It’s also in kale, collard greens, broccoli, and cabbage. Plus, one study showed that pectin (a type of water-soluble fiber found in fruits) relieved digestive distress and inflammation in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.Xu L, et al. October 1978. Two of the strains that dominated the Southern Hemisphere, and are therefore likely to strike the United States, are not included in this year’s flu…, The National Institutes for Health (NIH) announced it's testing the first-ever universal influenza vaccine. ["category"]=> Offer popsicles to help soothe their throat and alleviate fever. The BRAT diet means you should include bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast in your diet when you suffer from upset stomach, nausea, or diarrhea that you may have to deal with the flu. They are loaded with immune-boosting antioxidant vitamin E. With enough Vitamin-E in your system, you will have fewer chances of catching colds and developing other common respiratory infections. Many other fruits have anti-inflammatory properties, too. Caffeine ingestion and fluid balance: a review. Opposing effects of fasting metabolism on tissue tolerance in bacterial and viral inflammation. When you or a loved one has the flu, the last thing you may feel like doing is eating. ["exclude-healthbeat"]=> When you have little knowledge about what to eat when you have the flu, go for almonds. ["subscription2"]=> Selenium promotes the production of cytokines that help clear sickness, whereas beta glucan produce cells that find and destroy infections. ["category"]=> When fighting a fever, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. April 2015. Not only do you eat and drink less and have an overall reduced water intake, but you also lose water with sweat when you have a fever. Link, Beata M. Gruber-Bzura. string(0) "" ["utm_campaign"]=> Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. ["utm_content"]=> ["nmab"]=> Do Foods with Vitamin C Really Prevent Colds? ["subscriptions"]=> Some alternative cold remedies really work. Minerals like selenium and zinc also keep your immune system going strong. These fats lower the HDL (“good”) cholesterol in your body, and they increase inflammatory markers — the last thing you need when you’re sick. string(0) "" 2011. Do not opt for ginger ale if it includes high fructose corn syrup. DOI: 10.1136/archdischild-2018-314896. ["font-color"]=> These white blood cells cause nasal congestion. Food is what gives your body the energy and nutrients it needs to function. It helps to have a short period of fasting to promote recovery. Administer an over-the-counter pain reliever for aches and fever, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB). Cold and flu infections are common but can put you in bed for several weeks. November 2014. Green tea is an amazing beverage for winter. Eating raw garlic may also be beneficial. I Want To Control My High Blood Glucose Levels Is That Possible? string(8) "Continue" (1978). Death by carbs: Added sugars and refined carbohydrates cause diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Asian Indians. Instead go for simple carbohydrates that take it easy on your body, such as crackers, toast, and light noodles. And what you feed it can boost that effort — or leave you feeling a little worse. I understand that by providing my email address, I agree to receive emails from UPMC. Here’s what to eat when you’re sick with the flu. But when your body battles flu symptoms for days or even weeks, your diet becomes even more key to helping you get better. Flu Season Foods You Should Add To Your Diet, Also, remember that plenty of good physical activity is crucial in maintaining an optimal. Eating the right foods can have major benefits when you're sick. If you’re hugging the porcelain throne (or about to be), remember this rule: The blander, the better. Plain, unsalted crackers; cereals; pretzels; and toast are simple foods that are easy on the stomach. string(0) "" ["utm_content"]=> These are high in phytochemicals -- natural compounds in food can boost your health. Alcohol and Alcoholism. Cocoa supports T-helper cells that in turn improve your defense system against infections. December 2003. ). (2014). We also tend to be less physically active and often cooped up indoors, both conditions can easily lead to the development of respiratory illness. Your body uses it to build strength and keep what you already have. Even though it may be tempting to put them in front of the television, watching too much TV. One lab study suggested that chicken soup has properties that can ease flu symptoms in your chest and head. Why Are People So Scared of Flu Shots (and Do They Have a Point? Here are some winners. Once you recover from flu, fill your diet with a variety of food, colorful fruits and vegetables, and legumes. ["type"]=> It also plays a role in neutralizing harmful toxins. The experimental vaccine will focus on the…. You yourself might also pick up these winter bugs and have to deal with the customary sniffs and coughs. Almonds. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD000980.pub4, What’s more, fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes contain flavonoids, which research shows have antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.Kozlowska A, et al. Your digestive tract plays a big role in strengthening your immune system, so it really makes sense to strengthen your digestive system by eating probiotics which are found a plenty in yogurt. Please try again later. This makes it easier to maintain a steady supply of fuel while your body recovers. string(0) "" It’s a good thing for sure. string(7) "#ffffff" Meats, milk, and fish also contain vitamin B12, a powerful immune booster. Spinach, kale, and other leafy greens can also help boost your immune system when you have the flu. }, array(25) { Try these 11 home remedies for your illness. Such impacts are similarly essential when you have seasonal influenza. string(0) "" Last Updated on April 25, 2019. (2019). These minerals are found in protein-rich foods like beans, nuts, meat, and poultry. Cut-up chicken provides your body with iron and protein, and you’ll also gain nutrients from carrots, herbs, and celery. Also, the subjects were force-fed glucose (sugar), an ingredient on our list of no-no’s below. If this happens to you, avoid dairy for a few days. Also, include sunflower seeds, fortified cereals, wheat germ, and turnip greens in your diet to get enough of Vitamin-E. You can eat sweet potato when you have a flu or cold because it contains beta-carotene that improves your immune system. If ever there was a time for comfort food, being sick in bed would be it, right? Any food that makes your digestive system work harder to break it down is taking away precious energy from the rest of your body when you’re sick. After all, you've heard the old saying, "Feed a cold, starve a fever." Also, remember that plenty of good physical activity is crucial in maintaining an optimal immune system during such trying times. Plus, warm liquids can soothe a sore throat and alleviate congestion. We also operate primary care walk-in centers where you can get treatment without an appointment. Foods to eat when sick with flu – Your diet and nutrition don’t just fuel your activity and build your body, they also provide raw materials and resources for your protection.. A bond between doctor and patient can be extremely valuable, and that’s what you get with UPMC Primary Care. Drinking ginger ale may also offer some relief from issues related to upset stomach. Keep in mind that some brands of ice pops contain a high dose of sugar as well as artificial flavorings. Contrary to popular belief, normal coffee consumption does not contribute to dehydration. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 15 Best Foods to Eat When You Feel Sick, According to Dietitians From potatoes to oatmeal, easy-to-digest carbs will be your best friend when you have a cold or flu. (2015). Bland foods -- like toast, rice, bananas, and applesauce -- are good. Still, it’s been a slow start to the flu season, with…. You can also eat other vitamin C rich foods, such as grapefruits, oranges, strawberries, peppers, pineapples, tomatoes, paw paw, broccoli, and guava. It’s a must for cold-like symptoms. When it comes to hydrating beverages, water still ranks number one.

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