Flat rate shipping simplifies things quite a bit and can be a great option for certain brands, especially those who are smaller and self-fulfill orders. In simple terms, WooCommerce flat rate shipping is simply setting up a fixed shipping rate under a shipping zone. USPS flat rate shipping can be cheaper than other shipping methods because you can optimize what you fit in the flat rate box, but the major benefit is that it makes it easier to budget for shipping costs because you can predict the cost every time. Expedite the transportation of your bulk mailings with Priority Mail Express Open & Distribute® (PMEOD). Chicago, IL 60607. Back ^ to legal disclaimer 6 Back ^ to legal disclaimer 2 Ecommerce businesses ship products at a flat rate by following these steps. You don’t have to worry about weight with flat rate shipping, but that doesn’t mean you can send absolutely anything. Prepaid Forever® Priority Mail Flat Rate. Flat rate shipping is an appealing shipping option for a few reasons based on how shipping costs are typically calculated. For mailable items up to 70 lbs. Every flat rate package is automatically insured up to $50. Ship with UPS Simple Rate 5 Flat Rate Options, Countless Packaging Possibilities UPS Simple Rate applies to packages of various shapes and sizes up to 50 lbs in weight and a volume of 1,728 in 3 . Ecommerce order tracking information is sent to the customer once the package has been shipped, so they can follow the progress of their package. 120 N Racine Ave. Suite 100 If the majority of your products are heavier but under 70 pounds and your current rates are higher than the flat rate, then flat rate shipping can save you money. Priority Mail 1-3 Business Days 1 & Flat Rate Pricing 2. Maximum combined length and girth (girth is the distance around the thickest part) is 108″. In most cases, the expected delivery date printed on your receipt or provided at checkout will reflect a delivery time of 1, 2, or 3 business days and is based on origin, destination, and drop-off time. Domestic Shipping Prohibitions & Restrictions. There is no need to worry about weighing and calculating shipping costs for each package. If you ship heavy items, then this will save you money. 1. 3. Here’s how fulfillment with ShipBob works. Priority Mail Regional Rate® offers a low-cost shipping alternative for commercial and online customers who are currently using Priority Mail. Back ^ to legal disclaimer 1 Free flat rate shipping is when you don’t charge ecommerce customers for shipments that go out using this USPS service. Flat rate shipping VS Standard shipping rate The first one, flat shipping rate, is used for purpose of unification and standardization of your shipment. Back ^ to legal disclaimer 4 To use USPS flat rate shipping, you need to get a USPS flat rate box from your local USPS office (small, medium, or large size), add no more than 70 pounds of contents that fit inside the box, label an address, and ship the box at a USPS office using Priority Mail. Flat rate shipping means the price of shipping is not connected to the weight, shape, or size of the shipped item, hence the term “flat rate.” It’s based on how much you can stuff into the USPS-issued box. © Copyright 2020 ShipBob, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ship from Post Office™ locations or from your home or business with Click-N-Ship® service. Here are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to USPS flat rate shipping. […] ShipBob’s platform syncs with your ecommerce store (to handle, for example, Shopify shipping and WooCommerce shipping), so you can easily manage inventory and monitor the fulfillment process from start to finish. First, the farther the distance or shipping zones you ship your orders to, the more expensive it typically is, and this only increases the heavier the order is. This article provides a detailed breakdown of flat rate shipping, how it works, and whether or not you should start using it. See Insurance & Extra Services. ShipBob is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that streamlines your shipping using integrated technology and multiple fulfillment centers. Priority Mail Express overnight service is unaffected. No surcharges for fuel; resident or rural delivery; or Saturday, Flat Rate, regional, and prepaid pricing (retail only) available. 2. Boxes and envelopes are delivered with your regular mail usually within 7 to 10 business days. Flat rate shipping can generate huge savings when it comes to small business shipping by having a lower, predictable cost. Freight carriers like USPS, Fedex, and UPS calculate shipping charges based on whichever number is greater: the actual weight of the package or its calculated dimensional weight. Download the free e-guide, “How to Choose a 3PL for Your Ecommerce Business” and learn more about how a 3PL can help your company scale and get tips for choosing a fulfillment partner. You can find out if flat rate shipping is worthwhile for your ecommerce business by comparing the flat rate to the rate that you’re currently paying to ship your products. Back ^ to legal disclaimer 8. They also can include a certificate of mailing for even more peace of mind! 7. Instead of packing items in your own box, choose from a variety of flat rate boxes at your local USPS office. Back ^ to legal disclaimer 3 One possible way to reduce shipping costs is with USPS flat rate shipping. Setup and Configuration To use this method it must be added to a Shipping Zone. Instead of having to purchase shipping insurance separately, it’s already taken care of to an extent. Bring your flat rate box to a USPS office and ship the box using Priority Mail. The expected delivery data does not come with a money-back guarantee. a flat-rate taxation scheme based on shipping company tonnage eur-lex.europa.eu syst em zryczałtowanego op odat ko wania od tonażu dla pr ze dsię bio rst w żeglugowych 6. Please note Regional Rate Box C was discontinued. For shipments valued at more than $50, additional insurance may be available for purchase. The maximum allowed weight is 70 pounds. USPS Priority Flat rate is a shipping service provided by the US Postal Service that offers 1-3 day shipping services for a single flat rate. It won’t make sense for every ecommerce business, but is used most often by small business owners that pack boxes themselves and run to the post office to ship orders. If it meets certain criteria of size and weight, the same rate applies to the shipment in one particular region, for example, for local national delivery. For details on free Package Pickup, visit Schedule a Pickup. Calculate a Price Restrictions and exclusions apply. We help businesses provide these services and resources to your customers at discounted rates. If you aren’t shipping your products in the most affordable and efficient way, then you’re leaving money on the table. Learn More, View Price Files There are small, medium, and large flat rate boxes; And the bigger the box, the higher the shipping prices. With flat rate shipping, the weight of a package does not affect the cost of shipping. USPS® understands what's most important to our business customers: speed, affordability, security, and customer service. Available only for certain products and to certain destinations. 1/ Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. If Saturday is a national holiday, Priority Mail Express service may be available for an added fee.Back ^ to legal disclaimer 7 With more than one size to choose from, the boxes combine the speed and convenience of Flat Rate shipping with regional, distance-based pricing to reduce costs. This puts your products closer to your customers for reduced shipping costs and transit times. Flat rate shipping is shipped via Priority Mail, and Priority Mail flat rate packages are typically delivered within 2-3 business days from when they are sent. Ship Now with Priority Mail 4. Back ^ to legal disclaimer 5 Priority Mail Express® Overnight, ALERT: As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, certain packages may take longer than usual to arrive. See the following chart for detailed pricing and box sizes. On the flip side, flat rate shipping can be more expensive if your packages are lightweight. For the purpose of this article, we are talking about the USPS flat rate shipping service.

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