The first thing you can do is replace all plastic bottles with stainless steel water bottles. Using the basic pitcher style system which cost about £15 and needs a new filter every 150litres. Compare this to a water filter. Plastic bottles are ubiquitous but the cost of producing them varies dramatically around the world, thanks mainly to differences in raw-material costs and energy prices. Water Bottles - PET. An ongoing conundrum with bottled water use is improper and ineffective recycling of water bottles. Once these bottles are in the environment, they can take up to 450 years to biodegrade. Figure in the cost of tap water for about 2763 litres per year, the cost of filtered water comes to about £291 per year. Plastic bottles were one of the ten most common items picked up on Clean up Australia Day. Buy by the Case Online at Wholesale Prices Call 888-215-0023 for sale wholesale Bottles and Jars by the case

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