And, obviously, this is where a lot food, beer and other drinks are consumed in a friendly geek atmosphere. I agree with Agnes that the biggest benefit to me is to gain access and input to and from the Product Groups at Microsoft. Understand what's truly driving the gender pay gap. I have Bill Gates' personal phone number, as a result of being a MVP. lol, Wait, I live in Texas, why in the world do I need a jacket? JavaScript is disabled. The high-level near-to-mid-term roadmap is usually disclosed at the Global Summit in Redmond. So, let’s get them out of the way really quickly. You can slap an MVP logo onto your websites, business cards, presentation, blogs, etc. When you are a part of the MVP Community the average level of the people around you is out of this world. There are many benefits to becoming an MVP and some of them have been covered in other posts. Stay up to date on the latest compensation trends. ❤, consider sponsoring me on GitHub Sponsors, PWA on Windows: PWA, Windows and TypeScript, TypeScript, Rollup, and Shared Interfaces, Testing TikTok’s Multi-Billion Dollar Algorithm, Audient EVO 4 Review: 4 reasons to buy and 1 not to, Reason User Tries Studio One — First Impressions, Running Azure Functions from a zip archive, Creating a RESTful Serverless API with Azure Functions and MongoDB, Azure Functions: Choosing between queues and event hubs, Know and have access to the right places where to ask about the things you don’t know, Know how to influence direction of the products you care about. As you probably know, Build conference has sold out in minutes in the previous years and as an MVP you get a chance to register before the registration opens to the general public. They are always on the "bleeding edge" and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. So, the only way to learn what’s being presented there is to be there in person. But, obviously, you mileage may vary. you can request an executive recognition letter signed by Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President of Developer Experience & Evangelism, that outlines the impact of the MVP program and the significance of the MVP Award. While these DLs are not a place for small talk or off-topic discussions they are usually a place where initial personal connections are made before you get a chance to go to the Global Summit or regional Community Connection. Some groups are more secretive than others and even the same group may change how open they want to be with their MVPs from year to year. NDA Distribution lists are special subject-specific mailing lists where you can interact with product groups and other MVPs. Follow wage changes of U.S. workers over time. Find this valuable? I can help you find out what you should be paid. I receive a large vehicle allowance to be a MVP. Since, according to Microsoft, new year starts in July and Global Summit was moved to next spring we are likely to have another CEE MVP Community Connection this calendar year. These are usually more community focused than technical (as there’s rarely someone from product groups), but I guess the format may vary from region to region. They are doing a tremendus job aswering all the questions in these, Perhaps they do get paid but in the agreement they sign they are not allowed, A jacket, wtf. Theoretically they are not skipping a year as March 2018 is the same fiscal year for Microsoft as is November 2017. This is where international friendships are born and future opportunities are conceived, often unbeknownst to you at the moment. So, what’s it like to be a Microsoft MVP?

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