Also included in: 1st and 2nd Hand Account Lesson & Activity BUNDLE! Nonfiction Article of the Week Club, Article #4-12: Climbing Mount EverestThis is the twelfth in a set of 25 informational text articles + activity packs designed to teach ALL of the reading informational text standards for 4th grade in a fun, rigorous, and easy to implement solution! ���#"�9�2D����\��c���� 몺�4g@�`��Q����a���v�:��6�GG>��@�Jw��SV %:2V��|�=�y���>d�њ��)fgï.>C� �� PK ! This comprehensive unit covers the obstacles, accomplishments, and back. This bundle includes five days of mini lessons for every 4th grade reading comprehension standard based skill. �{̇���2����'ܻXե���Y}I|� �� PK ! A written explanation of texts can be written in two different ways. Zـ�`��0j�԰"þ��۽�lrY��G�XÔs|Q�턋aIC���KL��ƞ͈�k�G�j��88 ��:�5���i��W��C�qB���wX�&��5HY����NyP��������Y�7bU�U�~��� �7 �� PK ! CFU: Have students share the importance and call on non volunteers to repeat importance It also lays the foun. The firsthand and secondhand accounts of both texts were similar because they were both about immigrants who came to Ellis Island. With this sort you're able to do just that! Compare and contrast a firsthand and secondhand account of the same event or topic; describe the differences in focus and the information provided. ;t�m�9�GG>_�@�Jw��SV %:2V��k}xYcuM 2��h���3��u-������J/z ��~( e. [Content_Types].xml �(� ̚�n�0E�����M�iӴ��E�>$� V�J%��4��R�C�aW���h��8sx�a8�>�Y��N9 ��(@�E���$���up�����0 W�����W㇕��RO…1�#c:^@.��P �7��̅��rΔ���90>]�����*F8��Xf&��l?^�(9�O��T�0ͫ������2�7E(���0vm�I&{\� ��ά�ыT�7�H�ꛗL���=��kyTP/�տL�Di~��.�)e�*A[�j����X]1��1$E��m�a;X��s��������~�ؿ�D��Z�/e��L��hs�*?J�Cp��]�C��9�59�{r�r��ш��#z[��}1�7ƈ�#zk��1�7Lj�9�;rzw�����ݑӻ#�wGN�9�;rzw��qGY�ۃ����Q�bw�{Y�ܕ�Үwӻ�]O)��B��E`�Y��'�U�a:3��ܛU�u7M�.��|�XK�9dY�"�ѵ]�䧒��{)��Ҏc�S�qL~�?���n ��g{�c�_�1��@��G!�(��UU��}ZUm�8ޚO�Xo��~�f���UoBw����6^���ޤ��z9/�X���L,��r^-�@�K%�y���/�h��y���Z�޹��~Z�����nZ��9��^Z��y��NV#��%4Q�6���Nh�z��vߔBkԻM���Z��m��7����o�Fd��֝{-���J�[��쁲M)(M Each unit is skill based and features lessons that utili, This Digital Reading Bundle for Nonfiction is full of 10 interactive reading strategy activity units for 4th graders and can be completed in Google Slides™ or PowerPoint. Your students will get a wide mix of activities to understand this concept. Blog. It includes the learning target, graphic organizers, and active engagement. ppt/slides/_rels/slide12.xml.rels���j�0���}v��6F�^Ơ���=����4������v�M��>}���k��{ Firsthand And Secondhand Accounts Passages PDF Online is very recommended for you all who likes to reader as collector, or just read a book to fill in spare time.Firsthand And Secondhand Accounts Passages PDF Online is limited edition and best seller in the years.Firsthand And Secondhand Accounts Passages PDF Online Then download it. �6� � ! Increasingly, our children will need to be able to read and analyze a mix of primary and secondary sources as they build their content knowledge. The Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts PowerPoint contains the following slides:Slide 1: TitleSlides 2-8: Introduction to Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts using a … This sort can be used in class in groups, for centers, or as an intervention tool. This lesson introduces students to the concept of firsthand and secondhand accounts. Now include, 16 sets of paired passages (32 informational passages total) to help students analyze firsthand and secondhand accounts of the same event. 1st and 2nd Hand Account Lesson & Activity BUNDLE! ��I8mc��l���m���w"��7�� ��Z\0I�8��z�d;�i��lW�Z⫓�m���D�F�]� y��E� V ! 