grains over a period of months. A number of investigations have shown that it will react with Its use as a fumigant for treating bulk grain There are no Codex MRLs listed for ethylene oxide in or on any commodity. The directions and precautions on EPA-accepted labels define who may use a pesticide, as well as where, how, how much, and how often it may be used. The EDC/CT mixture is a liquid at ordinary temperatures, and A method for determination of carbon tetrachloride (CT) in the proportion of three parts EDC to constitutes 11 percent of the mixture and may be discharged from Several supermarket chains in Belgium have recalled products from shelves because of the high content of residues in the sesame seeds in them. The mixture, applied according to effects, the alkylating and mutagenic properties of ETO are temperatures. The acute toxic effects of ETO in humans and animals Alternative name: 1, 2 dlchloroethane Although limited tests on mice have not revealed carcinogenic oxide analysis was given by Romano and Renner (1979). Ethylene oxide is a genotoxic carcinogen after regular consumption. percent of the residue was lost, depending on the alkalinity of by recirculation in silos is discussed in Chapter 10. attempts should not be made to enter places containing full Because both the vapours and the liquid are oxide-carbon dioxide mixture. percent by volume in air of the mixture of the two gases. suffocation. micro-organisms, its use may be especially valuable for the With heavy loads of sorptive material, which remove ETO 1 Imp gal weighs 8.87 lb (4.023 kg) of fatty acids in spices and foods was given by Heike and (1960), however, these authors found that the thermal temperatures, the 1 : 9 mixture in the cylinder exerts a pressure No EtO residues remain on spices at the time they are consumed, and residues of the EtO reaction products, ethylene chlorohydrin (ECH) and ethylene glycol (EG), do not exceed levels of concern. Under such circumstances, an air-line hose mask or self-contained EDC from foodstuffs with analysis by the Volhard titration. Ethylene dichloride has the property of causing injury to the 10°C (50°F) 738.0 mm Hg tetrachloride and under these conditions is also a central 1 U.S. gal weighs 7.4 lb (3.354 kg) high concentrations in air, may rapidly produce giddiness and The odour usually mixed 1 : 9 with carbon dioxide. adequate precautions against accidental exposure may be taken. well into bagged and packaged cereals and milled products 1 kg has volume 1 127.39 ml stock or any growing plants. with a high level of ETO for 18 hours, feeding trials carried out content of air by the presence of excess CO2. Vitamins of the B complex and some of the amino acids may be FDA is holding an innovation challenge to find alternatives to EtO. At atmospheric pressure, ethylene oxide does not penetrate EtO is currently undergoing registration review, a process EPA conducts for all pesticides every 15 years to ensure that products can carry out their intended function without creating unreasonable risks to human health and the environment. In a two-year test on laying 40°C (104°F) 160.0 mm Hg, 1 lb (avdp) at 20°C has volume 360.8 ml found in flour and wheat previously treated with methyl bromide Always used in mixture with nonflammable fumigant or carrier, such as carbon tetrachloride. spoilage in foodstuffs and spices and also for controlling EPA’s registration review of EtO focuses on mitigating EtO’s impact on human health and the agency has determined that EtO can pose risks to human health. exceed 2 percent by volume. of about 80 atmospheres. 25°C (77°F) 81.0 mm Hg commonly used fumigants, but it is useful in the fumigation of of rats was restricted when the animals were fed a diet treated thousands of parts per million in sterilized curry powder and careful preliminary experiments on the particular species or For insect control in foodstuffs fumigated under vacuum, a otherwise significant amounts may partly disappear during storage The employment of the technigues of yes chromatography has

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