Bunnies and deer don’t eat them, and bugs don’t generally bother them – in fact, many types of herbs are natural insect repellents. Place taller plants at the centre of the pot and trailing herbs near the edge to ensure best growth, leave about 2 cms between the outer plants and the edge of the pot. Your email address will not be published. Which all adds up to sometimes being a little too easy to grow…and that is why it lives in my herb box. Maintain your lawn in Autumn It is prone to root rot if left to sit in wet for long lengths of time. Read all about it and prepare perfectly for the following season. Cilantro is a cool-weather annual herb that I use in all kinds of different recipes. Growing your own herbs outdoors should be fairly straightforward regardless of your gardening experience. In addition to smelling wonderful and looking pretty, culinary herbs also have some amazing health benefits for both people and animals. Grow as an annual: Zones 1 to 6, 10+ Perennial in: Zones 7 to 9. To get the most from your planting, pick a variety of herbs. The coming of spring seems to turn everyone into a would-be gardener. Light requirement: Full Sun To Part ShadeGrow as an annual: Zones 1 to 6, 10+Perennial in: Zones 7 to 9. Adding a little lime to the soil when you’re planting it helps to keep it happy. Light requirement: Full SunGrow as an annual: Zones 1 to 7Perennial in: Zones 8+. Required fields are marked *. Chives are one of those herbs that are so rewarding to grow in the garden, they should be the first herb you turn to when trying to build an herb garden that can withstand some abuse. What do you do when it starts to get cold outside? Most of them are… You can also make your herb garden even more colourful and fragrant with the additions of lavender and marigolds, or lay some paving and add a few ornaments. Your email address will not be published. They are also an inexpensive source for fragrant crafts and home decor. Herbs also smell wonderful. For herb pots or window boxes on the sunny side of your house, Chives, Oregano and Lemon thyme will flourish, whereas Wild Rocket, chervil, French parsley and red mustard prefer a shadier location. Cut the tops off the taller plants, halving them in height, this will encourage the plants to bush out and provide more leaves to pick. Trust me on this. A natural plant as a backdrop for an outdoor flower or herb garden, dill (Anethus graveolens) flowers in mid-spring with tiny yellow flowers in flattened clusters. (Your summers are just too hot for cilantro!). Although I love growing vegetables in my garden, I don’t always get around to planting them. An afternoon and this guide from Homebase is all you need to build & erect a shed. There’s no where for it to spread, but I still get to have it fresh from the garden. Water the herbs immediately after planting, then again each time the soil looks or feels dry. Oregano is my absolute favorite kind of herb — a perennial. 5 Recommended Herbs for Your a Shady Garden, Easy Tips for Growing Herbs in Containers, 10 Must Have Culinary Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden. Another reason gardeners choose herbs is because the flowers, foliage and scent are an appealing, easy-to-grow addition to any outdoor garden. Chives are certainly hardy. Hi Nicole…I leave mine out there. 10 Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Herb Garden . It likes full sun and soil that drains well. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. However, I really like using mint in drinks, and you usually need quite a few leaves to make an impact…so having a large sized plant works out pretty well! Herbs have other uses, too – many have long been valued for their medicinal properties and are still found in herbal remedies today. Thyme is a perennial and best started as a small plant, rather than from seeds, which take a very long time to germinate. Sage is a wonderful herb for the less-than-confident gardener. Another nice thing about herbs is that you never have to wonder if they are ripe, as you do with other fruits and vegetables. I quickly lose interest in the constant weeding and watering, I never pay attention the sun or soil requirements, and don’t concern myself with companion planting. If you have any tender perennials that won’t survive the cold, you can bring them inside in the fall if you want to save them. Here’s my pick of the best herbs for beginners. If you are planting a window box on the sunny side of your house try Chives, Oregano and Lemon thyme, but if it’s on the shady side try wild rocket, French parsley or red mustard. Lemon balm is a rewarding herb for the beginner to grow.

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