If Genos was fodder compared to Superalloy as recently as his fight with human Garou I seriously doubt he's on that level now with either his manga or webcomic forms. "By surprise". 'Yes. ONE never said Genos vs Sonic will be close. Logically, Flash could never hurt DS, while DS could hurt Flash. xD. Same thing for the these heroes. T_025 spitting straight fax. Manga Flashy looks more impressive than Webcomic Flashy. That's a hard one. His speed and tech are just too powerful for Genos. And despite matching Gale and Hellfire together and repelling them, you think FF's punches would be useless against Genos? And Flashy Flash has no cutting feats to hurt Genos. Sufficient Speed does not equal sufficient power. Their hits were giving CE's Brave Giant trouble, that's more than enough to put them in Genos's striking league. If Drive Knight has his gold armor Flash will have trouble damaging him. 'Phoenix man has nothing to do with HF and GW. For the record: I absolutely think Suiryu is comparable to Genos in raw strength. Considering Genos is another upgrade later and the only difference between current Flash and webcomic Flash was him stating that after fighting Saitama the other ninjas "seemed sluggish now". Because Genos doesn't exactly have a reputation for durability and FF cut cleanly through two dragon-levels with a single slash- he also showed he had the physical strength to hang with them. You’ll need moderators permission for cross universe battles and if it’s a common one like goku vs Saitama we’ll just make a mega thread FF would be very hard but Sonic not so much since he's still a High Demon at this point in the manga. His fucking willpower managed to turn him from base human to S-class. Flashy is still at least a bit above Genos, but Webcomic Genos has made a ton of progress. I know that you know OPM though, so I wouldn't disrespect it. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Flashy_Flash?oldid=6987606. Who would win in a fight between these two s-Class heros. As of 115(?) Yeah, he could've blitzed Genos. Where both have yet to be pushed in any way.'. DSK had pretty impressive durability as it was- in fact, it was probably his most impressive attribute (in his dry state, he was only slightly harmed by PPP, took zero damage from Sonic, moderate wounds from Genos and was somewhat intact after Saitama's punch). All we know is that Genos is now dragon-level, he does not have the feats to say he beats FF, who is easily high-dragon level. It's true that being of a higher threat level doesn't automatically a creature is better in every stat, but it is still a pretty reliable indication in OPM of general levels of power. flash doesnt have the raw power to pierce darkys skin, but darky is nowhere near fast enough to touch flash. The thing in question was Genos's durability- BS tore off his arm casually, that's all there is to it. I'd be very surprised if ONE has already made Genos top tier since in one of the audiobooks G4 Genos had a rematch with Carnage Kabuto and was still complete fodder to him whereas he handled the Deep Sea King Easily with two attacks, then Superalloy Darkshine stepped in and was able to defeat Carnage Kabuto in a very close fight. Genos had his arm torn off casually by a standard Black Sperm. Although I still believe Genos surpassing in the future FF is inevitable. So could Sonic and we all know what happened in their fight. When he joined the MA vs HA arc he fails to harm rover and gets broken by Black Sperm, while in the manga he holds his own against god amped Psykorochi. The slightest chance of Genos beating him would be if he's all the way up the air and beam the AoE around Flashy Flash, but most cases, Flashy Flash would still be winning. He was able to stand back up after taking a strike from Monster Garou, although he was holding back. Flash was just holding back against him in their brief tussle since he wouldn't just murder another s-class hero but I'm sure he could kill Genos before he even knew what happened. Isn't this the same thing as Genos vs. Speed-O-Sound Sonic? No. They're pretty featless other than cutting off HF and GW along with clashing with Sonic, and fodder-wrecking. AS Genos cannot hang with Hydrated DSK, and you know how G4 stomped him. Everyone should come back to this thread in like a year, Genos might stand a chance by then. The challenge would be gathering information on a highly skilled, ludicrously fast, genius ninja who has a policy of leaving no tracks. Not necessarily- Genos's powerups from his upgrades vary considerably and we can't just assume that every single stat increases drastically with each one. I think it’s the Ninjas or old dudes solely because sonic can compete with offensive fighters now.my gut is telling me that flash and sonic are too spiteful to use their ultimate secret technique near the ninja monsters, I would say the same but I think their too cocky to use their ultimate secret techniques near dk cause he may copy them but bang and bomb would use cross fang which would do massive damage. I don't know how strong he is in the WC so basing it off the manga version only. It makes no sense if a demon-class h2h monster was equal to, or even greater, a dragon-class h2h monster. This is the guy who solod two Dragons without going all-out (admittedly low Dragons, but still) and was the only hero other than Superalloy Darkshine and Tatsumaki to not get blitzed and one-shotted by Monster Garou. Flashy Flash versus both Drive Knight and Genos is a better battle. This fight ends either in a tie or with Darkshine winning. I thought that was made very clear by ONE. Look at Bakuzan.

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