The root necks are buried 5 cm, the planting hole is covered with soil and watered abundantly. Damask roses are another very old group, said to have originally been brought from the Middle East by the Crusaders. Leda is resistant to rain, frost and disease. Moreover, warm water is always prepared for irrigation, diseases can develop from cold. It is a low, spreading bush, reaching 1.2 m in height. It is advisable to protect the bushes from drafts. ‘Blaze’ A Modern Climbing Rose. Damascus rose (Rosa damascena) also traces its history from the luxurious gardens of the Middle East. The plant is a perennial shrub up to 1.5 m high with long stems and large green leaves. A layer of nutrient mixture is poured into the prepared depression in the ground (approximately 50x50 cm): humus, humus, mineral fertilizers. Modern garden roses tend to bloom continuously and produce larger flowers than those in the old garden rose categories. The Damask is a shrub rose, typically known for its sprawling growth habits. If you plan to plant several plants, the distance between the bushes should be at least 70-80 cm. They usually have pleasing elegant growth, with nicely cut foliage and flowers held in open airy bunches. We only sell and guarantee own-root, virus-free roses, We're a family-owned business that treats our customers like family. Then the variety underwent some oblivion in order to revive with renewed vigor in the Arab East. They usually have pleasing elegant growth, with nicely cut foliage and flowers held in open airy bunches. It is no coincidence that Persian poets called their homeland Gulistan - the land of roses. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. As one of the oldest rose varieties, the Damask has given birth to thousands of new varieties while maintaining its own unique heritage. The coat of arms of the House of Lancaster was decorated with a red flower, and the opposing York dynasty chose white as their sign. When the roses have faded and the night temperatures drop, you need to cover their root system for the winter. Nearly all of these varieties are fragrant. The shrub blooms for a long time, but most often once, in June-July, although remontant (re-flowering) species have already been bred. Nearly all of these varieties are fragrant. Read less. During flowering, the bush is very beautiful: dark red buds gradually open into snow-white terry inflorescences with a cherry border near the petals. DAMASK: An Old Garden Rose. All damaged, diseased and dry roots must be removed from the seedling. The image of the damask rose can be seen in the surviving frescoes of ancient Pompeii, the flower was very popular in the Roman Empire. Nearly all of these varieties are fragrant. They usually have pleasing elegant growth, with nicely cut foliage and flowers held ... In areas with a mild climate and warm autumn, planting is possible at the end of September. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The elongated and pointed foliage are greyish-green and downy on the underside. Named after the heroine of Greek myths, the variety has distinctive color characteristics. One of the most fragrant varieties, the damask rose, is today grown both in private gardens and on an industrial scale. The original Damask probably originated in Syria or thereabouts and was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. All rights reserved. The Kazanlak oil rose is considered one of the best in the world for the production of essential oil, and the Bulgarian masters keep the unique method of its production secret. Rowan-leaved fieldfare: description, planting and care, Broiler turkeys: description, types and cultivation, Beautiful gates and gates for private houses, Plywood bird feeder: pros, cons and tips for making, Leghorn chickens: description of the breed and features of the content. Enter your email address to receive special offers, rose care advice and marketing emails from David Austin. Double flowers are pink with golden stamens. China, India, the island of Crete and Ancient Iran (Persia) have long been arguing about the right to be called the homeland of the queen of flowers. Before the onset of frost, roses should be watered abundantly, up to 30 liters per bush. Share your roses and join the discussion... Get your FREE Handbook of Roses 2020 featuring over 90 varieties, © David Austin Roses 2020. The unique features and stunning smell of Turkish roses have found new facets in Bulgaria. It can reach up to 7 feet in height. Be the first to know about a sale, event, exclusive offers and the latest rose growing and care tips. And the fragrant flower, famous for its beauty and aroma, has become the national symbol of the country. Mulch eliminates the need for frequent watering. For more than five thousand years, mankind has been cultivating this representative of the wild rose genus. Sometimes called the French or Provins rose, gallicas offer a lovely scent, which is used for perfumes.

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