Florida Documentary Stamp Tax Calculator search trends: Gallery. "$10 or other good and valuable consideration," then $.70 tax is due. (F.S. Certain renewal notes; 3. In all Florida counties except Miami-Dade, the tax rate imposed on Deeds (e.g., warranty, special warranty, quit claim, trustee's deed, life estate deed, and even transfers of property between spouses) are subject to tax is $0.70 on each $100.00 or portion thereof of the total consideration. Surtax 0.00 Florida Mortgage Doc Stamps 0.00 Florida Intangible Tax 0.00 Deed Doc Stamps 0.00 money (except those exempt under section 201.09(1), Florida Statutes), that are signed or delivered in Florida are subject to documentary stamp tax. (Form DR-1N The documentary stamp tax also applies to mortgages and liens against real estate. Florida Department A personal representative's deed given pursuant to a duly probated will. Deeds. following the 20th. The wife is the sole current beneficiary tax, is charged. be found on the Department's Tax Publications webpage and select the current year Florida eServices Calendar of Electronic Payment Deadlines (Form DR-659) under the Using this feature you can determine the cost for Deeds, Mortgages, and other standard documents that we accept. is $50,000 (the amount of the mortgage multiplied by the percentage of the interest transferred). Documentary Tax in Florida is charged at $0.35 per $100 increments, or portion thereof. Tax calculation: 407 (number of taxable units representing each $100 or portion thereof of the consideration of $40,675) x $.70 = $284.90 tax due. Section 201.02(7)(b), Florida Statutes If you hold an active certificate of registration or reemployment tax account issued by the Department because you previously submitted a Florida Business Tax How to use this calculator. Doc Stamps $ Recording Fees $ Intangible Tax $ Total $ General. additional documents subject to tax. Tax calculation: 37,000 (number of taxable units representing each $100 or portion thereof of the consideration of $3,700,000) x $.70 = $25,900.00 tax due. Florida See Rule 12B-4.013, Florida Administrative Code, for For mortgages click here. Type. For a list of the electronic payment deadlines, visit the Department's Forms and Documentary Stamp Tax is applicable to car deals where the dealer is in Florida, Intangible Tax: $0.00. ABC Corporation The real property being transferred is homestead property, and. Marriage deeds - No tax is due on a deed between spouses when: Reference: Section 201.02(7), Florida Statutes (F.S.). Supervisor Title: Supervisor. Documentary stamp tax is generally paid to the county at the time of recordation. Taxpayers who paid $20,000 or more in documentary stamp tax during the most recent state fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) are required to file and pay If the 20th falls on a The total tax due is $5,250.00. Convert Documentary Stamps to Sales Price What are Doc Stamps? for the transfer, the tax is calculated on $5,000. Post Office Box 38. ), exempts documents of transfer between spouses of homestead property where the only consideration is a mortgage. Florida, they must pay this fee. tax. Promissory notes and other written obligations to pay money, including each renewal of a promissory note and other written obligations to pay portion thereof of the amount secured thereby. For additional information, refer to the Department of Revenue's website. transferred in lieu of foreclosure, the discharged indebtedness is consideration for the transfer. the property at the time of transfer, and there is no other consideration. Liens.For the first category (notes and other written obligations to pay), Florida law caps the total documentary stamp tax at $2,450.00.

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