M   - Manipur state is in North eastern part of india.They grow vegetables in their own house gardens so they mainly consume ingredients which are fresh grown in their house holds. dhou ꯙ dʰ kok [ꯀꯣꯛ] head, Unicode Standard 6.1 introduces the missing letters for the purpose of historic spellings; those are, however, not used in contemporary official Manipuri orthography. ꯃ   ꯁ   if (msie) Thus, the name. ꯑꯦꯂꯥꯏꯆꯤelā’iciএলাইচীelāi’cīCardamom(mni) Some fonts do not indicate the difference and show the same glyph. ꯀꯦꯇꯨꯀꯤketukiকেতুকীketukīKewra flowers(mni) ꯍ   ꯇ   ꯖ   atiya ꯑ ꯀꯥ ā -Before starting the procedure cook rice and keep ready. — ꯇ — ꯎꯔꯩꯔꯣꯝureirom’উরৈরোমurairomAnnatto(mni) document.writeln('