I think you’re wrong that we don’t have teacher rooms in the US. and in fact we have only one break per day, its kind of CLASS = JAIL and STUDENTS=LIFE TIME PRISONERS. If there is a discipline or behavior problem, the teacher had better nip it in the bud right away or else deal with it the next six years. This overall system allows both students and teachers to be well rested and ready to teach/learn. 2019 - 6. Currently we believe “more” is the answer to all of our education problems— everything can be solved with MORE classes, longer days, MORE homework, MORE assignments, MORE pressure, MORE content, MORE meetings,  MORE after school tutoring, and of course MORE testing! ), (But wait! The school day usually ends by 2:00 or 2:45. I love the approach of the Finnish. 11 ways Finland’s education system shows us that less is more. ( Log Out /  It works and it isn’t complicated. It’s a good read. I’ve taught overseas in schools attempting to mimick the US system and have asked why. The difference is less tangible and more fundamental. One teacher showed me a course book and said that it had too many topics for one five week grading period. Every day we teach six to seven classes in a row with no breaks. The Students trust the teachers to give them the tools they need to be successful. Who knows where we’d be as a country right now if we’d invested in this approach instead of common core??!! – Sparks of Insight, Pingback: What makes Finland special? Finland has it figured out. Again, they are the teacher next year and they control the curriculum! – Sparks of Insight, What makes Finland special? We keep adding more and more to our plates without removing any of the past ideas. This is a sweet article, I’m writing a research paper on why the American School system sucks and this helped a lot. We teach this “work till you drop” mentality to our students who either simply give up somewhere along the way or become as burnt out as we find ourselves. There is about 20 hours of tuition per week for lower grades and more for higher grades. (The same can be said for bad teaching.) I’m opposed to many of the things which are required in US schools. They do not buy or over consume. These rooms are different depending on the school, but from what I can tell the basic formula is a few tables, a few couches, a coffee pot, a kitchen, a selection of free fruit and snacks, and teachers to talk and collaborate with. In fact the Jr. High and High school math classrooms have been rather typical of what I have experienced in Indiana. What’s so special about them? Indiana has one of the best K-12 systems and that shows in your public higher education as well. They shrugged and answered “About five or six”. (My opinion-based conclusions after reading). Less is much better – Searching For The Truth, How The Best Time Managers Fit Fewer Things Into Their Day by Forbes - Entrepreneurs - Serebral 360º, APPRENDRE A GÉRER SON TEMPS, LES CANADIENS, LES JAPONAIS, LES SUÉDOIS, LES FINLANDAIS (ET BIEN D’AUTRES) LE FONT A L’ECOLE ! The difference is not the instruction. Get Free Finland School Day Hours now and use Finland School Day Hours immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping Thank you. It was also wonderful to read from a teachers perspective!! The same teacher cares for, nurtures and tends to the education of the same group of students for six years in a row. An average U.S. teacher almost doubles that teaching time with an average of over 1,080 hours of in-class instruction annually. I laughed and politely agreed, but in my head I was thinking; “What is a teacher room?”  A teacher’s room is what used to be called the teacher’s lounge in the U.S…back before they went extinct. A Finnish teacher will have about 3 to 4 classes of 20 students a day- so they will see between 60 to 80 students a day. I have to say, it was absolutely brilliant. A few of them even have massage chairs! If you have fewer students you will be able to give them the care and attention they need to learn. Most schools these days start at 9 am, but some schools (like mine) start at 8. – Education 240. – Timekeeper, Book Review: Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking | Tubarks - The Musings of Stan Skrabut, 11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”. These teachers know where each of their students have been and where they are going. Research has shown that early start times are detrimental to students' well-being, health, and maturation. Behind what, I am not sure, but the pressure is there pushing me and my students along. In Finland these rooms are always full of teachers who are either working, preparing, grabbing a cup of coffee, or simply resting, socializing, and mentally preparing for their next class.
There are a total of 190 school days in a Finnish school year. I’m a Brit living in Finland. Teachers don’t feel the pressure to speed up or slow down  so that they are “ready” for the teacher next year. This is especially shocking when you realize Finnish students are outscoring the high performing Asian nations whose students receive hours of additional/outside instruction. Brittney McDaniel, Principal I looked at the entire book and had to stifle a chuckle because it essentially covered what would be found in ONE chapter from my textbook. They do not try to interfere or usurp their authority and decisions. So, why don’t these rooms of collaboration, support and solace exist in the U.S.? Incredible Article , so now i realized the plight of kerala(indian) educational system , politician , clever people are destroying the education. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Yet, the students work on it in class diligently. – UNIKORN, Weekend reading: May 9, 2015 > Life Your Way. The teachers also have these breaks. When I arrived in Finland I did not find big flashy innovative thought provoking math lessons. That time I visited 30 countries before I turned 30 years old. Pingback: THE SEMINOLE NEWSPAPER : AMERICA’S FLAWED EDUCATION SYSTEM. The first day I was in a school in Finland a teacher apologized for the state of the “Teacher Room.”  She then commented on the fact that all teacher rooms must look like this. The students who were not listening to the lesson at all put away their phones and start working on the task set before them. Change ). It needs to be read by the many in the US who are pushing for year long school. – UNIKORN. I am not a education specialist, but I like how that system school works. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But don’t they get behind? The views expressed in these blogs are my own and do not represent the Department of State or the Fulbright Program. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)  an average Finnish teacher teaches 600 hours annually or about 4 or less lessons daily. thank you for this wonderfull post. On top of excellent grades, and a natural disposition to be a teacher, all teachers must get a Master’s degree and write a Master’s Thesis.

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