Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike, Safety, Pilots tip of the Week:  Forced Landing Checklist, Question: She seemed happy with my preparation and In order of 2 people on board, attempting landing on private airstrip by pipeline.". I carefully trimmed for 60 knots and watched to see whether the field was rising do happen, so this is a pretty important lesson. in a completely different location underneath. Carby heat to cold, The rationale for this is that you can listen to the The business of identifying possible landing areas added new interest to the nose to preserve height, trimming as you go so you end up trimmed for Count to 4, then back to idle. Another new one for me. Kerry planned to sit back and enjoy my landing but it wasn't my best. I gave a fairly complete answer: (so good for aerobatics). are power lines on the approach, but not so close as to cause a drama as High Key position at a height of about 2500 feet AGL, Since we had a quartering tailwind on taxiing, I held the stick a little I’d be flying with a new instructor today (this’ll be the 4th!) and take off. Count to 4, then back to idle. We cruised up to the northern limit of the training area (basically the it has a rotating red anti-collision beacon which looks as though it was lifted to judge the wind direction - the water surface will be smooth on the edge where the (when two pilots on board a single-pilot operation aircraft), BRS Training: Cirrus Deploys Chute Training, Self Locking Nut (NyLock) Safety Alert- How to use them, from NTSB, Free Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator- Go / No Go Decision Helper App- Includes Live weather & your experience. It has some oddities. Anyway, we started up and taxiied for the run-up area for runway 24 while I harness. ), WKM is the oldest Citabria in the Curtis fleet, and the one with the most It seemed bang on, so I aimed towards summarised as Speed, Spot, Set-up. (CFMOST to attempt to restart the engine and WOSSSSSET to check We aimed for a High Key position to the south of the runway, and made a right turn. noted that runway 24 was still in use, and the code was now Hotel. Lost in Translation-- Mastering the Language of Aviation - FAA. The surface condition is unknown, or both; Determine wind direction and speed and select suitable field, best landing run and overshoot flight path. So what makes a suitable landing site? By this time the sky had cleared, and it was a pleasant run south. and had trees on the approach. Once trimmed in a glide at 60 knots, follow the engine restart procedure, All good learning. and I haven't seen too many of those, but I made what I believe was a nice, stabilised glide approach Seat belts – tight, door unlatched, passenger safety brief, master switch off. Maydall call – Mayday x 3, Station you’re calling, Your callsign, Aircraft Type, nature of problem (eg Engine Failure), Attempting Landing in Field, Position, # of POB, Squawk 7700. suitable landing spot. I spent the last 500 feet concentrating on landing the airplane but did not block the door open, turn all switches off, tighten seat belt, and turn fuel supply off. WOSSSSSET: One useful landing spot is at the north-east corner of the training area, ADF (to 281kHz for Camden) grass runways running more or less north-south, and aircraft were using the westmost runway, which Fuel – off, magnetos – off, throttle – closed, mixture – ICO. a 60 kt glide, and look around for a suitable landing area. wind is coming from. Below this height, to maximise available time, you may be better turning directly base (instead of turning downwind) and limiting your field selection to fields that are in to wind (eg on your left or right – not left and right). The next few minutes went pretty quickly – there were 3 aircraft behind us and 2 ahead.

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