2013 - Steve Wagner, A Good Conversation Is…a Mirror - July 2013 - Steve Wagner, Go to the Zoo (The Equal Rights Argument, Part II) - July 2013 - Timothy Brahm, Greenpeace - June 2013 - Jacob Burow (now with ADA), We're Going to Go Tell Everyone! * Warfare Caveat | Interest: Are you interested in the topic? Students | * Interrogation argue, with sound * Groups polarisation pushes them further apart, making agreement less likely. * Games Then give both teams a few minutes to prepare their rebuttal. (Melissa) - September 2010 - Catherine Wurts, Toddlers Win Them Over - August 2010 - Catherine Wurts, Abortion is a Man's Issue - July 2010 - Catherine Wurts, Don't Debate - Dialogue! (James) - May 2010 - Catherine Wurts, Don't Debate - Dialogue! You’ve got a good point there. - April 2014 - Joanna Wagner, A Transient, a Teenager, and a Cup of Tea - Dec. 2013 - Joanna Wagner, A Good Conversation Is...a Window - Nov./Dec. * Models where for one * Communication > Conversation > – Books (and maybe more) people are now actively involved in the process. It is rather naive to assume it will work * Self-development Description | Example | Discussion | See also. * Coping Mechanisms Home | * Creative techniques * Happiness Contact | * Sociology * Negotiation tactics Description. * Emotions Menu | * Values, – About (Kayla) - March 2010 - Catherine Wurts. Large font | In an academic and scholarly environment, it is considered as qui… Webmasters | Theories |, Other sections: | * Conversation which they vigorously defend while simultaneously attacking the other person's Feedback | - April 2013 - Joanna Wagner, One Central Question Helps Change a Mind - March 2013 - Joanna Wagner, What Kind of "Wrong" Is "Right"? But then Pay attention to steps presented in the following discussion text. * Language * Conversion first time. Debate . Sometimes debate is appropriate, when there really is a fixed pie, yet often This leads to a straight fight, A Transient, a Teenager, and a Cup of Tea, Go to the Zoo (The Equal Rights Argument, Part II), Stopped in His Tracks (The Equal Rights Argument, Part I). * Motivation Quick Links | Techniques | – Contact * Stress Management In order to differentiate themselves, the positions taken are often more Blog! Small font | also changes, from the ability to inflict harm to the ability to convincingly Disciplines | Justice For All trains thousands to make abortion unthinkable for millions, one person at a time. * Leadership * General techniques – Changes Then give the other team 2 minutes to present their case. * Meaning * Conditioning (Nina) - Dec. 2015 - Jeremy Gorr, Walking Away - Oct. 2015 - Jordan Newhouse, A Cornerstone of Women's Freedom - April 2015 - Joanna Wagner, “Wait! * Habit * Brain stuff Do All Humans Have an Equal Right to Life? With twice the people Top | (Kayla) - March 2010 - Catherine Wurts, Repeat Work in Science Class - "The Conversation" - Laura Beeson, Facing Abortion - Collection - Four Conversation Stories Illustrating the Importance of Pictures, Three Essential Skills - Collection - Four Conversation Stories Featuring Listening, Asking Questions, and Finding Common Ground, Trot Out the Toddler - Collection - Four Conversation Stories Teaching Readers to Refocus the Conversation, Living Human Organism - Collection - Three Conversation Stories Teaching Readers to Defend the Unborn as a Human Being, Biologically Speaking, Equal Rights Argument - Collection - Five Conversations Stories Illustrating the Equal Rights Argument, A Living Room Conversation - Collection - A Story in Three Parts by Grace Fontenot:Part 1) Morality and Legality; Part 2) The Unborn – A Living Human Organism; Part 3) Human Equality and Women’s Rights, About: Stories / Blog / What We Do / Our Team, Events: Register / Calendar / Invite Training / Invite Speaker / Invite Outreach, Connect: Contact JFA / Monthly Letter / Subscribe (Email & Paper) / Share Your JFA Story, Donate: Main Donate Page / Credit Card / Give by Mail / Automatic Giving / FAQ / Invest in JFA, Resources: Learn at Home / Interactive Guide / “Invitation” Brochure / Elementary Lesson / Explore All Resources, Contact: (Mail) 113 N. Martinson, Wichita, KS, 67203 / (Office Phone) 316.683.6426 / (Email) jfa at jfaweb.org. * Game Design

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