147 results for firsthand and secondhand accounts ppt, Also included in: Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts: A BUNDLE with Distance Learning Options, Also included in: Reading Resources | 4th and 5th Grade Reading Activities - Distance Learning, Also included in: Reading Centers and Games for 4th and 5th Grade MEGA BUNDLE, Also included in: Reading Skills Task Card BUNDLE OF ALL BUNDLES | Distance Learning, Also included in: 4th & 5th Grade Reading Mini Lessons Bundle - Google & Seesaw Distance Learning, Also included in: Reading Informational Text: The BIG Bundle! 4�6�|�Ɋ��F��/{˼!��0d��t����6x+Y� �c}�����y �Y{���I�D���j�L���6�(� I am always on a mission to create reading activities for specific skills that are engaging for my students. Nov. 20, 2020. The focus in t, Purpose Boost employee engagement in the remote workplace 4�6�|�Ɋ��FD��/{˼!��0d��t����6x+Y� �c}��u�xu���F����������F��#ldQ(�9�5"�9�2D����\��c���� 몺�4g@�`��Q�v��~���v�:��Ch�|>Q�֕�ԩ��@Jtd���k�{���95|��/�5K�c�x �� PK ! View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Firsthand Secondhand PPT. The first type of writing of a chain of events is known as first-hand account of the event. Compare and Contrast Firsthand and Secondhand Account (4th grade), RI 4.6 Comparing firsthand and secondhand accounts, Primary & Secondary Sources PowerPoint & Practice Activity. I LOVE using task cards in interactive notebooks. @J�� U ppt/slides/_rels/slide9.xml.rels��MK�0���!��L��˦{a���? Ye�d� � ! Low-prep and straight forward with detailed directio, ELA Graphic Organizers for both Fiction (Literature) and Nonfiction (informational) Text. �S�� V ! �.b�� � ppt/slides/_rels/slide6.xml.rels���j�0��ѽv�CWF�^F��S�=����,������v�M��>}���{� �@ֲ�d���k��W;� 93B 32���G��>�(b C��U)�N�e�He҅4�\b�U4����6M�U�f@�`��ӐNn�2�r�v�:o�-�넔�P2����I=f RVm��,��k��ſF�f׼������g�_h �� PK ! ppt/slides/_rels/slide14.xml.rels���j�0E�����}%;q��ٔ@��6� a�mQ�F)��W��ؐ��f��{3�l?��>0��NB�`����$�v7�()���J�`[__m^pP)Qo���HB�Rx���"�����hU�m�DPͻ�P���Nĩ�3O���^��Ɛ����mk|��ѢKg"��9;��a��������+\����`���$�8�e����*��o�g5�c�-i���4��Ȫ%�.���pb�)�/ �� PK ! Each of the sixteen cards has two different accounts of the same event. RI 4.6: Compare and contrast a firsthand and secondhand account of the same event or topic; describe the differences in focus and the information provided. Why is itimportantcompare and contrast firsthand and secondhand accounts? ׯ֠� � ! Dec 30, 2016 - This PowerPoint teaches students to differentiate between firsthand accounts and secondhand accounts. ����4��0u(���1����_ hf�f�-�����t��w���St�=���O��'�Z�Xɓ��� �� PK ! Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. ���"�9�2D����\��c���� 몺�4g@�`��Q�v��~���v�:��ch��|>S�֕�ԩ��@Jtd���ky�=�y���>d��њ��)f;�匳������ �� PK ! ppt/slides/_rels/slide11.xml.rels��MK1���!���n*�l/R(x���fv7�� ����.T���yC��a�f��Fq��6x��@�o���W�~��=�ଽ�c�`"�ms{�y�Q��Y�gC�� �ہ�f"�rӅ�t.c�1��C������4g@�`��Q��f �0���? This can also be, Help students determine the difference between firsthand and secondhand accounts of information with this engaging, interactive jeopardy game! This is an assessment, but it can also be used to present and practice with the whole-class. ΀��� U ppt/slides/_rels/slide8.xml.rels��MK�0���!��L��.��^DX��ʹ��|�Ɋ��FD��/{˼!��0d��t����6x+Y� �c}��m�t��Y{���I�D���j�B���6�(� The Common Core ELA State Standards demand that students be exposed to a wide variety of challenging literary and informational texts. ;t�m�9�GG>_�@�Jw��SV %:2V��k}xYcuM 2��h���3��u%������J/z This Color By Reading Skill practice is both engaging and a much needed review of important reading skills. It contains 42 slides. ǼX�,g� �f�� � �� PK ! Categories of questions include common vocabulary, examples of sources, points of view, traits of firsthand and secondhand sources, and examples of first and, CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.4.6

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