in the largest size possible to get a good impression of your back teeth. plants. Identify your thumb pattern as a loop, whorl, or arch. Pollen and spores have different functions, but they have some similar characteristics, such as being microscopic and having a resistant structure. Note: If the VNTR is CATCATCAT, then the radioactive probe is GTAGTAGTA (G pairs with C, A pairs with T) A solution containing the radioactive probes is allowed to interact with the DNA bands on the Southern blot membrane. 5. 8 9 10 11 ©The Gallery Collection/Corbis 7 12 13 14 Think Critically Do you consider hair evidence important in proving a crime? These residues are the traces of smoke and particles of unburned powder carried sideways from the firearm by the expansion of gases as the bullet is fired. A third is to let the governing people worldwide who have power over others know that they cannot kill their citizens without anyone trying to do something about it. Examine the trash and record your findings on the Trash Recording Sheet provided by your instructor (see Figure 4-1). 8. Human Molecular Genetics, 2nd ed. Obj. Turning diameter c. Tire size 2. 2. This chapter will examine how someone’s identity, sex, age, height, race, and background can be revealed through an analysis of his or her bones. Saferstein, Richard, ed. 5. Remember that all you are trying to do is to get an impression of your teeth. • Can the perpetrator be identified? Once the plaster is dry, it is possible to knock out the remaining Plaster of Paris by pounding on the sides of the plastic can. . This is an inexpensive fiber. Obj. This makes sense because the glass is denser than the air and will slow down the light and bend it toward the normal. Liars will never have it easy again! 5. Throughout history, some notable individuals have died from poisoning: Nazi leaders Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goering ingested cyanide capsules in 1945; Jonestown cult members consumed cyanide-laced punch in 1978, killing approximately 900 people; Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov was killed by ricin in 1978; and most recently, Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko was exposed to radiation in 2006. A refractive index of olive oil is equal to 1.47. Stay current entt en with the latest scientific developments in this growing field. There will be some points on either side of the line and not on the line.) Provide a list of four items to quickly and easily check the authenticity of a $10 bill. Measure the length and width of each droplet in millimeters as indicated in the diagram on page 230. Note any difference in stretchability. 426 Glass Evidence Scenario: Students at a local high school decided to steal the basketball trophy in the locked display case near the gym. (Be prepared for dust to settle on everything in the classroom.) 4. The distortion of your legs’ position illustrates how a beam of light bends or refracts. Explain the role of the positive and negative controls. After evaluating more than 200 wrongful convictions in the United States, the Innocence Project found that faulty eyewitness identification contributed up to 87 percent of those wrongful convictions. Experimental design a. During processing, the bundles are separated from the stem and beaten, rolled, and washed until they separate into single fibers. Divide the mass (g) by the volume displaced (mL) to find the density. Stewart, Melissa. Collaborate with other team investigators and review the evidence. 7. The probability of the other die showing a six is 1/6 (one side out of six). Questions: 1. Part B Describe the impact on time of death for each of the variables listed below. related area of study is the next step for eventuShe says, “Pollen is often very beautiful, and it ally conducting one’s own forensic cases. From Forensic Science Journals. Team members should use the Entomology Case Study Form (see Figure 7-1) on which to record the following information: • Name of the case (along with the names of the defendants and the prosecutors) • Date when the crime occurred Figure 7-1. 4. In the Oral Presentation Planning Chart located at the end of the activity, describe the role each of you will play during your presentation. Glass is weaker under tension than under compression. It was determined that the murder was committed with a hammer whose head measured approximately 41 mm. (You should have a total of nine fragments for each DNA sample.) Was it satin? 15.2 and 15.3 6 7 8 9 10 16. This is the period of active growth when the cells around the follicle are rapidly dividing and depositing materials within the hair. Figure 11-1. Scotland Yard, the F.B.I., and the Secret Service use handwriting analysis in solving important cases. Because blood type is an inherited trait, blood typing is used in paternity testing. A document expert is different from a graphologist, who studies the personality of the writer based on handwriting samples. Cohesion is a force between two similar substances. Stand against a wall with your head looking straight ahead. Data Table Source of Fiber Flame Test (does sample curl as it burns?) To dispose of the body, the suspect(s) tossed the body from the car into a ditch. Pure ethanol is tasteless, but it can damage human tissue. 10.3 Example HA N D W R I T I NG E XA M I NA T I ON 4 The goal of forensic handwriting analysis is to answer questions about a suspicious document and determine authorship using a variety of scientific methods.

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