“Our customers aim at delivering the most value to consumers,” he says. An actor, dressed in black, with stubbly beard and dark hair, looking for all the world like Tony Soprano’s nephew, as he sits smugly with this legs up on the table. Most food packages need a barrier layer to protect against oxygen. It found that under the best-case scenario, where drip-brewed coffee wasn’t wasted, the two come out even. If even more barrier is needed, a package might incorporate metallized film, Selke says. It can show users video where an alarm has gone off, said Amazon Vice President Daniel Rausch. Amcor’s AmLite technology is precisely along these lines. “Our customers aim at delivering the most value to consumers,” he says. That same quality, Shulman says, allows companies to downgauge a product such as the shrink wrap for beverage six-packs by about 50%. It found that the environmental impact of the alternatives was better than plastics per kilogram. The package, Dow’s Wooster acknowledges, doesn’t have great barrier properties. But environmental activists argue that the industry should do something about the packaging waste that is mounting in the environment. To explain what flexible packaging brings to the food industry, experts often point to two examples: cucumbers and meat. industrial packaging, The layers can’t be separated, so they are shredded and re-extruded into plastic pellets together. The other half was recycled. David Clark, vice president of safety, environment, and sustainability at Amcor, says such instances are rare. The report calls on industry to simplify the materials it uses in multilayer packaging. Activists think of such downgrading, called cascaded recycling, as a last resort. Any reduction of that 10% can’t come at the expense of the other 90%, plastics advocates point out. Similar technology is already used in plastic wine bottles, where it reduces the weight of the bottles by up to 90% and allows for 30% more wine to be loaded onto each truck. Typically, packaging is not seen as an advantage or selling point, but more as an expense. Please note: If you switch to a different device, you may be asked to login again with only your ACS ID. The emphasis is on a circular economy, in which the industry cultivates a supply chain for used materials so they will be reused—ideally in their original, high-value applications. What a mess that process can be! Bernard Rioux, who heads global marketing for DuPont’s packaging resins business, says a single superpolymer may be unnecessary because different kinds of polyolefins can be recycled together. The world wastes a third of the food it produces, 1.3 billion metric tons per year, according to the Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN. Amcor is also in the business of paper and aluminum packaging and for many years made glass bottles and aluminum cans, Clark points out. “It is essentially like a thin layer of glass on the inside of the plastic.”. It involves applying a micrometer-thick silicon oxide layer to a polyolefin film. Juice pouches and other flexible packages made with the AmLite technology can have a 40% smaller carbon footprint than conventional metallized pouches, according to Clark. Losses to the economy because of the current system run as high as $120 billion per year. It points to the estimated 150 million metric tons of plastics currently residing in the world’s oceans. Half of that was incinerated for energy. The packaging industry, though, doesn’t think its products are so stupid. Many industry critics think all these plastics are a bit much. If more toughness is needed, a packaging company might opt for PET, the resin of choice for beverage containers. When I was first involved with packaging, selling cups and paper/plastics packaging to restaurants, it was the general consensus that 7-9% of the cost of packaging to the sell price would be … Industry and its critics may disagree on a lot, but no one can argue with charging good money for a plastic that will only be used in small amounts. These economic losses aren’t the only problems with plastic waste cited by the report.

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